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I'm coming out of hiding just to say that the finale to The Office left me a sobbing mess. What a sweet, hilarious, wonderful, emotional, insightful, nostalgic ending to the show of my life. This show was with me for so long and captured so many of my thoughts and feelings that I could never really express myself, and even though it was wacky and over the top, there have never been any other characters in any piece of fiction that have ever felt so real to me. These people were like a second family and I love how it made the audience feel like a part of that. And even though in the real world most coworkers don't become as close as these people did, it still captured that complicated thing where you are with a bunch of strangers for hours on end every day suffering through the same shit and just trying to survive together, and you do whatever you can to make the day go by easier/faster, you find people that you can have fun with despite the boredom and torture that is called work, and you form a certain affection for these people (even the ones that bug the crap out of you), and it's sad when the group is broken, but the world moves on and new people show up to make the group different, but you'll always remember the good old days.

I was waiting for Michael's appearance with baited breath through the entire episode. I kept saying, "They can't have the finale without Michael! They just can't!" AND THEN HE SHOWED UP! And I spazzed out and cried a little at his "that's what she said" and Dwight looked so happy and OMG, MY BOYS WERE BACK TOGETHER AND IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD!!! And Michael takes so many pics of his children that he has two phones! With two separate numbers! Because he's so happy to have a family plan!!! I am so happy that he got such a happy ending. For the longest time I thought that he was doomed to be a tragic character forever, but then he got the happiest ending that he could ever ask for and it brings me to tears just thinking about it. I may not have been a fan of Holly/Michael (like, at all), but I am a fan of Michael/Happiness.

I actually made it through most of the show just fine, teared up a little here and there, but then it got to Andy saying, "I wish there was a way to know that you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." I just lost it. I lost my shit. I was bawling from then on out. It was such a perfect summation of any time that you're leaving a place that maybe put you through hell but you didn't realize meant so much to you until you've left it. There are so many times in my life that I thought I would never miss but I now look back on with such fondness that I wonder why I didn't enjoy it while I was actually experiencing it. Just... good job, Andy Bernard. You got me right in the heart. I was even bawling through Oscar's outrage over the documentary crew never capturing his origami talents.

Perfect ending to a show that I will always remember with the utmost fondness. Even in its darkest days I loved it to death.
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