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Okay, fine. I'm 28. Professional lazy bum<--(sadly, this isn't true anymore). Andy Bernard is my fictional soulmate. Christoph Waltz rocks my socks. Daniel Day-Lewis makes me swoon. Will Ferrell is my favorite. Robert DeNiro is a total badass. Jackie Chan is my man. I love mob/martial arts/shoot 'em up films. Korean dramas are currently owning my life (along with Kim Myung Min. And Kim Seung Woo. And Oh Man Suk. Apparently I prefer the ahjussis over the flower boys). Life is the greatest television show ever created. Well... aside from The Office. And Community.

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30 rock, abed/troy, ade edmondson, adrian monk, al pacino, alan shore, alan/denny, andy bernard, angel/buffy/giles, annie/senor chang, anthony stewart head, arrested development, artie/myka, band of brothers, bea alonzo, beautiful people, betty/armando, big and rich, billy crystal, blades of glory, boston legal, bottom, boyd/echo, boyd/topher, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, burn notice, charlie crews, charlie/mac, chazz/jimmy, chow yun-fat, chuck/blair, cj/toby, colin firth, community, conan o'brien, conan/la bamba, conan/labamba, cooper/violet, country music, crews/reese, cromartie/ellison, damian lewis, daniel/betty, david tennant, dead like me, demons, dewitt/dominic, dexter, dinozzo/mcgee, doctor who, dollhouse, ed helms, extras, final fantasy, flight of the conchords, forsyte saga, friday night lights, garth brooks, george/rube, gibbs/abby, giles/buffy/spike, gilmore girls, goren/eames, gossip girl, guerrero/winston, guy/marian, harry potter, house, house/cameron, house/wilson, howard wolowitz, howard/raj, human target, icarly, in plain sight, iron man, it's always sunny, jack/gwen, jack/gwen/rhys, jack/ianto/gwen/rhys, jack/liz, jackie chan, james spader, jeff/annie, jerry/katie, johanna lindsey novels, john lloyd cruz, john lloyd/bea, josh/donna, kandy, kevin turvey, kim myung min, kim seung woo, l&o:ci, lassiter/juliet, leslie/ron, life, martial arts films, mary/marshall, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael/dwight, michael/ryan, modern family, monk, monk/sharona, mork and mindy, my so-called life, nathan/shilo, office meta, oh man suk, oscar/andy, parks and recreation, phil hartman, phil vassar, pirates of the carribean, psych, quarterlife, queer as folk, repo! the genetic opera, rik mayall, robert deniro, robin hood, robin williams, rory/marty, rupert giles, rupert/ruby, sam seaborn, sam/fiona, sam/tara, saturday night live, sebastian/prime minister, shawn/gus, sheldon cooper, soames forsyte, sokka/toph, spencer/sam, stefan/elena/damon, stephen colbert, steve carell, sugarland, t:tscc, the big bang theory, the colbert report, the comic strip presents, the office, the sopranos, the west wing, the young ones, tony/pepper, torchwood, true blood, ugly betty, uther pendragon, uther/merlin, uther/morgana, vampire diaries, veronica mars, veronica/weevil, warehouse 13, who's the boss, will ferrell, winters/sobel, xander/dracula
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