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So, for some odd reason, a few weeks ago when I was sick and off for a few days, I decided that I wanted to watch an epic historical romance drama, and Bu Bu Jing Xin caught my eye (I just finished it yesterday). I was skeptical, because it had way more episodes than I am used to, and I had never watched a C-drama before (and the ones I've watched clips of in the past were super cheesy and kind of shoddy looking). And while BBJX started off super cheesy, it was also super pretty and it really drew me in. I'm not even sure why seeing as how Ruoxi annoyed the crap out of me, but the princes, ooooh the princes!

I fell so, so hard for 8th prince. SO HARD. He ended up being such a tragic character, and he was one of those highly ambitious characters with a good heart that I am so damn fond of. His ambition alienated everyone around him and ended up killing him, basically, and I eat that shit up. But oh, the poor guy. His father despised him (nothing was ever good enough for Daddy), his brothers ostracized him as a child because his mother wasn't of noble birth, the woman he was madly in love with resented the crap out of him for indirectly killing the man she was madly in love with, the woman who had reciprocated his love made him choose between her and the throne (and she concluded that she just didn't love him enough to support his fruitless endeavor), and the one person who actually did love and support him through everything ended up killing herself right when he started to appreciate her. And no matter how much he resented Ruoxi for not understanding him and falling in love with Fourth instead, no matter how much his life fell apart because of her, he couldn't stop himself from protecting her every step of the way. EVERYTHING was taken from him but he still cared about Ruoxi's happiness. OH, EIGHTH! Also, when Ruoxi and Eighth were in love, they were so damn happy and adorable and sensual and beautiful, and when they broke up it freaking killed me. And, okay, I understand that Ruoxi did what she did because she didn't love him enough to go down with a sinking ship and she couldn't deal with the inevitable pain, but... I just never understood what she saw in Fourth. Especially since Eighth had made her so happy (she was always such a downer when she was with Fourth). And even through her entire story with Fourth, nothing touched me so much as her final farewell with Eighth. Maybe it's because I had been waiting SO LONG for that closure, for them to acknowledge that they once loved each other and still do, and OMG, it got me. And Eighth just understood. He finally understood and he was at peace with their relationship and he was able to let go of her for good.

Now, Fourth and Ruoxi failed to grab me. I think the scene where he forced a kiss on her turned me off of him in a way where he just couldn't be redeemed. That scene was so random, especially since he had been harmless and cutely awkward around her prior to that. I was fully on board with them up to that point, but then he ruined it all, especially since the show used it as the moment that he got under her skin (she kept flashing back to it whenever she got romantic with Eighth). Ick. Just... ick. It prevented me from enjoying the moments that I otherwise would have, like the constant gift-giving and her sending them all back, his laugh after she said she'd never marry, her treasuring the hair clip, I couldn't enjoy any of it! And when she did finally acquiesce, it didn't feel like it was for love, it felt like she chose him purely because he was the safest option she had. Later we see that she understands him and he understands her in a way that never happened with Eighth, and that's why their love is supposed to work, but... oy vey, I just never felt the love between them. The show told me repeatedly that they were in love, but it never really showed me. The closest it came was the umbrella scene, I think. That scene at least made me accept their romance. But the romance itself just never seemed as epic as the show made it out to be. Bleh. Is it weird that I felt more from Nine and Yutan than I ever did from Fourth and Ruoxi? They only had like thirty seconds of screentime together, and I despised Nine. IDK.

Anyway, my insane love for Eighth is tempting me into watching Palace (which is new on Dramafever). Is it worth it? Has anyone watched it? Is Eighth just as wonderful on Palace as he is in BBJX? Does he get the girl in this one? Does he at least get a sliver of happiness in Palace?

Oh, also, as for k-dramas, I am in mad, deep love with Flower Boy Next Door. SO DAMN GOOD. And naturally I am in love with the older neighbor that has an unrequited crush on her. And I find that I relate to the main character all too well and that freaking scares me. It's mainly her voiceovers where she talks about all the things she should have done but didn't, all the things she wishes she was but isn't, the harsh realizations that she needs to change but can't bring herself to, her fear of letting life in. Damn it, show, stop making me self reflect!
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Thank you for being the awesomest drama of my life. You never once disappointed me, and I will love you forever. Thanks for giving me an ending that made me swoon, laugh, cry my eyes out, and then laugh and swoon all over again. Thank you for giving me such delightful characters. Thank you for giving me Kim Myung Min at his best. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE GREATEST!

With much love,

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I am basically just modifying the 30 day k-drama meme and some year end memes to suit my needs, because if I was to talk about every drama of 2012, it would take too damn long. And, really, there were only a select few that I actually stuck with all the way through. It seems that I was super picky and quite fickle this year. I'd start out loving a drama and then promptly drop it a few episodes later. So, let's see how this meme turns out:

The dramas that you stuck with for better or for worse until the finale did you part

Dream High 2
I Do, I Do
King of Dramas
Take Care of Us, Captain
Rooftop Prince
Answer Me, 1997
The 3rd Hospital/The Third Ward
What's Up
Can Love Become Money

Dramas that you never quite finished

Wild Romance
The Moon that Embraces the Sun
The King 2 Hearts
Arang and the Magistrate
History of the Salaryman
Full House Take 2
Shut Up, Flower Boy Band
Padam Padam
Fermentation Family
Color of Woman
Operation Proposal

Your Favorite Kdrama of 2012

King of Dramas, hands down. It hasn't finished yet, but I think it's pretty safe to say that nothing will beat my love for this one unless Anthony happens to randomly die in the end (I'm looking at you, Sign. And considering this drama is by the same writer, nothing's impossible). Anyway, this drama had the best acting of any other drama I watched in 2012, and while the writing isn't exactly flawless, it's damn good. They've managed to take some pretty boring subject matter and turn it into high stakes drama. It's just as if not more exciting than all of the action dramas that I've watched in the past, and the main characters are so beautifully fleshed out and complex and they actually get to grow as people, and I basically love everything about this drama.

Your Favorite Male Lead Character

Anthony Kim from King of Dramas, no contest. First, he's played by Kim Myung Min, so of course he's going to be awesome, and KMM has this way of adding layers to a character that aren't necessarily there in the writing, but the writing in this drama is so great that it's worthy of KMM's devotion to the character. It's all in the details with Anthony. He's seemingly cold and heartless and devoid of morals in the beginning, but you can always see his vulnerabilities. It's mostly KMM's performance there, because by all means I should have hated him in the first couple eps, but you can see hints of this hidden desperateness in him that makes him do the things that he does, and the scene in the first ep where he goes to the funeral of the motorcycle guy that died and is clearly brooding over the man's death showed that he does have plenty of humanity hidden behind his heartless facade. He does what needs to be done in order to achieve his goals, and if that means ruining somebody else, well... he'll do it without blinking. But he's perfectly aware of how horrible he is, and he doesn't really blame anybody but himself for his downfall, even after he learns that it was Oh Jin Wan who was responsible for it. He's aware that he's horrible, but he also believes that he has to be that way in order to survive, in order to not be trampled on, in order to be something in this dirty, despicable world. But then he meets Lee Go Eun and her presence in his life slowly changes his outlook on pretty much everything. He starts to learn that the world isn't so dirty and despicable when he's surrounded by people who are truly on his side and genuinely care about him. He starts to get back to the man that he was before he became Anthony, and it's just a really beautiful thing to watch.

I also want to mention Yoo Bang from History of a Salaryman. While nowhere near as complicated as Anthony, he was definitely just as hilarious, and I loved how even though he was a bumbling hero, he was also pretty intelligent and always managed to succeed.

Your Favorite Female Lead Character

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Please stop eating my brain! Or, you know, don't. But stop it with these epic fake-outs, would you? WOULD YOU?

Ep 11 had fake-outs galore, so I should have known that the cliff-hanger would end up being a fake-out, but then you give us this in ep 12? OMG, DYING RIGHT NOW. Do you see how he backs her up into the wall and just goes for it? Did you hear that deep, sexy voice when he said that this is how he's thinking about her? DO YOU SEE THAT INTENSE STARE? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, DAMN IT, SHOW! I hope that their actual, real life kiss is that full of sexual tension. Though I suspect that their actual kiss will be soft and meaningful and all that jazz, which is good, but dayumn. I love that Anthony is a total sexbomb in Go Eun's imagination. And Go Eun being all fluttery over him after the dream was hilarious, especially when Anthony ruined it by being his usual arrogant, blunt self. Go Eun's face was priceless.

When he walks in and rattles off about the ratings:

She is practically drooling right along with me. And then after he concludes that she's never had a boyfriend before because no man can put up with her temper:

HEEEEEEEE, how quickly the crush dissipates. I ♥ them.
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I nearly died when he suddenly grabbed her by her scarf and said "What do you think of me? What do you think of me as a man?" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Of course, knowing this drama, it'll be undercut by Anthony passing out before anything happens (including a reply from Go Eun) or else one of them will say something that ruins the moment, but OMGOMGOMG!!!!! I can't believe how invested I am in these two. Well, actually, I can seeing as how the drama is keeping this as one of those slow-burning, subtle, subtexty romances that I am such a sucker for. Foes to begrudging work partners to genuine friends to can't live without each other to totally secretly in love with each other to thinly veiled confessions to frustrating obliviousness to ridiculously hot awkwardness. I LOVE THEM. SO DAMN MUCH. And the plot is still exciting and the supporting characters are still lovable. My only real complaint is that the drama should have left behind everything with Empire after Anthony defeated them for the umpteenth time during the whole Kenji incident. Just get over it, Empire dudes! Anthony is better than you in every way! Just leave him alone! Seriously, the conflict within the making of the drama is enough to carry KoD, along with the love story. Let the repetitive machinations of Empire die and focus on the people that we actually care about. Ep 11 had minimal Empire stuff, thank goodness, which is why I think I so thoroughly enjoyed it (well, that and the fact that this ep really upped the tension between Anthony and Go Eun).

That being said, the show still manages to make all the conflicts exciting even when we know that Anthony will always triumph. I guess because he is put into these impossible situations and it's just impressive to watch him find his way out of them. And with each experience he grows just a little bit, just enough for him to open his heart a little more each time to Go Eun and his team.

I am also loving Si Won in this. I never expected to love him so much in anything, let alone a drama where he is acting next to absolute pros. But he is totally stealing pretty much every scene he's in, and I will never cease to be amazed at his charm as Hyun Min. Hyun Min is such a harmless goofball that you can't help but love him. The scene where he's making faces at Min Ah to throw her off during the filming of Kyeongseong Morning, OMG!!!! I love it. Especially his satisfaction at her being reprimanded. I love that he ruffles her feathers and brings her back down to reality. He's a big kid, and Min Ah is like a child who tries to act like an adult, and just... I'm pretty sure I ship them. They are like a childish version of Go Eun and Anthony. I feel like Hyun Min can bring out Min Ah's more human side and Min Ah can help him mature a little bit. I doubt that the drama will go there, though, because it's pretty set on Hyun Min forever being shallow (and you know what? That totally works for him).

I don't care, as long as my Anthony and Go Eun get together. I was squealing during the scene where Anthony makes her act out the scene with him where he wants her to insert a kiss. OMG, THE TENSION! THE TENSION!!!! And Anthony was totally into it, too. Gaaaaaaaah, I love them. I was kind of on the fence about the extension, mainly because I fear that it will extend the focus on the Empire nonsense and therefore hurt the momentum of the plot, but if it gives us more Anthony and Go Eun scenes in the same vein as today's ep, then I 100% want an extension. I just won't be ready to leave these characters behind after only 16 episodes.


Nov. 29th, 2012 05:48 pm
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Guys, I am so, so confused. When did Liz Lemon and Criss get engaged? What is all this stuff about the Liz Lemon wedding? WHAT DID I MISS? I'm pretty sure I've seen all the eps this season, and Criss was barely in them. So... when did this happen? Why is 30 Rock throwing a big wedding episode at us out of nowhere??? Whatever happened to Jenna and Paul's wedding? Why am I so out of the loop when I haven't even missed any episodes? Unless there was one on Thanksgiving. I had to work on Thanksgiving night. IDK, IDK.
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First off: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony is totally a goner. He can hide it all he wants, but he is so secretly enamored with Go Eun. There isn't even a question about it at this point. And Go Eun's playful smiles towards him definitely showed that Go Eun feels a new sort of camaraderie with him, and she can see past his gruff exterior to that soft heart of his, and she feels special for being able to see it. It'll be interesting to see her reaction to the "other woman" now that she feels a little closer to Anthony. I don't think she's into him just yet, but I think she's on the precipice of being interested in him. What with his intellect and melancholy past... He is so her type.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Somebody just had to get hit by a car, didn't they? DIDN'T THEY? Augh, I swear, of all the drama tropes to take seriously... WHY was she standing in the middle of the road talking on the phone? Why was a car speeding around the corner when there was a cop car right there? WHAT THE FREAKING HELL? ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! Based on the preview it looks like it's leading up to a play on the amnesia trope, so I actually am looking forward to that (I have a sneaking suspicion that Go Eun is just messing with him in the preview).
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Okay, I just have to express my love for ep 5 of King of Dramas. Just... EPIC. EPIC EPICNESS. I love this show so damn much. Satire is my thing, especially when it uses the tropes that it's making fun of in such a flawless way that it just blends into the story itself. It's not a set of one-off gags, every parody is essential to the plot and characters and keeps the story moving forward. The political machinations of Anthony were just plain scary, and very much like that of a saeguk. The evil smirks from Anthony, the extreme close-ups of the villain and his crazy angry face, the epic music, the shot of Anthony on his knees through the little window on the office door, the scene where Anthony triumphs over the new station director (a scene that made me realize how anti-hero Anthony really is. In any other drama, he would be the relentless villain trampling all over the noble hero. But you know what? I'm still rooting for him. You just can't help but want him to succeed because he wants it SO BADLY).

And then there are the scenes between our two leads. Just when you think that Anthony and Go Eun are going to have a classic rom-com moment, the romance is completely taken out of the scene. When it looks like the male lead is going to rescue his drowning damsel in distress, he ends up drowning instead. When it looks like he's going to turn to goo at the sight of Go Eun sleeping, she chokes on her snore and he rolls his eyes. That being said, I am still seeing subtext in their interaction, especially since he lied about the reason why he rushed back to her to rehire her. And the fact that he denied trying to save her when she fell into the water. For some reason he is determined to hide his humanity from her, but it's clear that he simply likes having her around. He likes having someone as invested in the drama as he is. Unfortunately, they are invested for very opposite reasons and they fight the second they start working together again and I just want to strangle them both. Just... compromise a little, you two, you hear me? Anthony did go overboard with the script changes, but he wasn't entirely wrong. Go Eun needs to budge a little bit, because, well, it is a business. If a drama doesn't make money, it's considered a failure no matter how good the script was. She doesn't have to change it as much as Anthony wants her to, but she should at least listen to him and try to make it work for both of them (she didn't have any trouble writing in a product placement in the first ep when it wasn't her own script).

Anyway, much of this episode had my stomach twisting and turning, especially that very end scene. Oh man, the intensity! DON'T SIGN IT, GO EUN! Not that Anthony is any better as an alternative to Oh Jin Wan, but at least now he realizes that Go Eun isn't expendable to him. And, quite frankly, now that he knows she means business, she can probably get Anthony to agree to not change the genre of her script.

Basically, I love that this episode solidified Anthony's attachment to Go Eun. It wasn't obvious about it, because I don't think even Anthony understands why he wants to keep her on board, but at least now we know that he genuinely wants her there for more than just serving a purpose. He could have found a different writer who would follow his vision, but he wanted Go Eun, who does nothing but fight with him over every little detail and makes the job of creating a money-making script a whole lot harder for him. I loved his face when she walked out the door after he introduced her to the script supervisor. He honestly didn't know what he did wrong there and his confusion just makes the very last scene all the more gut twisty. Like, with everything that he's done to her, he just didn't expect this minor (to him) thing to make her jump ship. And OMG, I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE NOW. NOOOOOOOOW.
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So, I'm obsessed with King of Dramas. Like, watching the second episode 5 times already kind of obsessed (and three of those times were before the subs were finished). Just... I love it. I love Kim Myung Min. I love Jung Ryeo Won. I love the script, the editing, the direction, everything. But mostly I love Kim Myung Min, which of course has set me off on reliving my KMM obsession.

Right now I am in the middle of rewatching Bad Family, and OMG I forgot how wonderful that drama was. And, you know, as brilliant as KMM was in Beethoven Virus and White Tower, he was just so perfectly cast in Bad Family. Like, for once people can't criticize his looks because his looks fit the character magnificently, and it proved that he could be a wonderful romantic lead. He is just so dang adorable in this. A big, lovable lug (he so rarely plays characters that I can say that about!). I mean, look at him here:

The turmoil on his face! The RAGE mixed with confusion and relief and love and WANTING TO KILL HIS EX HYUNG-NIM. He's fighting between what he is and what he wants to be and it's all right there in those beautiful eyes of his. I couldn't help but dreamy sigh at this scene. HE'S JUST SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. Luckily Kim Myung Min is so dang good that people end up loving him for his charm if not his looks. BUT HE REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL.

Also I will forever identify with the second female lead (Bu Kyung) who so innocently and hilariously chases after him. Her awkward undying devotion to him despite his gruff/uncouth demeanor is adorable. I love the scene where she first sees him in Sokcho and runs up to him and slaps his chest several times and then engulfs him in this big hug and Dal Gun just has this "WTF?" face on the whole time. She is just so genuine and truly believes that they are carrying on this epic romance and Dal Gun is just continuously baffled by her. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. And if he had met her before he met Young Ah, I think she could have nabbed him. She probably would have dragged him to the alter without him ever figuring out what was going on. *sigh* My heart will forever break for her. I wish more dramas had second female leads like Bu Kyung, where she is super lovable and her scenes with the male lead are highly entertaining without ever taking anything away from the OTP. I root for Bu Kyung, but at the same time I love that Dal Gun will forever be devoted to Young Ah, and his scenes with Bu Kyung emphasize this. Unrequited love can be innocent and fun, k-drama land. No need to make the spurned half jealous and petty and conniving every freaking time.

Anyway, I love Bad Family. I adore all the characters and pretty much every episode makes me cry because it always manages to touch my heart. This was definitely one of Kim Myung Min's greatest dramas, but sadly it gets no attention. I can see why, though. This one was an ensemble piece, whereas his other dramas are all about him and his awesome acting skills. But seriously, he was awesome in this one, too, and it's one of the rare instances where he gets to play a genuinely nice guy who isn't really talented at anything and is not all that intelligent (he's not dumb by any means, but it takes him awhile to pick up on what's going on/what people are talking about. He's more naive than anything else despite his gangster lifestyle). Gaaaaah, I ♥ him.

I almost forgot to comment on the end of Third Ward! I waited all day yesterday for it to be posted to Viki, and then stupid Viki had it on "processing" for ages (I don't think it was viewable until after midnight), so I had to search for a way to download the torrent without my ISP finding out and that took all damn day and most of the night, so I was going crazy waiting for this damn ending. And then... the ending was anti-climactic. Especially after all the trouble I went through to see it. The subs aren't out yet so I'm still not exactly sure how it all ended, but based on the scenes alone it looks like it's implied that my OTP ends up together, but there were no dramatic confessions or reunions or what have you. It was very low-key, which I guess I should have expected since Do Hyun and Hye In never had an expressive relationship, but... well... I WANTED A KISS. Or a hug. Or something. I guess we at least got a very tragic yet bittersweet handshake. I am not sure what happened with Seung Hyun and Eui Jin, but at least Eui Jin got to live. But yeah, the ending focused way too much on the father, which, pfft, who the hell gave a damn about the father? That was screentime that could have been spent on Do Hyun and Hye In, gosh darn it! I'm kidding, but seriously, they spent way too much time on the father's story. He was unlikable from the get-go and no amount of apologies and backstory was going to change that. But I enjoyed everything else. I also appreciated that the show moved away from the week to week medical stories as the show went on and just focused in on the characters that we knew (though it was a little ridiculous that everyone around the lead characters ended up getting sick and needing a brain operation, but, whatever, it worked).

Overall, I adored this drama to pieces. It had its flaws, but the good far outweighed the bad. Kim Seung Woo was amazing and lovable as always. He plays stoic in such a charming way, IDEK how. Especially with this character, who is terribly blunt and lashes out in childish ways and is sometimes just plain mean, KSW played him with such vulnerability and heart that you couldn't help but love him.
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So, King of Dramas is the greatest, most fantastic, super duper awesomest, most perfect show ever. KIM MYUNG MIN. BEING EPIC. ALL THE TIME. That's all I need, really.

But seriously, the drama is actually really, really good, and I am SO relieved, because the summary of the show never made it sound all that great, but in actuality the show is exciting and it's sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtly playing with different drama genres and it is basically a political meets underdog meets revenge meets rom-com meets action meets workplace drama. There are even a few moments of classic melodrama in it (usually played for laughs, though. Although the scene between the lead girl and her mother where they are talking to each other in their heads was actually played quite serious, even though it seemed a little loony for the drama to go so serious all of a sudden). The only thing it's missing is the procedural drama, though they did a bit of a medical one in the first ep. And there are Japanese triads! I'm loving it. It's ridiculous yet somehow very, very well done.

Obviously my favorite thing about the drama is Kim Myung Min. He is completely inhabiting the character of Anthony Kim, and Anthony Kim is already this complex mix of epic asshole robot and terribly vulnerable human being. He'll do anything to make his drama successful, to the point of letting someone die and possibly dying himself just to get it done. And of course this causes his downfall, and because he's such a control-freak asshole who spent his career using people for his own gain, everyone is waiting to crush him (and the one who brings him down is the only one that he had trusted with all of his vulnerabilities). It's just... gah, it's epic. The music is epic, his outlandishly expensive suits are epic, his downfall is epic, his undying desire to gain back his empire is epic, and OMG, I LOVE HIM. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Not only that, but Jung Ryeo Won is matching KMM scene for scene. Her character isn't as memorable as KMM's, but she actually has the acting chops to keep up with KMM. As much as I adored Beethoven Virus and shipped the heck out of that OTP, it was clear that Lee Ji Ah was quite outmatched in acting skills by KMM (as was a very young Jang Guen Suk). With this one, though, the characters are so evenly matched and the actors are playing off of each other so perfectly that their scenes are just electrifying. And I adore how JRW has played her character as kind of being breath-taken by Anthony in the first episode when he is offering her so many things and showing her the dedication that he has and the excitement that comes with it, but then he throws her away when he no longer needed her and she just made the largest impression on him than anyone ever has when she dumped a bucket of orange juice on him. SO AMAZING. LOOOOOOOOOVE. I love her temper. I love that she doesn't just sit back and blame herself for all the injustices that happen to her. She either gets what she wants or she gets revenge. Either way she gets people to see things from her perspective, which is exactly what Anthony needs. And I love that Anthony's downfall came with him causing her downfall, which in the end makes her the only person that can help him climb back up to the top. I can't wait to see how she changes Anthony's views, and I really can't wait to see him put her before a drama (if he'll put her before a drama. KMM's characters have this bad habit of being SO dedicated to their work that they give up everything else even in the end).

Anyway, I'm excited about this one. Everything about it is amazing so far. I am so hoping for a bromance once Choi Si Won appears. Anthony Kim is at his best when his feathers are being ruffled.

Also, tomorrow and Thursday are the last eps of Third Ward. If Do Hyun and Hye In don't end up together, expect me to throw my computer out of the window.
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Is it weird that I have found myself completely enamored with Full House Take 2? I... I didn't mean to like it! It just happened! It's goofy and cute and stupid and I can't help it. It's classic trendy rom-com, nothing new or exciting. Sometimes I just like my comfort food. I adore the bromance like crazy, and this is one of the few instances where I genuinely love all three people involved in the love triangle. The dude from Gaksital (Shunji!) is so freaking adorable in this, definitely a scene stealer. And just... I... I really have no excuse. I just love it. Gratuitous shots of Noh Min Woo's abs help quite a lot. I think I love Take 2 more than the original, by the way, which, GASP! BLASPHEMY! but the original is too damn melodramatic and repetitive and I mostly just want to punch both second leads in the face every time I see them. With Take 2, they are all basically immature, lovable lugs, and I feel like Kang Hwi won't be too heartbroken when Man Ok chooses Tae Ik, because much as Kang Hwi and Tae Ik fight with each other, they also care pretty deeply for each other and are beyond hurt whenever one shows a disregard for the other (Tae Ik has trouble expressing caring feelings for Kang Hwi, and Kang Hwi has trouble getting Tae Ik to believe that his care is genuine. OH, BOYS!). I love it. I LOVE IT. Mind you, it's only 3 full episodes in, so who knows how long this love will actually last.
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So, I just watched the latest ep of Merlin, and for the briefest moment I had thought that Morgana named her dragon Uther. WHY, SHOW, WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME? I thought that I was finally over this ship. I thought that my heart was finally letting go, but then Morgana goes and makes me think that she named her dragon Uther, because she misses him like crazy and is still totally obsessed with him. DAMN YOU, SHOW. Of course, I can still glean Uther/Morgana subtext from the fact that Morgana has basically turned into him (just... wanting the annihilation of non-magic users instead of magic users). And she is still being driven mad over the fact that Uther loved Arthur more than he loved her (though, obviously this is just in Morgana's head seeing as how he became utterly useless and was driven mad when she left him). Basically, Uther/Morgana still rules my soul. Random biological relatedness and death be damned! My love survives it all.

I still wish the show had gone a different route with Morgana's evilness, though. Her just wanting the throne makes her look petty and selfish. Had Uther actually found out about her magic and then rejected her, her descent into evilness would have made sense. Wanting to plot the fall of the Pendragons would have been justified. She could have remained sympathetic instead of just looking completely batty. I don't see how making her biologically related to the Pendragons had to be what drove her over the edge. Uuuuuugh, I will never like that plot line. She could have still wanted the crown without being related to them. Uther got his position by overthrowing the previous king, he wasn't born royalty. It would have been nice to see that mirrored in Morgana's quest to take over Camelot.

Anyway, I think this ep just further proved that her motivation is Uther. His death didn't make the hurt go away. She still resents the crap out of Arthur because she felt like Uther loved him more than he loved her. It always goes back to Uther. I really, really wish that we could get a scene in the end where she finally sits on the throne and puts on the crown and she looks around at the empty room (now in shambles) and she flashes back to the way it used to be, to when the room was vibrant and full of smiling faces, and she focuses in on Uther and he gives her this loving smile and a nod and a tear falls down her face, and then she sees Arthur, his hair shining in the sunlight streaming through the window, his smile innocent, and that's when she realizes all that she has done, and then she ends up taking Arthur to the lake. Ooooooh, if only this show actually cared about Morgana's emotional arc!
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You cannot give us USTy coffee spilling scenes such as this in the preview:

And then not give it to us in the actual episode. That is just CRUEL, especially when she spends the whole episode obsessing over the other dude. Like, you couldn't just throw us this little bone? This little, tiny nougat of her maybe reciprocating his attraction to her? Of him actually making a tiny bit of progress with her? COME ON. I get that she probably won't end up with him, but you cannot make episode 10 all about their OTPness and then make the following two episodes completely forget about it so that she can be all moony-eyed over the other guy. Hmph.

No love,

That being said, my heart did break for Hye In when she went through all that trouble to confess to Seung Hyun in such an adorably grand fashion, but... well... Eui Jin is the one in his heart. But I still can't tell if the show is saying that they are the OTP or not. Because Eui Jin is going to die, that's pretty clear, and in the preview for next week it showed Eui Jin looking at her sympathetically (like she would be the one to bring them together), so I still feel like Doo Hyun has no chance with Hye In. Especially after they left out that USTy scene. Which SUCKS, because they are clearly where the chemistry is at, and Doo Hyun/Hye In is the more subtle, bumbling, social ineptitudeness romance that I adore so completely. And Seung Hyun/Eui Jin is so damn beautiful that I can't not ship them. OMG, the scene in the field where Eui Jin is playing her violin and he approaches her. Gaaaaaaah, so beautiful.

But yeah, my heart belongs to Doo Hyun/Hye In, and I've watched ep 10 about five times already. I adore how he just can't say the words, and explains to her in such a professional fashion that he wants her to be into him (something about him wanting her brain to excrete dopamine and serotonin whenever she sees him). I mean, I can see why Hye In hasn't been clued in yet to Doo Hyun liking her, because he shouts at her for things that really have nothing to do with what she thinks he's talking about and he's just super awkward at trying to inquire about her on a personal level and his temper is very short and he makes up excuses for why he asks her certain questions and he didn't thank her for saving him and he's pretty much a jerk and he makes her life miserable. So... yeah, Doo Hyun has a lot to explain to her. But even though he does all that, he is somehow this really lovable, sympathetic character. I don't even understand how. I guess because we saw that he wasn't loved as a child, so he puts up his shields and tries to tell the world that all he needs is himself, but he's got those puppy dog eyes and he wants to be loved so badly and he has so much love to give but he just doesn't know how to let those things happen. It's very foreign to him and he is screwing up at every turn. But OMG, if only Hye In would notice him, he'd lay down his shield and let her in, but at this point he is still way too insecure. And ep 10 made me think that Hye In would totally consider him if she knew he liked her. In fact, she looked pretty darn disappointed when she thought she found out that he didn't like her.

Oh, this show. It's killing me. I love it so thoroughly that it's all I want to watch. I just can't seem to get into any other drama (I've dropped Faith and Arang, they both started feeling like a chore to watch, probably because all I could think about was Third Ward). I just don't understand how it's the not-so-great dramas that always manage to capture my heart. The acting isn't anything to shout about, the soundtrack isn't especially great, there's not much of a plot, and I can't freaking figure out how the love stories are going to go. But OMG does it get me right in the heart. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me swoon. I love these characters and I want them all to be happy and I really don't want to part with them (unfortunately, half of them are dying of brain tumors or getting run over by buses).
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I love that a Korean pop song has hit it so freaking big that it has tributes to it from pretty much every country in the world. And this one is super awesome. The beginning verse was a little muddled, but once it got to the buildup of the chorus it was flawless. And THE DANCING. OMG, THE DANCING. Loved it.
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LOOK AT HIM!!!! He looks kind of ridiculous but hot at the same time. This is a different look from the initial pics, and he somehow looks younger here, which makes me think it's a flashback/earlier part of the drama (where the two leads first meet and clash). Dudes, I so can't wait for this drama. I know that I'm the only one, but damn, it's Kim Myung Min and it's by the same writer that did Sign. I CAN'T HELP IT. Though if this drama has an ending as craptacular as Sign did, I will be angry (not that the ending to Sign was bad, just heartbreaking. But King of Dramas is supposed to be a comedy, therefore no heavy ending is allowed. You hear me? DON'T KILL THE LEAD CHARACTER). I am still confused on the romance aspect of the drama, though. The setup sounds typical enough in that the two leads would get together, but there's never been any actual mention of romance between them, while it mentions romance with other people for both of them, which would suck because Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won would be awesome together (well, you'd think they would be. Guess I have to actually see them act together first)
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You cannot give us this cuteness:

and then have them NOT end up together. Unless you let Sooyoung have a romance with Kim Seung Woo (did you see how he swept her up when she fell?!! Did he not look like her super handsome white knight?), but she is very, very young and he is in his 40s and I just don't think that's going to happen. And even if it did, there's a good chance that she's going to die in the end, so he still wouldn't get the girl. But yeah, Sooyoung's character (Eui Jin) is very charming and lovable and she is so very much in love with Seung Hyun and I just want her love to be reciprocated because they are so damn cute together and she wants it so badly, but he falls for that damned lady doctor that his brother is in love with and DAMN IT, WHY MUST THEY TORTURE ME LIKE THIS? WHYYYYYY? I am guessing that it is her illness that brings the brothers together, because Seung Hyun will probably ask Doo Hyun to operate on her, and I am thinking that Doo Hyun will be instantly charmed by her so he won't be able to say no (honestly, I think he was charmed by her the second she hugged his legs and was hugely embarrassed when she realized he wasn't Seung Hyun).

Basically, Eui Jin is my favorite and I want her to have all the men instead of the annoying lead actress. Okay, maybe the lead isn't really annoying, it's just hard to love her when I know that she will be responsible for breaking Doo Hyun's heart and Eui Jin's. Which is why Doo Hyun should just forget about her and fall in love with Eui Jin, and Eui Jin should just forget about Seung Hyun and fall in love with Doo Hyun. It all works out that way, right? RIGHT? Unless Eui Jin dies...


Sep. 26th, 2012 03:35 pm
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My poor, poor Seung Woo:

*sniff* *sniff*

I KNEW HE'D GET HIS HEART BROKEN. Look at him crying in the car! Poor dude never gets any love. I expect he's hurt that she went to his brother to help her father instead of him, or else he refused to help her after he saw her with his brother and it's KILLING HIM that he did that (IDK, they jumble everything around in the previews). OMG, my heart friggin' broke for him during ep 7 after he bought pastries for her and then she's not there to receive them and he finds her going into his brother's office with pastries from the very same shop. He knows what those pastries mean!!! Oh man, I love that he has this moment of considerateness and it goes completely unnoticed, even when he goes back to where he left the pastries and waits for her (I think he reprimands her for something, or playfully criticizes her or something, so it's understandable) but she runs back out with the pastries and coffee and tells him he forgot it. OH, MY HEART. Damn it, woman, those were for you! How is it that she can read his mind about everything except his fondness for her? Pfft. Not that he makes it that easy. He just doesn't know how to express love. I want more backstory for Doo Hyun. It's no fair that Seung Hyun gets all this backstory and justification for what he does, while Doo Hyun is painted as cold and petty (but of course Kim Seung Woo is bringing so much subtext to his character with his eyes and body language and whatnot, because that's what he does, so it's giving his character this lovely, subtle depth that isn't really there in the script). I mean, Doo Hyun certainly isn't a bad guy, and these little moments where we get a glimpse of the emotion that he keeps hidden behind his cold exterior makes him terribly endearing, but... I just want more of that, instead of him constantly pushing people away. But the girl he likes falling for his brother is not going to help to bring him out of his shell. Especially since his brother is the one that is always loved by everyone while he gets no love at all. IT IS SO DAMN HEART BREAKING. His character is so tragic without really having anything truly traumatic in his past. Well, his father ain't no prize, but he didn't exactly mistreat Doo Hyun so much as he didn't really love him. Like, he provided for him and called him his son, but the only one that he loved and truly considered his son was Seung Hyun, and Doo Hyun became a super talented surgeon in an attempt to gain his father's love and it just didn't happen, even Seung Hyun disappointed him. With Seung Hyun, he had this great love of his life that he tragically lost and it messed him up, but somehow he still seems more put together than Doo Hyun will ever be.

IDK, I just want my poor Doo Hyun to get some love. I think he'd lighten up considerably if at least one person cared about him. At this point I feel like even Seung Hyun doesn't give a fig about him (but I can't really blame him seeing as how Doo Hyun just treats him with disdain).

Oh, something I forgot to mention in my last few posts. I have a new obsession, and his name is Daniel Day-Lewis. This one kind of hit me out of nowhere. I think it's because he kind of reminds me of the dude that I have a crush on at work. Plus, I just recently watched There Will Be Blood and he kind of blew me away in that. So... I went on a spending spree and bought all of his notable movies, and now he's my desktop wallpaper, and I've read numerous articles about his insanity and it just seems to make me love him more. Dude is nuts. And he's always wearing these big hoop earrings that make him look like a pirate and I still love him.

PS: I so cannot wait to see Lincoln.
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New Girl was so freaking good. Just... everything I love about it is still there. WINSTON AND HIS GIRLY DRINKS. FUTURE NICK. SCHMIDT BEING DANGEROUS. JESS GETTING IT ON WITH HOT DUDES. BEARCLAW. NICK AND JESS!!!!!!!!!

Ben & Kate was cute, but not great. Same with The Mindy Project, but I feel like I'll really enjoy The Mindy Project as it goes on, simply because it is basically just a romcom and I am lame. But Mindy is so damn charming that I can't resist her. The love interest is a total douchewad, but... well, I watch Korean dramas during like 80% of my free time and this guy is basically the American equivalent of every jerkass hero in Korean romcoms, so... I will probably fall for him hook, line, and sinker. Especially if he keeps looking at her all moony-eyed as she flawlessly delivers babies.

Speaking of Korean dramas, I finally got a chance to check out Third Ward (the TvN medical drama with my man Kim Seung Woo) and OMG am I hooked. It's purely the fault of my man, I think, but also because I'm kind of a sucker for the med drama setup, IDEK why. I stay away from American medical dramas, but for some reason White Tower got me hooked on Korean ones. Anyway, this one is not unique in any way, but thankfully it doesn't try to be like White Tower (unlike Brain, which is always in people's favorite med drama list, mine included, but damn did I hate the politics in that one). White Tower was the ultimate med drama when it came to the politics, because it was all about one man's ambition and how power corrupted his soul. It could have just as easily been about a politician or a gangster or a warrior or a prince. Every medical drama that tries to throw in the same politics just falls short, so it's nice that this one isn't really focused on that. Both brothers are where they want to be professionally, but they are both battling for daddy's love and they both have brother complexes and they both think their way of thinking is better than the other's. I love that in this one it's the older brother that is the neglected, illegitimate child. It just gives the brother relationship a different element, where the younger one loves his hyung unconditionally and his hyung resents the crap out of him but feels an obligation to protect him because he's the older brother. I just want the show to explore this more instead of focusing on the clashing of eastern and western medicine. As for the romances, it is clear that my man will once again get the shaft and have his heart terribly, terribly broken. Poor Kim Seung Woo never gets the girl, does he? I feel like he maybe still has a chance, that she just hasn't seen the softer side of him yet and the fact that she's the one that brings it out of him, but... well, she is too far gone on his brother at this point. And she and the brother were set up as the typical OTP with the instant bickering and whatnot. BUT MY MAN'S HEART IS GOING TO BE BROKEN. It's just not fair. He never gets to be happy! In anything! (I still haven't recovered from Miss Ripley) It's very hard to find subs for this show, though, so I've been watching most of it raw (Viki has the first two eps subbed, but that's it). My opinions might change once I actually know what they're saying.
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I find that my Thursday night comedy block is a lot less exciting without Community. Which I figured out last season during its extended hiatus, but... well, now it will never be on on Thursdays anymore, and that's a bummer. Especially since I am rarely home on Friday nights (not because I have a life or anything, but because of stupid work). Speaking of Community, I have been reading a few of the spoilers for the new season and I fear that the show is going to go too broad. NBC's problem with Community has always been its lack of accessibility, but its uniqueness and fandom in-jokes and emotional through-lines have always been what made it so special for those of us who fell in love with it. Without that, it's just your typical wacky sitcom with over-the-top characters participating in crazy shenanigans and re-enacting whatever popular movie is out right now (and of course the first one they do is Hunger Games, which is so NOT a timeless reference, and the show rarely did specific movie parodies so much as it did genre parodies, and just... I WANT MY OLD COMMUNITY BACK). Not that season 3 was all that stellar, but it still had its moments of awesome. I'm hoping I'll enjoy the new season, but I'm pretty sure it's going to feel like an entirely different show tonally.

Anyway, enough about a show that hasn't even had its season premiere yet. The shows that were on last night:

That one with Will Arnett that I can't even remember the name of - AWFUL. Just awful. Ugh, get it off of my Thursday night lineup. I don't remember it sucking this hard during the few eps I saw of its first season. I mean, it wasn't great, but at least it had potential. This ep was just a big old suckfest of genericness and ugh. If they were going to move/kill Community, couldn't they have at least replaced it with something slightly awesome? Like, for instance, Go On, which I will talk about later.

The Office - OH, MY LOVE, HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE. You know that you love a show way too much when you can see all of its many, many flaws and it still makes you smile like a loon. JIM AND PAM. ANNNNNNDY. OSCAR!!!! ANGELA AND HER CATS. KEVIN'S TURTLE RESCUING SKILLS. NELLIE (who I previously hated but somehow felt so much love for in this ep). NEW JIM AND DWIGHT. PHYLLIS. CREEEEEED. MEREDITH. STANLEY. RYAN AND KELLY. AUUUUUUUGH, I LOVE THEM ALL SO DAMN MUCH. What I did not love: Erin/Andy, which should surprise no one. Also, I am not a fan of this new Andy. The show is making him too mean and just ruining everything that he was prior to him becoming the boss. His antics were fun when he wasn't on top (and he rarely ever succeeded anyway), but now? He just looks cruel. And, I'm sorry, but he neglected his job last season over something stupid and Nellie saw an opportunity and took it. I don't see how she's the bad guy for doing that. Was it ridiculous? Yes, but still, Andy screwed up. Making Nellie the new office punching bag is making her lovable, though, so I can see why they're doing it if they want to keep her around, but they are destroying my Andy in the process (of course, the entire Erin/Andy storyline has pretty much killed his character for me anyway). I did, however, adore the line where he was talking to Nellie and he says, "I hate to pull out the B word, but... I'm going to be a real bitch to you." OMG, did I crack up, and that was a glimpse of the Andy that I originally fell in love with. I MISS HIM. Dwight was just superb in this ep (he is somehow hilarious while also being totally heart-wrenching with his emotional turmoil). And I am glad that Jim finally took a chance and is going to do something that he enjoys even though the outcome is uncertain. The older I get, the more I realize that I am a Jim, all wasted potential and slackerdom and making excuses for not doing something with my life and being stuck in a hellhole that I both hate and am weirdly fond of. The fact that he eventually made this choice gives me hope.

Parks and Rec - Fantastic as always. I hate Leslie being so separated from the Parks department, though.

Looking forward to 30 Rock next week.

Now let's talk about Go On. I had seen people saying that it's a more accessible version of Community, so I had to check it out. I see Community parallels, but they are two entirely different shows humor-wise. But... I like it? At first I was skeptical, but by the third episode I found that I genuinely loved these people. The only one that I am having trouble connecting with is the therapist, which is problematic because I feel like the show is going to make her a romantic interest for Matthew Perry's character, which at this point would just make me go, "Blerrrrrrrrgh." If I ship him with anybody it's his assistant, but really I am a sucker for the whole "can't get over his dead wife" thing. Monk/Trudy was the most epic of all love stories for me back in the day, even though I shipped him with Sharona (but I knew that no one could ever replace Trudy in his heart, and that just got me). I kind of feel the same way here, but since this guy lacks all the issues that Monk had, I think it's safe to say that he'll eventually have a romance, and I am doomed to ship him with his assistant that he'll never get with, because that's what I do. Also, John Cho rocks and I am still super in love with him (I had such a thing for him back in his American Pie days. IDEK why). He'd be my favorite character on the show if Mr. K didn't exist. OMG, MR. K, I LOVE YOU. Why do I feel like there is some seriously dramatic backstory for this guy? There is just no way that he can be the way he is without something seriously traumatic in his past. Which is something else that I love about this show. Even though it's a comedy, it's not afraid to go dark and emotional, and it's not afraid to be sappy either.

So yeah, I am in love with Go On, and I think it has the potential to become my new Community, and I wish it was on on Thursdays instead of that mess that is Will Arnett's show.


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