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So, Dollhouse was... different. I feel like the preview from last week completely spoiled all the shocking reveals that we were supposed to get in this episode. I probably would have been more impressed had I missed that preview. Anyway, none of that matters. Why? Because my Boyd got to kick Paul's ass for like 10 minutes straight. Maybe more. IT WAS EPIC! OMG, I LOVED IT! This ep should have been 43 minutes of Boyd kicking Paul's ass. It would have made me even happier. Anyway:

Spoilers )

In other news, I suddenly find the TWoP negativity on the Ugly Betty boards to be completely hilarious. Not one single positive thing has been said about last night's episode, and I somehow feel justified. THANK YOU, YOU SNARKY PEOPLE THAT USED TO SCARE ME! Ugly Betty is shit without the Daniel/Betty loveliness. And the Betty character has been completely destroyed. Which is sad, because she used to be one of the very few female characters on television that I could relate to. When 100% of the posts on TWoP are all about how much they hate the main character, the writers are definitely doing something wrong. If it was only 85%, then I'd chalk it up to general TWoP negativity. But no, every single poster is talking about how much they now loathe Betty (and her ridiculous wardrobe). I'm sorry show, but you ruined yourself. Irrevocably. I have a feeling it won't survive an entire 4th season. I don't know. I can't even care at this point. *sigh* Stupid Silvio Horta destroying my stupid hopes for Daniel/Betty. And, I ship non-canon all the time, so I shouldn't be this angry, but I feel like I've been bamboozled. Stupid show. I hate you. (And yes, if I get this disappointed over a pointless TV show, you really don't want to see how disappointed I get over important things). They just... they were my #1 ship for 3 years. I was led on to believe that they would happen at the very end. I mean, heck, my parents watched the pilot way back in 2006 and my dad was like, "*groooooan* The boss is going to fall for her and they get together in the end. There you go, I know the whole story, now stop making me watch this crap." SEE?! Even my dad could see it from the very first episode! I'VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED, DAMMIT!

Sorry, I'll stop complaining about Ugly Betty one of these days. Hopefully.
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Get on this fandom! HOW am I the only one shipping Leslie/Ron? HOW CAN I BE THE ONLY ONE? Hopefully after tonight people will finally see what I've been going on about since the pilot. THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER, OKAY? I mean, I love Leslie/Ann too, and I will not deny that they are the writers' OTP of the show, but... Leslie/Ron? So my OTP. OOOOOH MYYYY GOD! DID YOU SEE HIS SMILE AT THE END? DID YOU SEE IT? He loves her. Or... well, okay, maybe it's not love, but she so breaks down his shell of non-caringness. Once I find a download of the ep, I am so doing a picspam to prove their love. IT IS THERE! IT IS THERE IN FULL SWING! And, come on, the Indian guy asking her if she has sex dreams about Ron? Totally an anvil. Also, I am even more in love with Andy now. He's such a sweetheart underneath all the hilarious fratboy antics. &hearts Oh, you guys, I am so, so in love with Parks and Recreation. I wish more people would give it a chance. It is quickly taking a spot in my heart right next to The Office. I will be so disappointed if it gets canceled. RON/LESLIE 4EVR!!1! Seriously. I love them.

ETA #2: A quote from a random person at TWoP: "Ron had a bit of Dwight going on at the end there. I am seeing Ron/Leslie as a Dwight/Angela pairing (he seemed to be crushing on her tonight with his passionate defense and his little smile when she thanked him) and Ann/Mark as Jim/Pam." SEE? I AM NOT CRAZY! SOMEONE ELSE SEES IT! Although, I wouldn't compare them to Dwight/Angela at all. I never liked Dwight/Angela a whole lot (I enjoyed their scenes, but I never really cared too much until season 4, and even then it was only because I hate seeing Dwight hurting. So, basically, Ron/Leslie is 20,000 times more awesome than Dwight/Angela).

The Office was hilarious. Oh god, MEREDITH! That woman knows how to crack me up. Especially spoilers )

30 Rock! Freaking hilarious. Especially the bit with the water. I was laughing like crazy. I couldn't help it. It was such a cheap joke, knew it was coming, but... I love it when this show goes for the classics. I just do. I can't help it. Remember way back when Pete got stuck in the vending machine? I thought it was epic. And this? Just as hilarious. Oh, Liz. Jack and his mother almost brought tears to my eyes. I can't get over how touching they can be despite their awfulness to each other. Oh, they are so beautiful. Also, Steve Buscemi! I love that dude. This was definitely his best appearance on the show.

That Show That is Now Dead to Me. You know the one. I watched about 20 minutes of it and just couldn't take it anymore. Betty suddenly annoys the crap out of me (well, actually, she has since season 2) and I just can no longer stomach her scenes with Matt. My enjoyment of the show has officially been sucked out of me. I love the Suarezes, love Marc and Amanda, love Christina, but... it's just not enough to keep me watching. Now I know what the non-shippers feel like while watching the show, and now I also know why most of them abandoned the show mid season 2. If you're not a shipper, there's just not enough there. You want the show to focus on Marc and Amanda and Justin, because they're basically the only ones that are still interesting. I NEVER KNEW THIS UNTIL NOW! Oh god. I am so disillusioned now. It's so sad. I couldn't even enjoy the D/B scenes because I no longer see the potential. The subtext is gone. Without the subtext, 95% of my enjoyment of the show is gone. I hate to be one of those shippers who only sticks around for the ship and not the show, but I fear that I am. Completely. I wasn't happy until I switched over to Parks and Recs. I'm sorry Ugly Betty, but you really are dead to me now. Damn it, Silvio Horta! Why did you have to go and ruin the ambiguity of Daniel/Betty? WHY? I know people are setting up petitions and whatnot, but I just don't like the thought of fans interfering with the story that the writers are telling. If they want it to go a certain way, then I accept it. I can't force them to change it to my vision, and I don't want to. It's their vision, I have no right to say that they are wrong. Just... they broke my heart. And we have to part ways. I wish them continued success, because the cast really seems like a bunch of wonderful people. I just don't like where they took Betty, she seems to have regressed into a whiny teenager as opposed to the confident and intelligent yet naive woman that she was in season 1, and somewhere along the way I completely stopped identifying with her. Perhaps because of this, the writers/creators are 100% correct in not going the D/B route, because they certainly lost their vision of Betty when they started throwing her into convoluted romances left and right. I will just remember the first half of season 1 and try to forget all the rest. Goodbye, Ugly Betty. Perhaps we'll meet for coffee every now and then, but I just don't see a future for us. *sniff*

ETA: Is it weird that I kind of want Henry/Betty to end up together now? I spent so much of my time hating that ship with every fiber of my being that now I'm just like, "You know what? It would be the final nail in the coffin. It should happen." Because seriously, all the Henry hate going on over at TWOP and the D/B comms is actually making me root for him. And I used to hate him. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD, OBVIOUSLY! It's just... that was the only other ship to ever rival D/B in the fandom, so they should at least make one of the ships happen.
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Coverage from the Paley Festival:

7:57 PM - Daniel and Betty will never become a romantic couple. Silvio says that from the beginning it just seemed that there was more of a brother/sister dynamic between them so "it doesn't seem like the right thing to do."


So, Horta was asked: will Betty and Daniel ever get together romantically? In a word -- no. In the show's pilot, he reveals, the ending had Betty walking away, and the two exchange looks. But he changed his plan when "at a certain point as we were filming it, it became obvious that the chemistry was brother and sister and not romantic. It was its own relationship, and it was something very special. [Pairing them up] doesn't seem like the right thing to do."

Ugly Betty is now and forever dead to me. How DARE they build my hopes up so thoroughly only to crush them in the harshest way possible? THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY ONE AND ONLY SURE THING SHIP! WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? SCREW YOU, YOU BASTARDS! Brother/sister my ass. Guess what, I have two stinking brothers and my relationships with them are NOTHING like Daniel/Betty. Like, not even a smidgen like them. That's insanity. Daniel and Betty have gotten together in EVERY SINGLE VERSION. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME? HOW? I was so damn invested. What was the point of bringing in Betty-lite and Daniel-lite as love interests for Daniel and Betty? To show us how right Daniel and Betty are for each other only to RIP OUR HEARTS OUT? FUCK YOU, UGLY BETTY! YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD TO ME! Screw this shit. I am just dropping the show completely, I am so freaking angry. Bastards. I'm deleting my icons. Destroying my fanfic. Gone. That's it. I will do my damnedest to wipe my memory of the damn show. FUCK! I never fall for canon couples. Never. This was supposed to be the one time that I did. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Oh wait, remember Private Practice? Yeah, I fell for a supposed canon pairing on that one too and got screwed over. Now I'm afraid the same thing will happen with In Plain Sight. I should just stick to couples that I know beforehand will never, ever get together. At least then I expect the disappointment. FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK! YOU ARE DEAD TO ME, UGLY BETTY! HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME SIT THROUGH THAT TRIPE THAT WAS SEASON 2 ONLY TO CRUSH MY HEART BEYOND REPAIR? FUCK YOU! FUCK!
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Seriously, The Office keeps making it up to me for sucking so hard in the beginning of the season. OH MICHAEL/DWIGHT! HOW YOUR MESSED UP LOVE AND ARGUMENTS ABOUT TOILET INVENTIONS SPEAK TO THE VERY DEPTHS MY SOUL! &hearts &hearts &hearts And, even though Oscar didn't have any lines tonight (did he?) I totally gleaned Andy/Oscar subtext from this ep. Their subtext doesn't even need dialog... because it's subtext... so it's unspoken.

The cold open was magnificent... )

30 Rock was legendary tonight. LEGENDARY! DID YOU SEE THE LOVING LOOKS SHARED OVER THAT PORTA-HOTTIE? Oh yeah. It is love, baby. Love all the way. And Jenna/Tracy continues to rock my world. And Tracy/Kenneth. In fact, Tracy/Anyone pretty much rocks my world. Tracy was definitely the MVP of this episode, he had me laughing like a madman. AND DR. SPACEMAN! GOD, I LOVE THAT MAN! I used to not be able to stand Chris Parnell on Saturday Night Live, but ever since he became Dr. Spaceman, I just can't not love him. I don't know why I couldn't see his awesomeness before. The only time I liked him was when he did that flamboyant dancing brothers sketch with Chris Kattan. Anyway, Dr. Spaceman is awesome. Obviously. Dudes, I just really loved this episode. I don't think there was a moment where I wasn't laughing my head off. It was such a ridiculous episode. AND DID I MENTION THOSE LOVING LOOKS? *dreamy sigh*

Ugly Betty was okay. I still miss Daniel/Betty sharing deep moments, and I still don't care for Daniel/Molly and think they totally screwed that storyline up (even if it will shorten Molly's time, I just... don't like what they've done there). Betty/Matt was back to being likable in this episode. Hilda/Archie is pure adorableness. Ignacio/Elaina continues to make me smile with glee. Wilhelmina and Marc were hilarious. But... this whole Betty/Matt and Daniel/Molly thing. I feel like it's ridiculously tedious, even though I know it needs to happen for character development and it's actually an advantage for Daniel/Betty shippers since Molly is a Betty stand-in and Matt is a Daniel stand-in, but ugh, TEDIOUS. Daniel and Betty are best when together. Apart, they're rather boring, which is sad, because they used to be my favorite characters. Now I seem to care about everybody but them. That's just... not right. They used to be my #1 ship. WHAT HAPPENED? *cries* With each new episode I'm feeling the Daniel/Wilhelmina vibes more and more, which... I don't think is intentional? Not in the romantic sense, anyway, but damn, I actually found myself saying tonight, "Oh, just make out already, will ya?" *sigh* This show. It is so inconsistent that it blows my mind. And... it's so cracky that I really wouldn't be surprised about an almost-step-son making out with his almost-step-mother. Heck, he slept with his almost-half-sister repeatedly.

After many weeks of avoiding it, I somehow got sucked into tonight's episode of Private Practice, and... ugh, it's still making me ridiculously angry. Cooper/Charlotte just makes me hate both of those characters so very much and I just don't get why they love each other. I DON'T GET IT! WHERE IS THE LOGIC? Seriously, from a storytelling viewpoint, it just makes no sense. In season 1 he was blindingly in love with Violet for years on end, and then in season 2 he wants to marry Charlotte. She cheats on him, he's still with her. I DO NOT GET THIS AT ALL! And then he goes home to Violet and talks to her pregnant stomach and Violet has her hands in his hair and a blissful smile on her face, AND IT FAILS TO OCCUR TO EITHER ONE OF THEM THAT THEY BELONG TOGETHER! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW? Also, I don't get Violet not wanting to know the father of the baby and being all "It's my body, it's my uterus." Yeah, well, it took two to make that baby, and the men actually want to be involved and she just shuts them out and refuses to let them know which one's the father like they don't have a right to know if they have a child or not? Again, WHERE IS THE LOGIC? That is not empowering for women, that is just pure stupidity. I've missed the last 4 or 5 episodes, but honestly, not much has changed from 5 episodes ago to this one. The show is still making me see red and annoying the crap out of me. Ugh. And what kills me is that I still live for those little Cooper/Violet moments, and the show is totally trying to make me its bitch by giving us that ending scene between them. UGH! Also, Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was in this ep, and I literally squeed when I saw her. TARA! &hearts &hearts &hearts

Also, I am terribly, terribly addicted to "Buffy/Giles trapped on a deserted island" fanfic. It is sad how many of those fics there are. And it is sad how much they excite me. *sigh*
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HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS!!!!!! HARRY AND THE FREAKING HENDERSONS! OMG! I LOVE 30 ROCK SO FREAKING MUCH! Oh lord, that last scene between Jack and Frank had me laughing so ridiculously hard. I think it was the musical score that made it extra hilarious. Oh, I love this ridiculous show that touches me in inappropriate places.

Spoilers )

The Office is breaking my friggin' heart with these Andy-less episodes. I know it's only been two, but still. IT'S KILLING ME!

Spoilers )

Ugly Betty. It was... ugh, I hate it when Daniel and Betty get romances. The show overloads us on them so much that I can't freaking stand it. Betty/Matt had been progressing so perfectly, and I actually adored Betty's love interest for once, and then BAM! they hit us with that same nauseating cuteness that I couldn't stomach with Betty/Henry. UGH UGH UGH! Also, Betty's wardrobe keeps getting progressively worse instead of better and it's just getting ridiculously unbelievable that Betty has all these gorgeous men chasing her. Seriously. Jesse was the only convincing romance because it happened exactly like it does in real life (except he too ended up falling all over Betty). So, you know, it's nice that she's getting men and all, and the show has never gone for realism, but the amount of guys she gets hitting on her is a little ridiculous. Also, Daniel/Molly is still nauseating and I still fail to see why Daniel loves her. It feels like he loves the idea of her more than Molly herself, and it kills me that the show is setting her up to be the greatest love of his life. Just... ugh. On the upside, Matt is clearly a Daniel stand-in, while Molly is clearly a Betty stand-in, and it appears that the writers are paving the way for a future Daniel/Betty romance. They're at least playing with the idea of Daniel dating a middle-class frumpish woman and Betty dating a handsome, ridiculously rich guy. This all spells future Daniel/Betty to me, so I guess I can deal with it. For now I'll just enjoy the beauty that is Marc and Amanda, the awesomeness that is Wilhelmina, the fabulousness that is Justin panhandling, and the amazingness that is Ignacio Suarez. Also, the utter awesomeness that is Claire Meade cannot be denied. I've really grown to love the supporting characters more than Daniel and Betty this season, which means that Daniel and Betty have been separate far too much this season. But I love that all the characters are being properly developed this season (as opposed to last season where every single character had a separate story and everything felt terribly disjointed). Anyway, all the Daniel/Wilhelmina scenes happening lately are disturbing me. I'm seriously starting to feel like they're going to end up sleeping together, and... that's just... insanity. Ick. I know the ship is all the rage these days in fandom, but I am stubbornly an OTP gal with this fandom for some reason. Usually I like to play around and ship everyone with everyone, but with Ugly Betty I am totally a pigheaded Daniel/Betty shipper. It's craziness.
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So, Thursday night shows. They weren't bad, just... not great.

I think I'm shipping Dwight/Kelly pretty hard. Or should I say Dwight/Kelley? )

30 Rock was meh. I still don't find Jon Hamm attractive, and I still find Salma Hayek completely annoying. Kenneth/Tracy/DotCom/Grizz storyline was awesome though. And the messes that Liz got herself into made me laugh. But... yeah, just an okay episode. I'm ready for these romances to be over. Luckily this is 30 Rock, so I know they'll end in a very awkward way sooner rather than later. And now I am craving a McFlurry. BASTARDS! Also, I was mega bummed since I thought the episode was going to end without giving us any Jack/Liz subtext, but then the very end happened. Oh yes. For a show that claims to be against the leads getting together, they certainly manage to throw the shippers at least one tiny bone in every single episode, unlike the rest of my shows. THANK YOU!

Ugly Betty made me cry a lot. I love Claire Meade so freaking much. &hearts And Ignacio. This show should be about the parents more often, because they always bring the heart. Also, I continue to love Ignacio/Elaina. I like the actress much better on here than on Dexter, so it's obviously La Guerta that I don't like, and not the actress. On the shipping front, fail once again. Daniel/Molly is the new Henry/Betty in the nauseatingly adorable department. UGH! Connor/Willi, on the other hand, is wicked hot and DOOMED but I am loving them anyway. I think this episode was showing that Connor/Molly is still the right fit and that Daniel/Molly and Connor/Willi are doomed, but I'm not quite sure. That's what I got from this ep, anyway, but they may have been trying to show that Connor and Molly have moved on and are better where they are now, and if that's the case, then they failed. I don't know. Also, Betty's wardrobe took me out of the show again. Does it have to be that ridiculous? Seriously? She used to be frumpy, not blind. I'm no fashion expert by any means but even I know not to wear stuff as horrible as Betty. I miss her season 2 wardrobe (that's really the only thing I miss from season 2). Also, I miss Daniel and Betty actually sharing scenes that contained emotional depth. *sigh* But I still dig this season a whole lot more than I did season 2.

Also, courtesy of [ profile] simply_numpty, I bring you more Head Porn:

Bwahaha, I love him feeling the imaginary boob.
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Okay, normally I'm against ridiculous guest stars on Ugly Betty because they are too often completely POINTLESS *coughGeneSimmons*, but this news rocks my world. BOBBY!!!!!!!!! I love that dude so freaking much. I've even read his Goombah books. HOW SAD IS THAT?

Sexiest looking secret ever? I think so. BY THE WAY, that is by far the sexiest scene of the entire movie, so I completely understand this secret. Also, whenever I see a pic from that scene, or see the words "night surgeon" the song automatically pops into my head. Every shot, every word, every emotion, it is nailed into my brain because I have watched that scene far too often. In fact, since the entire film is basically a song, I pretty much know every single line by heart. That's what happens when all the dialog rhymes. Although, I've never memorized Shakespeare, and his dialog usually rhymed... Oh, another reason why I dig that secret? IT DOESN'T INVOLVE GRAVEROBBER/SHILO! HALLELUJAH! I'm sorry, but I just don't like that pairing at all. I know the entire fandom revolves around them, but... ugh. Why must I always be turned off of popular pairings? WHY?

Meme time! This is actually one that I did a long time ago that I saw while searching for something else, and decided I wanted to do it again since I have quite a few new fandoms:

List six of your favorite TV shows and answer the following questions.

1. Merlin
2. The Office
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. In Plain Sight
5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
6. Ugly Betty

Craziness under the cut )
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Okay, I know I'll get pelted for this, but I don't get the Jon Hamm love. At all. Maybe it's just because I've never seen Mad Men, but he really hits none of my "Ooo, HOT" buttons, and I feel like I am the only woman in the world who feels like this (or, at least, the only 30 Rock fan who does). That being said...

30 Rock Spoilers )

The Office. Andy was adorable as usual, but this episode proved why I should stay away from spoilers. )

Ugly Betty was sweet, I enjoyed it, but... it was just kind of mediocre. And I fail to see why Betty had to move back home. It feels like the show is just backtracking her in order to slow her development, which sucks. Also, I know I am ridiculous, but I felt like the convo between Betty and Daniel about her Manhattan fantasy was ironically foreshadowing a future Daniel/Betty, but I know I'm just being stupidly hopeful. *sigh* Marc/Amanda = awesome, as always. Connor/Willi continues to turn me to goo. Who knew a Wilhelmina romance would do that to me? Also, Ignacio/Nurse Lady, so far I love it. Old Guy/Young Girl pairing, OF COURSE I like it. Really, I just dig the fact that Ignacio is getting more screentime.
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So fucking much.

ETA: A better article.

WHERE is the sense in this? WHERE? Can't they finish up Ugly Betty and then put those other stupid shows on after that? WHAT THE FREAKING HELL? These long breaks midseason are never good, especially for a show that has several ongoing plots and isn't exactly doing all that great in the ratings lately. BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD! Odds are I'll completely forget when the show is back on and I'll end up missing it, and eventually I'll be so disconnected with it that I won't even bother to come back, just like I've done with all the other shows on ABC that I used to watch. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY UGLY BETTY LOVE! DON'T MAKE ME DO IT, ABC! AND DON'T YOU DARE CANCEL THE SHOW, BECAUSE I WILL SHOOT YOU!

Also, Life has been off the air so long now that I can't even remember everything that happened in the last ep, and I'm not even excited for its return (and can't remember when it's returning). SEE? MIDSEASON BREAKS SUCK THE LOVE OUT OF ME! DAMN IT, NETWORK TV! YOU SUCK BALLS! This is why I should just stick to cable and foreign shows. They actually show a full season before they go on break. Well, except for USA Network, but at least USA is consistent with their breaks, so the shows can conclude all ongoing plots before the midseason breaks.

Stupid ABC. Stupid NBC. I don't even watch CBS, and FOX only occasionally, but I'm sure they're stupid too. *huff*
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I think my Head porn properly summarizes my feelings about The Office and 30 Rock tonight.

OH MY FREAKING GOD! THEY WERE EPIC! BOTH OF THEM! OMG, BJ NOVAK, COULD YOU PLEASE WRITE EVERY SINGLE OFFICE EPISODE FROM NOW ON? PLEASE? Because you get it. You get the characters. You get the mix between comedy and drama. You get that it's an ensemble show. You get that it's not a soap opera. You get the office hijinks. YOU GET IT! MAGNIFICENTLY! PLEASE NEVER LEAVE US EVER AGAIN! GAAAAAAH, THIS EPISODE! IT WAS HILARIOUS AND AMAZING AND EVERYTHING I USED TO ADORE SO FIERCELY ABOUT THIS SHOW! Also, 30 Rock was epically epic in all of its epicness. JACK AND LIZ ARE IN LOVE! I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, THEY ARE IN LOOOOOOOOOVE!

The Office aka Hilary Swank: Hot... or not? PS I love you )

In conclusion, this episode was great. Really, really, really great. This was on par with seasons 2 and 3. So brilliant.

I think I'll save my 30 Rock commentary for tomorrow, because I have to see the ep again in order to fully capture every squee-filled moment. But I laughed a lot, I sighed in happiness a lot, and I got all melty inside quite a bit. Shippiest episode of anything ever without being overtly shippy. AND IT UTILIZED FRANK AND TOOFER!

Ugly Betty made me cry a little, and it made me roll my eyes a little, and the Betty/Amanda scenes melted my heart, and Marc FINALLY sort of standing up to Wilhelmina was awesome, but I was totally jipped in the Daniel/Betty department. I was expecting support and confideyness, or else angst and feelings of betrayal at not telling each other everything, but instead we just got tiny scenes with no emotional depth whatsoever. THANKS A LOT, SHOW! UGH! I thought Daniel was supposed to be Betty's best friend, right? But his mother cares more about Betty and Ignacio than he does. Hmph. He should have been there at the hospital with her, supporting her at every turn, just like she'd do for him, did do for him, actually.

Private Practice made me bawl. It depresses me so much that I don't know why I insist on watching it, especially on my comedy night. I went from complete glee to a big ball of tears and continued anger at the show completely dropping Cooper/Violet. UGH! UGH, SHOW! I THOUGHT MAYBE IT WAS GOING TO RESURFACE FOR A MINUTE THERE, BUT OF COURSE NOT! UGH! UUUUUUUGH! And it kills me to see the gloriousness of Cooper and Violet comforting each other in the closet, only to have Cooper/Charlotte and marriage talk shoved at me in the next scene. UGH! UGH UGH UGH! Stupid show. I hate you. I hate you so much. And yet I continue to watch you. This is a very strange addiction. I have to say though, even though I'm dissatisfied relationship-wise (and often character-wise), the show has gotten tremendously better with the case of the week plots, and the emotion is a lot more organic than it used to be. But I still miss the show I fell in love with. :'(

Right, well, I think I'll go watch The Office for the third time tonight. OMG, IT HAS BEEN SO FREAKING LONG SINCE I'VE DONE THAT!
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Stolen from [ profile] grimorie

Name your top six TV shows right now, before reading the questions.

1. Merlin
2. The Office
3. Boston Legal
4. 30 Rock
5. Life
6. Ugly Betty

The Questions )

Stolen from [ profile] themightybee:

List the ten most random favorite things you can think of (in the order they come to mind).

1. Hearing a song I used to love like crazy but haven't listened to in years. Today it was this one. Yes, those are two dudes from Lynard Skynard. I love those dudes. And I love the lyric "It's better to be hated for who you are than be loved for who you're not." I also love the not as sage but still awesome advice, "I never let a cowboy make the coffee." That Granny was a smart woman.
2. Watching Buffy while I eat lunch. I don't know why. It just makes lunch time more fun.
3. Getting things done much earlier than expected and having time to goof off guilt-free. This RARELY happens to me, so when it does, I'm ecstatic.
4. My nephew's laughter. I don't think I will ever tire of hearing that sound.
5. String cheese. I love it. I've professed my love for it on numerous occasions, so you probably already knew this. But I love it. A lot. It's good stuff.
6. Family group hugs. They are ridiculous, but I love them.
7. The smell of the trees at night when the temperature is below 50.
8. Anthony Head giggling uncontrollably. &hearts
9. The Uther/Morgana billowing capes of love scene. YES, I AM STILL NOT OVER IT! I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT! And the more I watch it, the more I've begun to trick myself into thinking that they are kissing in the very end. The way Uther's head is moving in kissing motions, the way her head is hidden by the hood, my stupid brain is making me think that they are actually kissing, which is just craziness because the show would never be able to get away with that. But good lord could they trick me into believing it.
10. Randomly singing. I do it a lot, and it makes me giggle. I've always done this. It's probably why I love Andy Bernard so much.

Stolen from various people. I make no apologies for my thieving ways:

Which creature of the night are you?
Your Result: Ghost

Life has beat you into a mere shadow, and you have little to gain or lose in the world. Quiet and introspective until roused, when you become a scarier, poltergeistier thing.

Cthulu Spawn
Which creature of the night are you?
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1. This animation makes me really, really happy.

2. If this happens, I will kill myself. Like Romeo and Juliet... the Claire Danes one. I so do not need another Kimmie character. The only season 3 episodes that sucked balls were the ones with Kimmie. Replacing "LiLo" with an equally annoying actress does not make it better. The character wasn't working, guest stars take too much focus away from the characters that we actually care about, PLEASE! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! I'VE HAD ENOUGH GUEST STARS ON UGLY BETTY! Fact of the matter is, they only get it right about 10 percent of the time. Therefore, stay away from the recurring guest stars. Please? Please? I like to forget that Gene Simmons ever happened. LiLo was even worse. Do not rehash a Kimmie type character. Stick to the wonderful stories going on right now. PLEASE? Unless you somehow manage to nab another delight like Judith Light. Or Yoga. Remember Yoga? She was awesome sauce. Remember how you wrote her out and broke my heart? Not awesome sauce. But at least you did it right. Oh, how my heart longs for Claire/Yoga again. That was the one thing I enjoyed about season 2.

3. I watched more Buffy over my past few lunches, and I have to comment. Giles/Joyce? WHAAAT??? That was so very wrong. But utterly hilarious. Especially since Giles hated Joyce in the ep right before it. Band Candy had me laughing like crazy. Particularly Snyder. SO ADORABLE!!! And Giles was pure hotness, all rebellious and full of hormones and giving Buffy sass. OMG! I kind of swooned anytime he told Buffy to sod off. Question for my Buffy/Giles f-listers. Are there any AU fics that you know of where Giles is roughly the same age as Buffy? Because that would put a whole different spin on the watcher/slayer relationship, and... I'm pretty sure they would have been doing each other like rabbits had that been the case.

The episode where Giles and the gang found out about Angel? And Giles' reaction? Talk about ripping my heart out. He was SO hurt and distraught that she didn't trust him enough to tell him and Buffy just didn't get it and he's remembering the torture he suffered at Angelus's hands. Speaking of said torture, I don't think I ever commented on the S2 finale. Amazingness. It was PURE amazingness. And when Giles was being tortured, they uh... they didn't show below Giles's shoulders, and the way it was all being... well... they made it look like it was naughty torture, okay? And I maybe kind of crave Angel/Giles BDSM. I HAVE PROBLEMS! Also, my heart melted during Giles's moment of complete bliss when he thought he was talking to Jenny, and his makeout session with Dru? Holy crap that was hot. Seriously, seriously hot. I loved how it went on for ages and then Spike got angry and Dru looks back all innocently and says, "Sorry, I got caught up in the moment." Obviously Giles is too damn sexy for his own good. And I seem to enjoy any seen from anything where Anthony Head is making out with whoever. He looks like an awesome kisser. Just saying.

Anyway, back to season 3. Today I watched the ep where Xander and Willow cheated on Cordy and Oz, and so happened the end of Xander/Cordy. MY HEART BROKE INTO 20 BILLION PIECES! THEY WERE THE ONLY CANON SHIP THAT I CARED ABOUT! WHAT THE HELL? Oh, also, the show totally got me when they showed the funeral after Cordy had fallen and it looked like she died. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO ME? I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK! The tears were out and ready to shower down, but then they played the old, "Cordelia's recovering nicely, we're just walking by some random funeral to trick you, you stupid cow." UGH! JERKS! I can't believe how in love I've become with Cordelia. I'm pretty sure she's my second favorite character. And now I have a blind hatred for Xander that I cannot contain. Hopefully that goes away. I'm not too fond of Willow either at the moment. But damn it, CORDELIA LOVED HIM! HE'S SUCH AN IDIOT! ARGH! So, yeah, that episode hurt. A lot. But then it ended with Spike singing, and that made everything all better. I love Spike. I miss Angelus. WHY DID HE HAVE TO GET HIS SOUL BACK? WHY? That being said, I am enough of a sap that Angel surviving hell and coming back for Buffy did get me a little. Just a little. I'm not one for the sappy, epic romances that have no real foundation other than, "You're so pretty, OMG I love you," but now that they've actually been through stuff, the ship is starting to grow on me. Still though, epic canon romances full of mushiness = blerrrrrrrg. I'll stick to my subtext ships that should be canon but aren't, and if they were canon I probably wouldn't like them. *is so fickle*

4. I find this clip to be one of the most touching things in the history of ever:

I want my own Sebastian. *sniff* Well... I should be careful what I wish for. By the way, I got series 3 from Netflix yesterday, therefore I have now seen all the Sebastian/PM sketches. My favorite is still the one where they slow dance to George Michael, but I also highly love the one where we find out the PM has been having an affair with his other aid. Apparently Sebastian's jealousy wasn't as crazy as we all thought it was. Hee.

5. This animation makes me both laugh and cry.

6. I don't think there is much in this world that is more beautiful than the lake during sunset accented by Christmas lights and the sound of my parents chattering on about their day.
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30 Rock was made of so much win tonight. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW! AND THAT LARRY GUY WAS REALLY SEXY! Seriously. I know most of my f-list has endlessly sung the praises of Alec Baldwin's current hair, BUT IT'S THE HOTTEST HAIR EVER! HE MUST NEVER CHANGE IT! OMG SO SEXY! I um... I don't usually fangirl over Baldwin, but he looked really good tonight. Particularly when

spoilers )

The Office was a bit of a mess. It was... well, I enjoyed it, but it felt weird. Disjointed, maybe? Like, a lot of the office stuff fell flat, but the Andy/Dwight/Angela beet farm stuff was making me laugh ridiculously hard and I was wishing the entire episode was about them. But at the same time, I wanted to strangle Dwight and shake him like a bobblehead. In fact, I was wishing I had a Dwight bobblehead purely so that I could shake the hell of that thing.

Spoilers )

Ugly Betty was so so good. Not much on the D/B front, but Betty/Amanda? I love them more and more each episode. I'm betting at least 10 femmeslash fics will pop up after this ep. They were amazing, and if I wasn't so invested in Daniel/Betty, I would now call Amanda/Betty the real OTP. But Daniel/Betty owns me, so I can't. I just really, really love how the show has progressed the Amanda/Betty relationship, and they've done it so organically that I can barely believe this is the same show I was watching last season. ALL of the relationships are being developed at a good pace, no characters are getting neglected, and everything ties together into one complete story instead of a disjointed episode. I am loving this season so very much.

Spoilers )

And, because this post is lacking in Anthony Head, I give you:

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Title: Silver Bells
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Pairing: Daniel/Betty
Rating: PG
Words: 1416
Summary: Betty helps Daniel discover the merits of Christmas.
Author's Note: For the [ profile] daniel_betty advent calender. This is pure fluff. Sometimes I sicken myself with how sappy I can be. BUT IT'S CHRISTMAS FIC! SO IT HAD TO BE DONE!

Christmas had never been a favorite holiday of his. There were too many memories of stale dinner parties and late night rantings of his mother after she’d had one (or five) too many glasses of wine. )
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So... the Monk and Psych Christmas specials. Both were kind of made of fail. Not entirely, mind you, but they were just so... mediocre. Especially when compared to the epicness of last year (namely Psych and the beginning of the very short-lived canon Lassiter/Juliet goodness). Siiiiiiiigh. I miss the second half of season 2 so very much. As for Monk, it hasn't been amazing since season 2, so I'm conditioned to be disappointed in it. I still don't know why I hang onto Monk. It was my first real fandom. My heart refuses to let it go, no matter how mediocre (or downright bad) it gets. I miss the perfection that it used to be. Siiiiiiiigh. But Stottlemeyer/Disher? That will always, ALWAYS be made of win. As is Monk/Stottlemeyer. And Stottlemeyer in general. The show would be so much better if it was centered around him and Disher instead of Monk and Natalie. I've felt this way ever since Sharona left. I miss the days when I couldn't get enough of Adrian Monk. I have the same problem with Psych. I wish the show was centered around Lassiter/Juliet and Shawn and Gus were just the kooky ancillary characters who eventually help Lassiter realize his feelings for Juliet and somehow manage to get Juliet to unknowingly go on a date with Lassi and it's completely awkward because Lassi is trying to be romantic and Juliet is treating him like they're just partners hanging out and Lassi is getting frustrated because he doesn't know that she doesn't know that it's a date and... OH GOD! I AM TORTURING MYSELF HERE! WHY DO THE PSYCH WRITERS NOT SEE THE AWESOMENESS OF LASSITER/JULIET? WHY? WHY DID THEY SCRAP IT IN FAVOR OF SHALLOW SHAWN/JULIET SCENES? WHYYYYYYYY?!!!! Season 2.5 was obviously too full of the Lassiter/Juliet awesomeness and they freaked and decided to keep them apart as much as possible because IT'S SO MUCH BETTER THAN SHAWN/JULIET and that totally screwed up their weak attempts at making Shawn grow up. Maybe I'm a bad fan for saying this, but I've never wanted Shawn to grow up. NEVER! He's supposed to be a sort of Peter Pan type character. And you could say that Juliet is his Wendy, but Peter wouldn't grow up for her, and she wouldn't stay a child for him. So, you know, Shawn/Juliet = CRIME AGAINST NATURE! So, booooo to Psych for giving me absolutely NOTHING on the Lassiter/Juliet front. NOTHING! When I get excited over them almost standing next to each other at a crime scene with their guns out and they have no real interaction, this is a sad, sad thing. It's especially sad that the camera angle created a triangle of sorts, so Shawn was in the middle of Lassiter and Juliet. HE'S ALWAYS GETTING IN THE WAY, DAMN IT! STUPID STUPID SHAWN! HE'S LUCKY I FIND HIM TO BE HILARIOUS, BECAUSE OTHERWISE I'D HATE HIM! The Shawn/Gus was pretty good though. Their bromance is always epic. Also, the Shawn/Henry scene at the end was the best part of the entire episode. Totally worth sitting through so much mediocrity to get that wonderful scene.

Anyway, Merlin fandom totally makes up for my dissatisfaction tonight. First off, the Merlin kink meme. I have a feeling that I will spend hours upon hours reading that thing. The best part? There are way more requests for Morgana/Uther than I had ever imagined was possible. There was even an Anthony/Katie prompt. And there are a couple Uther/Boy!Morgana prompts too. This is why the Merlin fandom rocks my world. And there's a prompt that was already answered!!! I know I had a discussion last weekend about me not liking non-con, but um... that one was done so very right. Maybe because it wasn't actual non-con, but it sort of was. I don't know. All I know is, it was hot, and I love whoever wrote it. I really really hope that more Uther/Morgana prompts get answered. Also, you know how yesterday this vid made me want to ship Gwen/Gaius? Well, now this fic has me craving for more Gwen/Gaius. *hides face in shame* I have a problem. These Old Guy/Young Girl pairings always sucker me in. And this one isn't even hot in the least. UGH! ME! I'M A MESS! You'd think I'd be reading Merlin/Arthur fic like the rest of the fandom, but nooooo, I have to go and read any unconventional pairing that anyone can think of. I blame this on the fact that I am overwhelmed by the excessive amounts of Merlin/Arthur fic and therefore have no clue which fics to read and which ones to avoid and my attention span is way too small to read more than one or two a day, so I read the fics that focus on the supporting characters rather than the main characters. And I pretty much read anything that has Uther in the summary. But Gwen/Gaius? This could become an addiction. A dirty, dirty addiction.

Also, it's been AGES since I've read any Ugly Betty fic, but for some reason this morning I was struck with a Daniel/Betty craving, and I found this absolutely brilliant fic called The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. It is such a rarity to find fic this brilliant in the UB fandom. The plot is masterfully planned and executed, the characterizations are AMAZING, the pacing is perfection, and it's exactly how I've always wanted the Daniel/Betty friendship to progress over the years, and I can only hope that the UB writers get it this right. I'm always weary of Betty moving on from Mode since it'll screw up all the relationship dynamics, and it would be the equivalent of a teen show shifting from high school to college, and we all know how crappy that ends up being, but if the show can come up with something this perfect, then I'm all for it. Anyway, this story is a must read for any Daniel/Betty fan. It's definitely in the top 5 of greatest UB fics out there. I've actually only read the first 4 chapters so far (was interrupted to go shopping with my sis-in-law and nephew and ended up staying out for six freaking hours), but the story is so good that I'm pretty confident the rest is also perfection.
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IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY!!!! HOLY CRAP THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST HALF HOUR OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! IT WAS SO FUCKING HILARIOUS I CAN BARELY THINK STRAIGHT! Oh man, my throat actually hurts from laughing too loud. And of course from singing along to Day Man. It's really hard hitting that high note. I have no idea how Dennis does it.

Extreme capslocking ahead )

As for the rest of my favorite TV night:

Life on Mars was effing amazing. Holy crap. DENNIS DUFFY MADE ME CRY! DAMN YOU, DENNIS DUFFY! I love that man. He had me second-guessing everything. Like, I thought he was a good guy, then I thought he was a bad guy, then I thought he was a good guy, then I thought he was a bad guy. And then the end came. And it blew me away. HOLY CRAP! The commercial was right. If you haven't seen Life on Mars yet, then this was the ep to watch. So, so awesome and the story gets more intriguing with every episode. Down side? It was an effing cliffhanger and it doesn't come back until the end of January. WHAT THE HELL? WHAT THE FREAKING HELL? ARRRRRRGH! Oh well, I should just be happy that it's coming back at all, because if it had ended there and got canceled, I would be throwing things right now.

30 Rock. I really wasn't feeling the 30 Rock love tonight. It was more over the top than usual, and I know that's a ridiculous thing to say about 30 Rock, but I felt like it was the Steve Martin variety show rather than 30 Rock. I actually enjoyed the Tracy bits much more than the other stuff tonight, and that's weird for me. I love Tracy, but I usually love everyone else more. Also, the Kenneth/Jack scenes were funny. But Steve Martin failed me. I love the guy (or I used to), but come on, man. Ugh. He took way too much focus away from everyone else. That being said, I did manage to see a few Jack/Liz subtexty moments, because it's impossible not to.

Jack/Liz spoilers )

The Office was hilarious and very old school. I adored it. Also, I am so pathetic that I got way too giddy over Oscar and Andy standing next to each other by the microwave and being on the same wavelength completely while Andy contradicted Angela. I AM PATHETIC! I NEED TO BE STOPPED! Also, TOBY! I LOVE YOU! NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN! Also, Dwight was being Michael's husband again. I LOVE THIS! THEY WERE TOGETHER IN JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEIR SCENES! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED THIS! Especially the shoulder massaging. And Dwight doing heinous things only to please Michael. &hearts I originally had more to say about The Office, but my mind has been completely blown by the hilarity of It's Always Sunny that I've kind of forgotten most of the episode. So maybe I'll have more thoughts after the rewatch.

Ugly Betty. I wasn't loving it so much. Well, I take that back. I adored the Marc/Betty and the Justin stuff, but the Wilhelmina/Conner and Daniel/Blond Mary Sue chick scenes bugged the crap out of me. Especially when Daniel was a total jerk and didn't do the simple things that Betty had asked of him and instead spent his time trying to impress Blond Mary Sue Chick. UGH! DANIEL! WHY DO YOU DO THINGS THAT MAKE ME WANT TO HATE YOU? My heart broke for Betty. And I was mad that she wasn't more angry with him. My heart also broke for Justin. And Marc. But you know what? The last 10 minutes made up for absolutely everything that I hated or thought was mediocre. It was some of the sweetest moments that I have ever seen, and I actually started full on crying during the Marc/Wilhelmina moment. That one was so unexpected that it just touched me like nothing else. Even the D/B moment paled in comparison (mostly because that one was obvious in coming, but it still made me squee like crazy). And then the Marc/Betty moment at the very end had me holding my hand to my heart and crying like a sap. So, you know, sometimes I really love happy endings. Especially on Ugly Betty.
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My shows were pure awesomeness tonight. Ugly Betty was surprisingly perfection, The Office gave me a TON of my Andy (along with super slashy undertones, which you know pleased me), 30 Rock was hilarious and shippy without being obvious about the shippiness, Life on Mars was terrific (although I'm still not digging the love story, bland central), and It's Always Sunny wasn't great, but it managed to punch my gut with laughter at least once, and that's all I really ask for out of that show. I was going to wait and post my thoughts after rewatches, but I just couldn't hold in my shippy excitement.

Ugly Betty )

The Office )

30 Rock )
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Thanks to a fellow D/B shipper, I bring you THE scene from last night that melted me into a giant puddle of goo:

*dreamy sigh*

Now, this scene had me on such a high, and I just couldn't leave well enough alone, I had to go and look on TWoP to see what the general fandom was saying, because stupid me thought, "HOW could anyone deny their love after that?" Also, I thought no one could hate that episode, because it was AMAZING!!! And what's the first comment in the episode thread? All negatively, followed by a post that said, "WHAT! was that??????? What a waste of time!" Seriously? SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WILL NOTHING SATISFY THESE PEOPLE? I hate that the writers read TWoP. It's filled with negative nellies and bitter B/H and B/G shippers. Luckily, there are a lot more D/B shippers posting there than there used to be, but for every post praising D/B, there's another one more forcefully putting down the ship and Daniel as a character. I still fail to see why people hate Daniel so immensely. He's got such a good heart, and he tires SO HARD to please the people that he loves. And this is bad how? Yes, he's self-absorbed, but so is Betty (and all the other characters on this show). Yes, he sleeps around, but he's grown since s1 and he's finally come to realize that he's ready to be an adult and have a family, but he's still stumbling, he's only human for Pete's sake, and he's still battling self-esteem issues. And Daniel is most definitely not "bland." Good lord, "bland" was Henry. With Henry, what you see is what you get, and he was happy with who he was. With Daniel, there is so much beyond the surface. He feels things intensely but keeps it bottled up inside. He's a lost child looking to be loved by someone. He wants to matter. He wants to be the man that Betty sees when she looks at him. But he gets easily discouraged because he was never taught to fight for things. He was always expected to screw up and it's hard for him to get past that. Gah, there is SO MUCH to Daniel, and he's the most important element in Betty's journey. People may try to insist that he isn't needed, but if he wasn't there, the relationship between Daniel and Betty would be gone, and so would the heart of the show. From day 1 it's been about Daniel and Betty helping each other grow. Their stories parallel each other. They are on the same journey of growth, and you just can't have Betty without Daniel. Not anymore. He's truly the person that makes her whole.

Aside from that, something else people insist on saying is that Daniel and Betty have a "big brother/little sister" vibe. Now, do the people who say this even have a big brother? Because I have two of them, and I tell them NOTHING about my life. NOTHING! I love them to death, but we spend more time trying to out-annoy each other than we do supporting each other. And I consider us to have a good relationship. I bond with my oldest brother through video games and my other brother through mocking the other members of our family. Never would you see a scene like the above. Also, I have trouble seeing the whole "oh they're like brother and sister" unless they've truly grown up together, either in the same household or have been going to school together since kindergarten. So I detest it when people say that about these two. They just met two years ago. And what exactly do people have against best friends falling in love? Isn't your spouse supposed to be your best friend? The person that you want to tell every little random thing to? The person who always knows what you need even when you don't know it yourself? The person that makes you feel whole? Of course, you need people outside of the marriage to confide in in order to keep your sanity, obviously, and both Daniel and Betty have this. So it makes perfect sense to me that these two should end up together. One of these days, they WILL notice that they are everything they want in a life partner, and once they do, they'll start looking at each other differently. I really don't think it would be hard for them to transition into having romantic feelings for each other. And, no matter who flitters in and out of the show, the Daniel/Betty relationship will always remain the constant. Hence why I can't even fathom why people got so angry about Henry and Gio. They were never a sure thing. Do I think Henry could have stayed on as a separate entity from Betty had the show tried? Definitely, and in fact I was hoping for that, but the character got screwed over. But that relationship was never meant to last. Daniel/Betty? That's forever. They will always be #1 for each other.
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Thursday nights are the greatest nights of all. Especially Thursday nights like this one. HOLY CRAP MY SHOWS WERE AMAZING TONIGHT! ALL OF THEM! ESPECIALLY UGLY BETTY! DANIEL AND BETTY OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! OMG! IT WAS BETTER THAN THE BRIDGE SCENE! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I defy anyone who continues to say that Daniel and Betty don't belong together in the end. I DEFY YOU, RANDOM FANS WHO DON'T SHIP DANIEL/BETTY! DON'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO BURST THIS SHIPPY BUBBLE OF MINE! OMG IT WAS AMAZING! Luckily I read the spoilers, so I knew beforehand to expect something amazing tonight, so I had the DVD recorder on, and... I've already watched THE scene about 20 times now. This should embarrass me, but you know what? It doesn't. But aside from THE scene, the entire episode was pure awesomeness, from Daniel's mancrush on Conner to Wilhelmina getting flummoxed to Marc freaking out to Amanda desperately trying to be a good friend and failing miserably because she's so damn oblivious. AMANDA, OMG! MY HEART WAS HURTING FOR HER! AMANDA! I love it when they show Amanda trying to be a good person. She usually fails because she gets bored with it, but this time she was sincerely doing good things because she cared, and then it all came crashing down from one stupid mistake (really, really stupid), and she almost lost the one person that could truly love her (besides Marc of course). I demand that Amanda stays Betty's roomie forever. But oh man, do I love how this episode fully encompassed its title of Crush'd. Daniel and Wilhelmina were crushing on Conner, Betty was crushing on Jesse, Amanda was crushing on Betty, and then the whole thing with Cliff and Marc, and... they all got crushed, naturally, but they also all found salvation in unexpected places. Also, THE SCENE! THAT SCENE OMG! DANIEL AND BETTY! GAAAAAAAAAH! I love how emphatic Daniel was. And I loved that Betty knew he meant it in the end, whereas with Jesse she wasn't quite sure but she had gotten her hopes up. Ooooooh, this episode. Also, Daniel was teasing Betty like crazy through the whole ep. I love it when this happens. Especially when he mocks her for the very things that are causing me to roll my eyes. I &hearts Daniel.

And then, AND THEN, The Office was back to its usual hilarious self and I got back my Michael/Dwight interaction, along with hilarious tomfoolery between Jim and Dwight, and a very possessive Andy. Seriously, Andy was turning me on with all that repressed anger bubbling just under the surface. Also, this ep kind of made me want to ship Kelly/Dwight. There was some intense eye action going on there. They would have THE greatest hate sex in existence. I'm serious when I say that. That's how hot the eye action was.

30 Rock was absolutely hilarious. I wasn't big on the Oprah appearance, but Liz's reaction to her made me laugh pretty hard, because one of my sis-in-laws would be exactly like that if she ever met Oprah. But the best part of this ep? (aside from the Jack/Liz interaction which inherently isn't shippy but somehow was anyway because Baldwin can't stop it with the sex eyes) The made up Olympic events. Those were pure genius. I love whoever thought of all of those, they made me laugh for a very, very long time. Especially the synchronized running.

Life on Mars was AMAZING!!! Best episode yet. The end surprised me. I mean, they left hints galore, but it still fooled me for a second. And then it made me cry a tiny bit. The entire episode was wonderful though. And next week's looks even better. I'm glad that I keep going back to this show just for the hell of it, because I think I'm starting to truly fall in love with it.

It's Always Sunny was a little slow at first and I thought it was going to be a crappy ep, but then they threw in Cricket and loogies and wooden teeth and they had me rolling with laughter. Especially the teeth.

Also, I watched Private Practice earlier today and it felt like a season 1 episode, and that made me so very happy, because I was starting to get terminally bored by the lack of Cooper/Violet interaction this season. But that episode was wonderful.

Also, this afternoon my nephew told me that I'm his hero. I know he was just saying that because he was reciting his movie, but you know what? I don't care. I am now going to tell everyone that I'm his hero. Of course, I've told him on several occasions that he's MY hero.

Anyway, it was a good day, and a very good night. And I got nothing done today. Because I watch too much television. Especially on Thursdays.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:44 pm
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WILL FUCKING FERRELL WAS ON SNL!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! WILL!!!!!!!!! AS GEORGE W!!!!!!!!!!!!! George W was always my favorite Will character. So freaking adorable. OMG WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!

Ugly Betty was sucksville. Blech. So so weird. Hated it.

The Office was mediocre. On the plus side? I think I'm finally on the Michael/Holly train. FINALLY! THEIR SYRUPY SWEET ADORABLENESS WAS TOO HARD FOR ME TO RESIST! Also, Spoiler )

Okay. Now I'm impatiently waiting for IASIP. *sigh* Actually, I'm probably going to watch Life on Mars, then Sunny.


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