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Remember when I made a post about the perfect fanvid song for Game of Thrones? Well, I was wrong, it was meant to be for Dexter. That song shouts Dexter/Deb all the way, especially after watching the first two eps of season 8. OH MY GOD, WHY DID I WATCH? WHY DIDN'T I WAIT UNTIL THE ENTIRE SEASON HAS AIRED? AUUUUUUUGH. I managed to wait last season, but I couldn't this time. I had to see how the show dealt with the fallout of Deb killing La Guerta. Deb is reacting pretty much as expected, but Dexter, OMG, Dexter. I knew he loved her. I freaking knew it. God, his face every time she told him to stay out of her life. HE CAN'T, DEB. HE IS NOT DEXTER WITHOUT HIS DEB. Guh. Guh guh guh. If you had told me back in season 1 that I would be shipping Dexter/Deb I would have looked at you like you were nuts (wait, would I? I need to go back and look). But now? OMG, I love them to death. They are so messed up on every level. I always knew that Deb would be Dexter's downfall, but I always thought it would be because she'd end up arresting him. WRONG. He is so super obsessed with her at this point that he just can't function and she's a freaking mess because of her guilt and disgust with herself and I have this terrible feeling that one of them is going to die this season. Well, obviously Dexter is going to either die or end up in jail since this is the last season, but... he may end up dying trying to protect Deb. Or Deb will end up dying trying to protect him (way more likely). IDK. But yeah, this song is so fitting for them, especially from Deb's POV, because Dexter has always been this oasis for her and now she hates him but wants to love him like she used to and it's pure torture and she just wants to die.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it’s a dark cave and even though it’s far from heaven
Maybe this could be my haven.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it hurts you when I fucking shiver
Well, trust me I was such a strong believer
But what’s the point of searching for that halo
My eyes are blinded and my heart is shallow.

It’s getting worse and worse as I think deeper
It’s just like staring at a burning river
Well, now it’s time stop. Just pull the trigger
I want to end it all. I want it over.
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