Jan. 21st, 2013

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So, for some odd reason, a few weeks ago when I was sick and off for a few days, I decided that I wanted to watch an epic historical romance drama, and Bu Bu Jing Xin caught my eye (I just finished it yesterday). I was skeptical, because it had way more episodes than I am used to, and I had never watched a C-drama before (and the ones I've watched clips of in the past were super cheesy and kind of shoddy looking). And while BBJX started off super cheesy, it was also super pretty and it really drew me in. I'm not even sure why seeing as how Ruoxi annoyed the crap out of me, but the princes, ooooh the princes!

I fell so, so hard for 8th prince. SO HARD. He ended up being such a tragic character, and he was one of those highly ambitious characters with a good heart that I am so damn fond of. His ambition alienated everyone around him and ended up killing him, basically, and I eat that shit up. But oh, the poor guy. His father despised him (nothing was ever good enough for Daddy), his brothers ostracized him as a child because his mother wasn't of noble birth, the woman he was madly in love with resented the crap out of him for indirectly killing the man she was madly in love with, the woman who had reciprocated his love made him choose between her and the throne (and she concluded that she just didn't love him enough to support his fruitless endeavor), and the one person who actually did love and support him through everything ended up killing herself right when he started to appreciate her. And no matter how much he resented Ruoxi for not understanding him and falling in love with Fourth instead, no matter how much his life fell apart because of her, he couldn't stop himself from protecting her every step of the way. EVERYTHING was taken from him but he still cared about Ruoxi's happiness. OH, EIGHTH! Also, when Ruoxi and Eighth were in love, they were so damn happy and adorable and sensual and beautiful, and when they broke up it freaking killed me. And, okay, I understand that Ruoxi did what she did because she didn't love him enough to go down with a sinking ship and she couldn't deal with the inevitable pain, but... I just never understood what she saw in Fourth. Especially since Eighth had made her so happy (she was always such a downer when she was with Fourth). And even through her entire story with Fourth, nothing touched me so much as her final farewell with Eighth. Maybe it's because I had been waiting SO LONG for that closure, for them to acknowledge that they once loved each other and still do, and OMG, it got me. And Eighth just understood. He finally understood and he was at peace with their relationship and he was able to let go of her for good.

Now, Fourth and Ruoxi failed to grab me. I think the scene where he forced a kiss on her turned me off of him in a way where he just couldn't be redeemed. That scene was so random, especially since he had been harmless and cutely awkward around her prior to that. I was fully on board with them up to that point, but then he ruined it all, especially since the show used it as the moment that he got under her skin (she kept flashing back to it whenever she got romantic with Eighth). Ick. Just... ick. It prevented me from enjoying the moments that I otherwise would have, like the constant gift-giving and her sending them all back, his laugh after she said she'd never marry, her treasuring the hair clip, I couldn't enjoy any of it! And when she did finally acquiesce, it didn't feel like it was for love, it felt like she chose him purely because he was the safest option she had. Later we see that she understands him and he understands her in a way that never happened with Eighth, and that's why their love is supposed to work, but... oy vey, I just never felt the love between them. The show told me repeatedly that they were in love, but it never really showed me. The closest it came was the umbrella scene, I think. That scene at least made me accept their romance. But the romance itself just never seemed as epic as the show made it out to be. Bleh. Is it weird that I felt more from Nine and Yutan than I ever did from Fourth and Ruoxi? They only had like thirty seconds of screentime together, and I despised Nine. IDK.

Anyway, my insane love for Eighth is tempting me into watching Palace (which is new on Dramafever). Is it worth it? Has anyone watched it? Is Eighth just as wonderful on Palace as he is in BBJX? Does he get the girl in this one? Does he at least get a sliver of happiness in Palace?

Oh, also, as for k-dramas, I am in mad, deep love with Flower Boy Next Door. SO DAMN GOOD. And naturally I am in love with the older neighbor that has an unrequited crush on her. And I find that I relate to the main character all too well and that freaking scares me. It's mainly her voiceovers where she talks about all the things she should have done but didn't, all the things she wishes she was but isn't, the harsh realizations that she needs to change but can't bring herself to, her fear of letting life in. Damn it, show, stop making me self reflect!


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