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I'm coming out of hiding just to say that the finale to The Office left me a sobbing mess. What a sweet, hilarious, wonderful, emotional, insightful, nostalgic ending to the show of my life. This show was with me for so long and captured so many of my thoughts and feelings that I could never really express myself, and even though it was wacky and over the top, there have never been any other characters in any piece of fiction that have ever felt so real to me. These people were like a second family and I love how it made the audience feel like a part of that. And even though in the real world most coworkers don't become as close as these people did, it still captured that complicated thing where you are with a bunch of strangers for hours on end every day suffering through the same shit and just trying to survive together, and you do whatever you can to make the day go by easier/faster, you find people that you can have fun with despite the boredom and torture that is called work, and you form a certain affection for these people (even the ones that bug the crap out of you), and it's sad when the group is broken, but the world moves on and new people show up to make the group different, but you'll always remember the good old days.

spoilers )

Perfect ending to a show that I will always remember with the utmost fondness. Even in its darkest days I loved it to death.
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I was eating breakfast at a restaurant this morning and "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA started playing. The beginning notes alone put such a gigantic smile on my face.

Such a blast from the past. REMEMBER WHEN ANDY WAS THE GREATEST?
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I find that my Thursday night comedy block is a lot less exciting without Community. Which I figured out last season during its extended hiatus, but... well, now it will never be on on Thursdays anymore, and that's a bummer. Especially since I am rarely home on Friday nights (not because I have a life or anything, but because of stupid work). Speaking of Community, I have been reading a few of the spoilers for the new season and I fear that the show is going to go too broad. NBC's problem with Community has always been its lack of accessibility, but its uniqueness and fandom in-jokes and emotional through-lines have always been what made it so special for those of us who fell in love with it. Without that, it's just your typical wacky sitcom with over-the-top characters participating in crazy shenanigans and re-enacting whatever popular movie is out right now (and of course the first one they do is Hunger Games, which is so NOT a timeless reference, and the show rarely did specific movie parodies so much as it did genre parodies, and just... I WANT MY OLD COMMUNITY BACK). Not that season 3 was all that stellar, but it still had its moments of awesome. I'm hoping I'll enjoy the new season, but I'm pretty sure it's going to feel like an entirely different show tonally.

Anyway, enough about a show that hasn't even had its season premiere yet. The shows that were on last night:

That one with Will Arnett that I can't even remember the name of - AWFUL. Just awful. Ugh, get it off of my Thursday night lineup. I don't remember it sucking this hard during the few eps I saw of its first season. I mean, it wasn't great, but at least it had potential. This ep was just a big old suckfest of genericness and ugh. If they were going to move/kill Community, couldn't they have at least replaced it with something slightly awesome? Like, for instance, Go On, which I will talk about later.

The Office - OH, MY LOVE, HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE. You know that you love a show way too much when you can see all of its many, many flaws and it still makes you smile like a loon. JIM AND PAM. ANNNNNNDY. OSCAR!!!! ANGELA AND HER CATS. KEVIN'S TURTLE RESCUING SKILLS. NELLIE (who I previously hated but somehow felt so much love for in this ep). NEW JIM AND DWIGHT. PHYLLIS. CREEEEEED. MEREDITH. STANLEY. RYAN AND KELLY. AUUUUUUUGH, I LOVE THEM ALL SO DAMN MUCH. What I did not love: Erin/Andy, which should surprise no one. Also, I am not a fan of this new Andy. The show is making him too mean and just ruining everything that he was prior to him becoming the boss. His antics were fun when he wasn't on top (and he rarely ever succeeded anyway), but now? He just looks cruel. And, I'm sorry, but he neglected his job last season over something stupid and Nellie saw an opportunity and took it. I don't see how she's the bad guy for doing that. Was it ridiculous? Yes, but still, Andy screwed up. Making Nellie the new office punching bag is making her lovable, though, so I can see why they're doing it if they want to keep her around, but they are destroying my Andy in the process (of course, the entire Erin/Andy storyline has pretty much killed his character for me anyway). I did, however, adore the line where he was talking to Nellie and he says, "I hate to pull out the B word, but... I'm going to be a real bitch to you." OMG, did I crack up, and that was a glimpse of the Andy that I originally fell in love with. I MISS HIM. Dwight was just superb in this ep (he is somehow hilarious while also being totally heart-wrenching with his emotional turmoil). And I am glad that Jim finally took a chance and is going to do something that he enjoys even though the outcome is uncertain. The older I get, the more I realize that I am a Jim, all wasted potential and slackerdom and making excuses for not doing something with my life and being stuck in a hellhole that I both hate and am weirdly fond of. The fact that he eventually made this choice gives me hope.

Parks and Rec - Fantastic as always. I hate Leslie being so separated from the Parks department, though.

Looking forward to 30 Rock next week.

Now let's talk about Go On. I had seen people saying that it's a more accessible version of Community, so I had to check it out. I see Community parallels, but they are two entirely different shows humor-wise. But... I like it? At first I was skeptical, but by the third episode I found that I genuinely loved these people. The only one that I am having trouble connecting with is the therapist, which is problematic because I feel like the show is going to make her a romantic interest for Matthew Perry's character, which at this point would just make me go, "Blerrrrrrrrgh." If I ship him with anybody it's his assistant, but really I am a sucker for the whole "can't get over his dead wife" thing. Monk/Trudy was the most epic of all love stories for me back in the day, even though I shipped him with Sharona (but I knew that no one could ever replace Trudy in his heart, and that just got me). I kind of feel the same way here, but since this guy lacks all the issues that Monk had, I think it's safe to say that he'll eventually have a romance, and I am doomed to ship him with his assistant that he'll never get with, because that's what I do. Also, John Cho rocks and I am still super in love with him (I had such a thing for him back in his American Pie days. IDEK why). He'd be my favorite character on the show if Mr. K didn't exist. OMG, MR. K, I LOVE YOU. Why do I feel like there is some seriously dramatic backstory for this guy? There is just no way that he can be the way he is without something seriously traumatic in his past. Which is something else that I love about this show. Even though it's a comedy, it's not afraid to go dark and emotional, and it's not afraid to be sappy either.

So yeah, I am in love with Go On, and I think it has the potential to become my new Community, and I wish it was on on Thursdays instead of that mess that is Will Arnett's show.


May. 4th, 2012 12:23 am
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I just want to note that tonight's episode of The Office made mention of Korean soap operas. I knew that there was a reason why I am still watching this show.

Speaking of The Office, I feel like the show has taken a drastic decline in quality since it came back from the hiatus. Actually, ever since the Florida storyline I just have not been digging The Office anymore. I don't know why they made Andy the boss and actually let him get his life together if they were just going to rip everything away from him in the end. And all for Erin, who he has absolutely no chemistry with. Because of this very lackluster relationship, his motivation made no sense, and it just made him look like a giant dick for blowing off work and cheating on an awesome girlfriend who genuinely liked him. So, how can I even be rooting for this character that I once adored with every fiber of my being if I can't find the strength to even care about his story? The show has done the impossible and made me apathetic towards Andy, and just... THAT'S AWFUL. Catherine Tate is such a scene gobbler that she's taking away from the ensemble feel, and sometimes that makes me bitter, but then she has a talking head where she kind of breaks into tears over making a work friend and I just want to hug her. But I miss the rest of the office. In the beginning of the season the rest of the office had so much more screen time, and it was glorious. I miss that so much. James Spader is even starting to bother me for similar reasons. He's eating up screentime that could go to the characters that I actually love, and I hate that the show has become all about its big name stars when a long, long time ago it had promised to never do that.

I enjoyed Community tonight, but it seems like a lot of people didn't? I adored the riot scene. Actually, I pretty much adored everything and thought it was pretty cleverly done. But it did kind of feel like it was all setup for what's to come, which makes it one of the less memorable eps of the season, but definitely not one of the worst.

30 Rock also made me laugh a lot, as did Parks and Rec. P&R was funnier tonight than it has been in a long freaking time. And, because I still have latent Ron/Leslie feelings, I must mention the bit where he offered to pay $10,000 just to rent some vans to make Leslie happy. It's moments like those that truly reveal the depth of his caring for Leslie. She matters to him so much, and he never really asks for anything in return (in fact, it would pain him to get anything in return, because Leslie's extreme expression of emotions would probably smother him to death. In fact, most of their fights in past episodes have come from her trying to care about him). Anyway, Ron loves Leslie. They all love Leslie, but for some reason it is Ron's love that always gets me right in the gut.
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You win, Community. I finally have feelings for Troy/Britta. I still don't actively ship them, but, you know, they gave me the warm fuzzies tonight and I can now totally see the plausibility of the ship, and this is the first time where I've felt like Troy has a crush on Britta for more than shallow reasons, and this was also the first time where I've felt like Britta can reciprocate his feelings in the future. After a few bumbling attempts here and there throughout the last two seasons, it finally feels right. So, if they insist on going in that direction, I feel like this ep finally set up a foundation for them, as long as it's a slow burn that stays fairly subtle (of course, that's what I said about Jeff/Annie way back when, and look what the show has done with them). As for the Jeff/Annie... yeah, it made me giddy. Not as giddy as last week, but those looks were so super adorable. I originally thought the ep was using the Jeff/Annie relationship as a parallel to Blade/Britta in that Jeff is the guy that Annie just can't shake no matter how much she knows that he's bad for her, but then that ending happened and it pointed out that Annie's feelings for Jeff are based on his sweet moments, the moments when he does or says the right thing, and that he's not actually all that bad for her (he is when he pushes her away/is emotionally distant, but that's when Annie stops putting up with him, as opposed to Britta/Blade where Britta was only into Blade when he was treating her badly). Jeff/Annie actually ended up being a parallel to Troy/Britta in the end, where Annie is what would make Jeff happy if he'd just learn to love himself (just as Troy could make Britta happy if she'd just learn to love herself). And Pierce/Chang, OMG, MY HEART! MY POOR, POOR HEART. Their friendship was brief, but so epically adorable that it totally broke me. POOR PIERCE.

Speaking of Pierce, can I just say that if Chevy leaves Community, many of the most poignant moments of the show will be gone? Just... he brings so much emotion to the show without even really trying, and it kills me that Chevy doesn't like that aspect of his character. "It isn't funny." Well... great comedy comes from tragedy. Pierce is a sad, pathetic, tragic character, and the comedy comes from those traits. But what makes him redeemable is his heart. He's easily hurt because he's so desperate to fit in, so desperate to find somebody who will love him no matter how awful he is. As we saw in season 2, he tests people. He wants to see how far he can go before somebody leaves him, because that's all anyone has done to him his entire life. He just... he's an awesome character, and Chevy has done wonders with him, and I hate that Chevy doesn't see that. He's so set on the material not being funny and Dan being an egotistical jerk and yada yada yada, but... humor is subjective and Chevy is just as much of an egotistical jerk as Dan (probably moreso since most people don't complain about Dan, but everyone complains about Chevy. Everyone. From every job he's ever had). The whole point of Pierce is that he's behind the times and his humor and ideals alienate the current generation, which is basically a commentary on Chevy. He keeps saying that the show isn't funny, and yet he manages to crack me up as Pierce, so I don't even know what he's going on about. I don't know, man, I don't know, I just don't want Pierce to disappear.

30 Rock was good. I always love it when Jack's mother makes an appearance.

As for The Office, it is basically ruining Andy for me. Thanks a lot, show! I begged you to stop with the stupid Erin/Andy crap, and now it's just gotten worse. Ugh. UGH. I miss Andy being a hapless doof. So much. I mean, I don't mind him being happy at all, it's just that he and Erin have terrible chemistry. The characters just don't mesh well together, and it's awkward to watch, and I HAAAAAATE IT! Hate it hate it hate it. Bleh. James Spader was looking super hot though, wasn't he? Has he lost weight or something? Or did they just give him a better hairstyle? I don't know, but he looked more like his lusty self of yore.

So, I finally caught up with King 2 Hearts, and my only real thought is that the show's use of English is super awkward. At least, it was when the prince told the reporter, "I'm sorry, am I your bosom friend?" WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? And the show has been very aggressive towards all Americans as a symbolic "Fuck you," to the country, which kind of makes it hard to enjoy the show sometimes. Of course, they did it to China, too, but there are more scenes with Americans than Chinese (of course, when I say "American," I mean white people with very strong French accents who don't sound American at all). Other than that, I'm still loving the show. Especially the false seductions.

I am also still enjoying Rooftop Prince, but I find that I have to fast forward through everything that doesn't contain the female lead or the Joseon 4. Ridiculously boring second leads that are completely irredeemable along with the boring office scenes really bring the show down. But the Joseon 4 are super adorable and hilarious and I love them like crazy.
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Community was mind-blowingly awesome tonight. Just... all the little details. Using text messages and facebook posts in place of letters (the bit with Leonard saying "Leonard likes this post!" got the biggest laugh out of me), having the medic station being people with lint rollers, Britta's superb photography, THE PILLOW HATS, the changlorious basterds, the little moments in the camps with random "soldiers", just... EVERYTHING! No show does homages as well as this one. And on top of all that wonderfulness we had some quality Jeff/Annie exchanges that were reminiscent of season 1. And the Troy/Abed story was just so beautifully done. And the ending! Oh, the ending. So adorable. Basically, this ep had me laughing like a lunatic, but it also had so many emotional moments that almost made me cry. It is crazy how much Abed and Troy fighting can hurt my heart.

Question. WHY has The Office been nothing but repeats for weeks on end? Like, what was the point of putting Parks and Rec on hiatus if The Office was just going to show an endless stream of repeats? IT MAKES NO SENSE. And it's getting on my nerves. But, to be honest, ever since Community came back I have felt complete, so I guess I don't even really care.

In other news, I find this video highly disturbing, and yet I can't stop watching it:

Not much else to update on. I've basically done nothing media-wise but rewatch Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. It is weird how the show still makes me cry after seeing it umpteen times. And I still get giddy during the romantic scenes, and I still feel my heart breaking during every Betty/Armando scene after she finds the letter, and I still feel this mix of utter delight and complete devastation during Armando's realization that he's madly in love with Betty, and oooooooooh how I love this show. Forever and always. I've just gotten to the part where she's about to crush him during the board meeting, but I keep putting it off because OMG, THE ANGST. THE AAAAAAAANGST that comes after that. I move a lot slower through the last third of the series than I do the rest (I pretty much devoured their dating scenes/happy times in one day, and that covers, oh... about 40 episodes? Give or take a few. But, that's with a whole lot of fast forwarding through the non-Betty/Armando scenes. I do watch most of the Armando/Mario scenes, though, because that's where we really hear what's going on in Armando's head). Anyway, I live for Betty and Armando. They are my favorite romance for always.
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I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I'm probably rusty, but I just have to say:

1. Thank god the Florida storyline on The Office is over. It's not that I didn't enjoy the storyline itself so much as I didn't enjoy the office being separated and there being such a ginormous focus on the characters in Florida. And, well, the story was fun in the beginning, but then it just kept going on and on and on and I just wanted them to go back to Scranton. So, yay, it's over! Sort of. Now it looks like they'll drag it out more with Andy/Erin, to which I say BLECH! BLECH BLECH BLECH!!!! Damn it, show, when will you learn that nobody is rooting for Erin/Andy? Well, I shouldn't say nobody, but the vast majority of the audience just does not care about their super awkward, chemistry-less romance. JUST STOP. What the show thinks is cute is just plain nauseating. I love Andy with all my heart, and I am quite fond of Erin, but when you put them together it is just too much obliviousness and goofballiness to handle. Blech. You would think that after three years of the show pushing the ship that they would grow on me, but it's just not happening. STOP IT, SHOW. There is far more chemistry between Erin and the old lady than there is between Erin and Andy.

2. 30 Rock. Jack and his teenage girl nemesis. WHY MUST THEIR BEAUTIFUL CHEMISTRY MAKE ME FEEL DIRTY? Seriously, dudes. It's messed up. They just jive with each other so magnificently that I wish the girl was in her 20s instead of her teens so that their tension could be explored upon. It's just... I love that his nemesis and business equal is a 14 (15?) year old girl that looks completely harmless but totally gets inside his head every time. The actress plays that character so perfectly that I kind of wish she was a series regular (or at least a semi-regular). But then that would just give me more scenes that make me feel dirty for misconstruing their tension. Also, I loved Tracy's Oscar the Grouch line (particularly the bit about Gordon. Only this show would be so detailed with a throwaway joke like that)

3. Parks was its usual stellar self. *shoulder shrug*

Now let's all enjoy this super awesome k-pop video, because I am currently in love with it:

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My verdict on the shows last night:

Community - SUPER DUPER FLIPPING AMAZING. I think my favorite part just may have been the little acapella transitions that perfectly mimicked Glee. And the shortening of the teacher's name to Mr. Rad. And the Glee song talking about how spinning cameras make everything seem better. And Pierce enticing Shirley to join the glee club by using a chorus of little children who can't sing about Jesus Christ because public school has suppressed their freedom of religion. No, seriously, that Happy Birthday Jesus scene was so freaking brilliant. TOTALLY UNDERRATED SCENE. The Troy/Abed rap was super awesome, but I had already listened to it a billion times before the actual ep aired. Also, Pierce's confusion about regionals was so spot-on. That is basically what I'm thinking during every season of Glee: "What is regionals? Didn't they already have that? WHAT IS GOING ON?" Last season especially confused me, because didn't they go one step further than regionals? Or was there another step before regionals that they skipped in season 1? IDK, IDK, but I love Community for emphasizing that point. And the ~epic drama~ over non-impactful things. And Mr. Rad saying the same things as Mr. Schue but coming off as a total psychopath. Basically, I loved this ep with all my heart, and I'm glad that the show ended on a strong note before this ridiculously long hiatus (I think it's even longer than the freaking summer hiatus. WHY, NBC, WHYYYYYYYYYY?)

Parks and Rec - SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm not gonna lie, the ending made me tear up a little bit. And everything involving Ron made me go, "Awwwwwwwwwwww" in a high pitched squeal while clutching my hands to my chest, because his love for Leslie was so apparent in this episode. She affects his emotions so deeply, so much so that he was tearing up a little in front of the camera, and he wanted so badly to give her the greatest gift that she could ever receive, and he got so bummed when everyone took over his idea and made it into something that he couldn't participate in no matter how hard he tried, and he was all down on himself and it's just heartbreaking when things don't go Ron's way because he looks so defeated, and he just wanted so badly to let Leslie know that he gets her like she gets him. And in the end he did. He totally did. He did that thing where he just knows how to make her smile, how to lift her up when she's down, how to inspire her to follow her heart, how to make her world right again. It was just this simple gesture that was so grand to Leslie, and it was beautiful, and I loved it. I also loved that Jerry's reaction to Leslie giving him socks was, "She gets me." Hee.

The Office - Made me laugh and warmed my heart, which is all I really ask for out of a Christmas episode. The one thing I didn't like was the re-emergence of Andy/Erin. Every time I think that the show is finally done with that train wreck, they bring it back, and I hate it. Absolutely hate it. They are just awkward and uncomfortable to watch. That is my beef with them. And Andy's current girlfriend seems normal and sweet and she actually likes him and WHY would he even try to ruin that? Seriously, show, seriously, don't go there. Keep Andy's love life mostly off screen, please. Unless, you know, you finally decide to hook him up with either Oscar or Kelly. Also, I was kind of digging Erin/Robert California. I... I don't know why. Because James Spader is creepily sexy in everything that he does, probably. And I seem to ship Erin with everyone BUT Andy.

K-drama Update:

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Still owning my soul, still impressing me with every episode. This just may end up being my favorite drama of the year. It's just so shockingly well done that I can't get over it. It's ridiculous and laugh out loud funny, but it's also so, so good at being emotionally resonant. I love it. A lot. But I am torn between the two leading men. It's clear that Chi-soo is the one that boils Eun-bi's heart, but the Onion/Pillar is SO good to Eun-bi, and he's adorable and stable and knows his heart, and I just really want him to end up with who he loves. But Chi-soo is so charming despite his spoiled brat persona, and he's so genuine in his confusion over his feelings for Eun-bi, and Eun-bi is the one and only thing that he has ever had to work hard for, and he is so very into her. Boy has it bad. And Eun-bi clearly gets the sexy feelings for Chi-soo, while she sees the Pillar as the safe choice, the warm choice, that familiar choice. Chi-soo is young and frustrating and blunt and stupid and gorgeous and sweet and annoying and sexy and rich and crazy and ooooooooooh how she likes him. But... I kind of want them to eventually outgrow each other and have Eun-bi end up with the Pillar. I don't know, this show makes everyone so damn lovable that I just want them all to be happy.

Brain - still loving it, but the subs are taking so damn long. The show kind of reminds me of Sign a little bit. I don't know why, because the shows are nothing alike, but I guess it's because my love for the show feels the same way that it did for Sign. And it's more of a plot-based show than a romance-based show, but the romance is very much there and full of UST (at least, in the first six eps the UST was kind of out of control, but now that they've kissed the UST has simmered a little, especially since they are now acting like it never happened. Pfft).

Color of Woman - This one hadn't even been on my radar, but it's one of the few dramas that actually got an ep with complete subs this week, so I watched it. And then I figured out that the lead actress is Jin Joo from Warrior Baek Dong Soo, which pleased me greatly, and she's pretty darn amazing in this. The plot is fairly typical rom-com stuff, but the characters are already so well-drawn out and the chemistry among the entire cast is perfect, and I'm already getting to the point of being torn between the two lead guys and I've only seen one episode! But one dude is her first love (I assume? I guess technically he's just her ex whom she had a misunderstanding with, but I assumed that they were each other's first love) and the other dude is her old friend who she is so completely comfortable around and he's been quietly, unrequitedly in love with her for like 10 years, and you know I can't resist best friend ships. I just can't. And I love the "other woman" character in this, because she is the lead's buddy and they have this weird competitive yet fond relationship with each other, and there is even one scene where the lead sees her walking through the lobby and she has a glow around her and this song is playing and the lead character is smiling and kind of proud to know her. And then they go and get revenge on the dude that two timed them. But anyway, this drama is adorable and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it to the end. We'll see.

Me, Too Flower - Tried watching it but was quite bored through most of the first ep. There are so many dramas airing at the moment that I'm pretty sure I won't continue with this one (although if this lack of subs for everything persists, I may end up watching this one out of desperation)

Padam Padam - want to see it, but it's another case of no subs. I think Drama Fever is supposed to post it today though, but knowing my luck it will be premium access only. Fricking Drama Fever. They never used to do that! *huff* Oh wait, I just looked, and they posted both eps! And it's not restricted! So, I'll probably post my thoughts on this one later.

Man of Honor - for some reason I just haven't been enticed to check this one out, even during the few weeks there where there wasn't much to choose from.

Tree with Deep Roots - People seem to be really into this one, but I couldn't get through the first ep back when I tried. I really want to give it another go, but again, with all the dramas out right now, probably won't.

Fermentation Family - Don't even remember what this one was supposed to be about.

What's Up - Got tired of waiting for the subs to finish and went ahead and watched it with the partial subs. It was okay, but it failed to hit me with the awesome. In fact, it was pretty boring. I guess I expected more singing? I don't know. But, you know, I wasn't all that into Dream High at first either, and that one eventually became one of my all-time favorite dramas, so, I'll at least give it another ep or two before I decide on this one. So far the Hades character was the only one that peaked my interest.

I think that's it? Good gracious, Korean cable, where have you been all my life? I love having way more options now, but on the downside, subs for everything are taking ages because everyone is watching something different. I also wanted to check out Vampire Idol and You're Here You're Here You're Really Here (awful title), but I can't find those anywhere. Thank goodness Dramabeans recapped Vampire Idol (but it really just made me want to watch it even more). I was also thinking about checking out Saturday Night Live Korea, just out of curiosity, but... it would probably be a waste of a download since I wouldn't understand the majority of the jokes.
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Title: Gabe's Gift
Fandom: The Office
Pairing: Gabe/Ensemble
Rating: PG
Words: 632
Summary: If anyone ever bothered to ask Gabe about anything, they'd realize how awesome he is.
Author's Note: For [ profile] glenvorian who requested "any fic featuring Gabe." Hope it brings you a smile! ♥

There‚Äôs not a lot that the office knows about Gabe. Is that his choice? Sure. Maybe. Not really. )
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So, ever since stupid Drama Fever put Flower Boy Ramen Shop on stupid premium only access, I've been patiently awaiting the free release for episode 5, which was supposed to be today, but it's STILL BLOCKING ME and I'm not going to pay an arm and a leg for something that I can usually watch for free anywhere else. The problem is, Hulu has put episode 6 up without putting ep 5 up, and I can't watch ep 6 before I watch ep 5. The copyright owners have superpowers that have blocked the show from YouTube and Mysoju and crunchyroll and everywhere else. Viki can't even touch the show because Drama Fever and Hulu have a monopoly on it. AND NOW I CAN'T WATCH IT. ANYWHERE. And half the time I can't even get Drama Fever to work, so I sure as hell ain't paying for premium. But this is driving me NUTS. All I want to do is watch my silly show before I have to go to work today. I was promised access today and got nothing. And all of my usual sites are either not working or linking to broken videos. CLEARLY THE INTERNET HATES ME. Auuuuuuuugh, I'm so angry. Damn it, Hulu! Do you know how moronic it is to release ep 6 before you release ep 5 of a serialized show? AUUUUUUUGH.

To distract me from my frustration, I'll talk about last night's NBC shows. Community and Parks & Rec were kind of a letdown, but The Office made me grin from ear to ear, just as it's been doing all season. Somehow The Office has become my breakout favorite show of all time all over again, but in a completely different way than seasons 1-3. Like, instead of being this snarky, kind of dark commentary on office politics and the selfishness of humankind that also managed to have a little heart, it's turned into this feel-good, heartwarming commentary on how people who have spent years working together and fighting with each other can come to love one another and genuinely support each other, and while the snark and zany shenanigans and brilliant character studies of old are still there, it somehow ends up feeling like the show is just engulfing you in a giant hug. It just wants to make you feel happy and content, it wants you to love the time that you spend with these characters and appreciate what each one of them brings to the show, and I love it. I loved the old Office, and this new Office probably could never have worked without the old one, but man do I love the place that The Office is in right now, and I love how shifting the focus to Andy has brought back so much of the heart that The Office had lost in its middling seasons. And I love how this season has illustrated that Andy and Michael are so similar yet so drastically different. So much energy was always spent on trying to make Michael happy, and while Michael yearned for people to love him, he just didn't know how to be part of a group. He didn't know how to make things about people other than himself. It was always "Me me me" with Michael. With Andy, he has that same desperate yearning for love, but in a way where he just wants a place to belong. He'd do anything for his friends. Anything. His driving force is making other people happy, so much so that he usually loses his own identity while trying to achieve this, and I think that's the biggest difference between Michael and Andy. With Andy, it's about the group. With Michael, it was about Michael.

I don't know, I guess I was predisposed to love a version of The Office where Andy Bernard is the star, but I don't think I ever realized just how well his big, sensitive heart would bring everyone together. They are just so much more harmonious and genuinely root for Andy because he makes that face that is so damn heartbreaking every time he fails. Also, I love James Spader, and I love that amidst all the heartwarming moments going on, he reminds us that this is still a work environment where people are competitive and a boss who doesn't really know anything about anybody inevitably makes false assumptions about people. And he does sort of bring back that Michael feel with how he takes over everything and makes it about himself, but he does it in this subtle, laid back way where you barely notice it because he just sucks you in.

Anyway, with Community, I think my expectations were too high since last season's documentary episode was one of the greatest things that has ever graced my television. This one? Not so much. I think perhaps it was a little too over the top for me, which usually isn't a problem, but that's because the show is usually grounded by having the over the topness come from an emotional place, so it just wasn't clicking with me. It just felt like the dean being crazy for crazy's sake, and the documentary format wasn't really adding anything to the story. But then Luis Guzman showed up and shit got real. The dean realized some things about himself that he needed to realize, and his breakdown was positively beautiful and one of the best things that this show has ever done. Until he got naked and painted himself and started doing weird things, but he's the dean, so I guess I expected that. But... I think I would have preferred it if they had just kept that moment serious. I've never been a fan of the dean's more extreme moments, though, so I guess I'll just never agree with the show on that point. I also LOVED the stuff with Pierce. It was stupid, but so, so hilarious.

Parks and Rec was decently funny, but not very memorable. I think I've just lost my emotional connect with this show for the most part, which is unfortunate.
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Community - SAASKLDHADFSKJLFJKDSFHSFFKLJEFFANDANNIEJEFFANDANNIEJEFFANDANNIE!!! *ahem* Brilliant episode. I love it when this show challenges itself, and this ep was possibly the most ambitious it's ever been. It ran the risk of being terribly repetitive and losing our interest, but I was fascinated the ENTIRE TIME. All of the timelines were fantastic, but clearly Troy's wins. Especially when he looks at the troll and goes, "YOU!" all dramatically. And the tag was epic. I expect that its ramifications will resurface some time in the future. In fact, I'll be disappointed if it's never revisited. And did I mention Jeff and Annie? I MELTED. SEVERAL TIMES. Even though the moments amount to nothing since none of them happened on the real timeline, but, you know, it still pleased me. Actually, I'm not sure what the real timeline was, but I choose to believe that it was the last one, especially since it's continuing the theme of the group being just fine without Jeff (actually, they tend to be better off without him, which probably hit him in the gut). I love that Jeff is finally accepting that he loves the crap out of these people, and now they are becoming self sufficient and it's scaring him.

Parks and Rec - RON AND LESLIE RON AND LESLIE RON AND LESLIE!!!!! I love them. Which you already know. But this ep just re-emphasized why. They get competitive, she ruins something he loves, he accepts that she's more awesome than everyone ever, and then she realizes that she totally broke him and fixes him so that he's better than new. And that works the other way, too. They challenge each other and genuinely care about each other and know how to make each other smile. They know each other better than anyone. I LOVE THEM.

The Office - ANDY! Oh, my Andy. Interesting side note: when I was 13, I had a super huge crush on Stephen Collins. I would tape every ep of 7th Heaven and watch them on an endless loop just for his scenes, and I watched The First Wives Club a billion times just for him, so, it's kind of fitting that he is playing Andy's father. It's just sad that Andy's father is such a douchewad. But, we expected that, especially after that quote a few seasons back where Andy mentioned that he was originally named Walter after his father but then they had it changed after his brother was born. OH ANDY. His entire personality just makes so much sense now, and I just want to hug him. He will forever be that little boy that is desperately seeking approval from his father. My heart has always broken for Andy when he tries so desperately to win people over and fails miserably, but tonight? His dejection was felt so thoroughly that I actually wanted to reach into my television and strangle everyone. Also, I loved the bit where Andy got angry and knocked the tray out of that one dude's hands, because sometimes this show is terrible at continuity when it comes to Andy, so it was nice to see some of his anger issues resurface for a brief moment. Also, Erin and Kelly's hats, OMG. Dwight and Jim = ♥ ♥ ♥
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Community - POOR TODD.

Parks and Rec - Ron and Leslie Ron and Leslie Ron and Leslie for always. She is the only person that he would ever actually do fact checking work for. He has discussions with her that are longer than a minute. He never makes her think that he doesn't know her name. LOOOOOOVE. Yes, I realize that they barely had any scenes together last night, but that never stopped me before.

The Office - ANDY. ANDY ANDY ANDY. *grabby hands* Also, I am now tempted to grease up the floor at work and scoot boxes across it.

Vampire Diaries - DAMON. MY BEAUTIFUL, MESSED UP DAMON. I love it when he's being bad. I just do. Damon's not a good guy, and I love it when the show reminds us of that. Of course, this was neither shocking nor horrifying like they've done in the past, but at least it was a little bit of the old unstable Damon that I love so much. He's not Stefan. He hates being compared to Stefan. And poor Damon has spent his entire life being compared to him, always unfavorably, everyone asking why he couldn't be more like his brother. And when Damon is actually being a good guy, when he's actually doing the right thing, it's still not good enough. He's still not good enough, and that kills him. I love Damon. Always have and always will, but I love him for the mess that he is, not the reformed bad boy that Elena (and most of fandom) is trying to make him out to be. But he's also not pure evil. He wants to be good, he's just bad at being good.

Back to Community, this season has completely reawakened my Jeff/Annie love and I want so much fic. The sad part? All the good writers in the fandom have pretty much moved on. I don't blame them, because season 2 made Jeff/Annie look pretty hopeless, but this season has really kicked up the UST, and GOD I want good fic! I was never really into the porny times with these two so much, but now? I just want them to make out forever. Jeff's sudden fixation with Annie's boobs (not the monkey) has me all hot and bothered. But I also want angsty fic where Annie breaks his heart. Where he is just gobsmacked in love but too afraid to face it, and Annie gets tired of waiting for him to really open up to her, and she becomes the one that got away and he ends up bitter and old and alone but he always smiles when he thinks of her. I WANT JEFF TO SUFFER. I have no idea why. I guess because everyone always assumes that Jeff would break her heart, but I've always thought that it would be very much the opposite, whether it's because she outgrows him and wants something more, or because he keeps her at enough of a distance that she just stops believing that he loves her. Or something. I don't know, all I know is that I want angsty fic where Annie breaks Jeff's heart. I also want present time fic where Annie gets an actual boyfriend and keeps it a secret from Jeff because he always sabotages her relationships and she actually likes this one. And I wish that I wasn't so lazy so that I could actually write that Community as a K-drama fic that I've had in my head for ages where I would attempt to insert every single k-drama rom-com trope that I could think of (actually, it's not exactly laziness keeping me from doing it. It's like ever since I started working again, every single creative bone in my body has disappeared. Not that I've ever been all that good at fic writing, but at least I was able to get my ideas to form into actual stories. Now I just stare at a blank screen because my mind can't think of words. It's sad. Very, very sad. I will always blame work for this. Always).
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So, with Uther pretty much out of the picture, it allowed me to remember why I fell in love with this show in the first place. THE BOYS. I will always have a soft spot for Arthur/Merlin. Always. And they were in top form tonight. Also? I still love Lancelot. Like, a lot. Dude needs to stop being so dreamy if I'm supposed to believe that Gwen would choose Arthur over him. Did you see his face when he said he'd protect Arthur with his life and Gwen just said, "Thank you"? HIS FACE. OMG, HEARTBREAK. That was cold, yo. I can't believe that she goes to her ex boyfriend and basically asks him to die in place of her current boyfriend. DAMN, GWEN. I wish I had her balls. Also, Gwen's coldness towards Lancelot is just making me ship them even harder. I loved them when they had smokin' hot chemistry that more than made up for their lack of depth, but now that it's all unrequited and hopeless? They own me. Gwen is going to forever punish Lancelot for leaving her without any explanation way back when. And you know what? I don't really blame her. But... he's so dreamy. I suspect I would have forgiven him the second he reappeared in front of me.

Also, I'm not going to lie, I love the fact that Morgana's betrayal has left Uther in a catatonic state for an entire year. I would love it more if she wasn't his biological daughter, but, whatever. I've come to terms with that stupid revelation. Mostly. I am still utterly confused on what exactly the family relations are re: Morgana/Morgause/Uther/Arthur's Uncle. Where did Morgause come from again? Was she Morgana's (thought to be) father's daughter? Or was she Morgana's mother's daughter? If so, how did she never know her before? And if Arthur's uncle is Ygraine's brother, then why the heck is he chillin' (and pervin') with Morgana? AUGH, I'M SO CONFUSED. Show, you should have stuck to season 1 canon, because Morgana being related to the Pendragons is just plain confusing.

And am I crazy or is the show trying to softly transition us into a world without Uther? IS HE GOING TO DIE THIS SEASON? Guys, it's like Michael Scott leaving The Office all over again. Except... Uther is not the star of Merlin. But he totally is in my head! What is a Merlin without my Uther? *sniff* On the upside, if the show keeps being as good as this episode was, then I think I'll be able to deal with it just fine. Especially if they give me more Lancelot.

In other news, my Office bobbleheads arrived today, and the first thing I did was open the Kelly one and put her next to Andy, so now I at least have a complete set of all my Office ships (I have Ryan/Micheal/Dwight lined up on one side, and then Kelly/Andy/Oscar on the other. Once I set up the rest I am totally going to have Toby being a creeper behind Jim and Pam). Did I mention that the last two eps of The Office have totally given my Andy/Kelly feelings a resurgence? I am shipping them like it's 2007, baby. Although the C-Span comment stirred my Andy/Oscar feelings, too, so... basically Andy getting to interact with everybody in every episode is like heaven to me.
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Guys, The Office is still my favorite. Andy is still my favorite. James Spader still freakishly oozes sexiness. Oooooooh my god, you guys. You guys, you guys. spoilers )

While The Office will always be my comfort food, Community is the one that gets me excited. I downloaded it the second I got home from work and pretty much spazzed out from the second I hit the "play" button. JEFF'S DAYDREAM, OMG. That scene proved that my Jeff/Annie feelings are still alive and kicking. CHAAAAAAAAAANG. Abed's reaction to Cougar Town not coming back till January was the exact reaction I had when ABC did that to Ugly Betty (only I think that was a mid-season delay, like it didn't come back from winter hiatus, which meant they shortened the season and I was sure that they were going to cancel it, and then... they did). Cougarton Abbey! The show's general interpretation of British TV amused me greatly. Troy and Abed's announcement! Jeff realizing that he's madly in love with the study group! Pierce being decent! The Dean having a tremendous amount of interactions full of double entendres! Jeff going crazy! Oh, this show, I've missed it so freaking much. And the little Jeff/Annie bones that the show is throwing at us are most appreciated. Hopefully there will be more in the same fashion.

Parks and Rec was also delightful, especially since the show finally gave us some Ron/Leslie that I have been missing so damn much. Ever since Ben came into the picture, the show has been all about Leslie/Ben, which meant much less Leslie/Ron, which depressed me. I think I'm the only person in the universe who kind of hated season 3. And while I'm not fond of Ben/Leslie, I don't hate them either, it's just... I miss the central focus of the show being the Leslie/Ron friendship. Or, well, I guess that wasn't the central focus, but a lot of Leslie's big moments of revelation in season 2 came from her scenes with Ron, and a lot of the touching scenes came from her moments with Ron, and basically I want them in every scene together because they are the best. I miss them and their perfectness. Basically, Leslie/Ben = zzzzzzz, Ron/Leslie = :DDDDD, so, I enjoyed this ep. But yeah, the love that I had for this show during season 2 is a distant memory, which is quite sad.
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1. Predictably, I couldn't wait for the subs to A Thousand Kisses to be released, so I watched eps 3-6 raw, or more like I watched the Woo Jin/Joo Mi scenes, and OMG, these two! THESE TWO! Not only are they vertically disproportionate and age inappropriate and grumpy vs perky, but their romance is following the contract relationship trope! COULD THEY BE ANY MORE PERFECT? Gaaaaaaah, I love them, and they just keep getting more and more adorable. Woo Jin practicing his smile for HOURS. Joo Mi giggling at his picture for HOURS. Their ~look~ when he grabbed her hand as she was cleaning the tea off of his lap! Oh, I love them. I don't even need subs to love them.

2. I watched Girl K the other night. It was pure awesomeness. Just enough emotion mixed in with the kickass. And yeah, it's definitely using Nikita as its inspiration. I mean, it's a different story, but it's kind of going along in the same trajectory. I was kind of bummed that Kim Jung Tae's character (Sang Ho) was in love with the main girl (Yeon Jin)'s mother, because, well, I was looking forward to shipping him with Yeon Jin. Oh, don't look at me like that. It would have been epic had he actually been her teacher like I thought he was going to be. But he's not, so... But don't be surprised if I end up shipping them anyway. Though at the moment I kind of ship Yeon Jin with the incompetent police detective. ANYWAY, the show is so gritty and kickass and it had gratuitous nudity, which I am so not used to with k-dramas, but overall I like its style. And I love that the villain (well, the lead gangster, who is like the third tier villain, but in the first ep he's the villain we're dealing with) he is so freaking sick in the head that he makes your skin crawl. They do not hold back with him. He uses religion to defend his actions, which somehow makes him feel creepishly real. Like, I can believe that a dude like him actually exists in this world, probably because there are people like him in this world. Looking forward to the last two installments.

3. True Blood. Is it wrong that I almost cried for Pam tonight? Good gosh did that scene hurt my heart. Stupid Eric. Forget Sookie and go be merry and evil with Pam. Pam loves only you and is completely devoted only to you. FORGET SOOKIE. Bill will always be in between Eric and Sookie. Always.

4. I thought that season 2 of Community pretty much killed my Jeff/Annie love, but all the spoilers for S3 are getting me a tad bit excited about them again. Just a little. But I can't help but feel that if these spoilers had come out last year instead of this one, I would have gone into a catatonic state (with a permanent :D on my face. And probably some drool). Now I'm just like, "Meh... we'll see." I am excited about the season as a whole, though. I miss Community like crazy. Am also excited for the James Spader-rific premiere of The Office. Oh, how I have missed that man being on my television! Too bad he can't bring along William Shatner.
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Please make James Spader the boss on The Office next season. PLEASE.

Yours Truly,
Someone who really misses the crap out of Alan Shore (seriously, it would just be cruel to have James Spader on there oozing his usual brand of creepy predatory yet oddly charming sexiness and NOT bring him back)

The haps

Apr. 28th, 2011 01:08 pm
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1. I spent most of last week rewatching all of the Chae Kyung/Lee Shin scenes from Goong. OMG, LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I forgot how epic that drama was. The chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon was so freaking amazing, and they are still probably in the top three of my favorite k-drama couples ever. Dudes, I am such a sucker for the arranged/contract marriage trope. I just am. But this one is my favorite since it shows all the repercussions that come with suddenly becoming the unwanted Cinderella to your not-so-Prince-Charming. This is one k-drama where I LOVE the angst. Aaaaaaaaangst! Because it doesn't come from tragedy after tragedy after tragedy, it comes from the characters not being sure of whether they fit into the roles that the world has thrust upon them, and not being sure how they feel about each other, and it's glorious. Oh, I love this drama.

2. I can't wait for Yoon Eun Hye's new drama to start. Which is kind of obvious since I went back and rewatched one of her old dramas, and now I'm tempted to do a rewatch of Take Care of the Young Lady (I know this drama gets no love, but damn, I loved it like crazy). I just love YEH, I think. The girl can do no wrong.

3. The Borgias. I've been watching this show every week, but I haven't really had much to say about it. Basically, it's wicked pretty, but I think I'm only in it for the Cesare/Lucrezia love affair. Which was proven in the last episode where I was seething at Cesare being in love with some annoying blond girl that he didn't even know, so much so that he freaking killed her husband for her, while Lucrezia is off being beaten and raped by her new husband and Cesare doesn't even pay her any mind (not that he knew it was happening, but if he hadn't been so distracted with this new girl, he would have been checking up on Lucrezia and making sure all was okay with her). I did love that he was super frustrated over having to marry Lucrezia off to Sforza, though. That scene where he's ripping off his robes was perfection. And I am convinced that he sees a bit of Lucrezia in this new girl, and because he can't help Lucrezia, he put all of his focus into helping this girl. That is how I will fanwank it, anyway. But I can't help but hope that Cesare finds out what's going on and tortures Sforza, or kills him, or something. Just disregard history, show! Kill the bastard! But anyway, I find most of the political stuff kind of boring, and I am not fond of the younger brother who is a soldier, and Jeremy Irons is doing a fine job but damn do I hate his character. Overall though, I think it's a good show, and I am loving the little references to The Godfather that they keep throwing in, like the iconic closing of the doors after Borgia became the pope, or that friar dude getting stabbed in the eye (it is ridiculous how excited I got over that scene).

4. Game of Thrones. At first I didn't know what to think of this show, because the first ep was pretty hard to follow, but after the second ep I'm pretty much in love. And I think it's because I instantly fell for that scene between Sansa and The Hound. It figures that I would fall for such a ship, but I am surprised that all it took was that one little scene. I checked LJ to see if there was a comm for them, and there was, and I spent a whole night there reading passages from the books and looking at fanart, and, gosh, I am in love. So so in love. But the book version of The Hound so far is much more harsh than the show version (of course, all we got was that one scene, but still, that was supposed to be our first impression of him, and he seemed more playful than harsh/bitter). Also, I didn't pick up on the fact that he killed the butcher's boy (I knew that someone did, but for some reason it didn't click in my head that he did). And now that I know that the book version of him truly enjoyed killing the boy, I am not quite sure what the show intends for the character since they left that bit out. But anyway, despite his psychopathic tendencies, I still ship them. And I fear that my shipping of them will only get more intense as the show goes on. *sigh* But wow, the bits with Joffrey that I read disgusted me. I mean, I knew he was going to be awful, but good god. You all weren't joking when you said he just gets worse. And maybe that's why it seems okay to ship Sansa with The Hound? Because even though he's harsh and dangerous, he shows Sansa a modicum of warmth and care that no one else does, and it's... kind of sweet? In its own way. I mean, it's not a whole lot healthier for Sansa, but compared to how Joffrey treated her, The Hound is freaking Prince Charming. I don't know, I don't know. But now I want the books so that I can get a full picture of their relationship.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Arya and Tyrion are my favorite characters. Right now they are, anyway. I kind of wish they had some scenes together, because I feel like that much awesome in one scene would blow my mind.

5. I've kind of given up on Camelot. My time for watching TV is getting smaller and smaller, and this show is just not delivering. So, bye bye lame Arthur and pervy Merlin and crazyass Morgan. Our time together was fun, until, you know, you got boring.

6. Glee. I still want to punch Will's stupid face. I can't even explain why. Just, every time they show him, I want to punch him. This feeling has been increased since they've brought back the Will/Emma ship. Blech. Blech blech blech. If he wasn't so condescending, then maybe I wouldn't hate the ship so much. But GOD, he is awful to Emma. So, so awful. Even when he tries to be nice and understand her (polishing the grapes) he loses his patience and tells her she's not normal. And it's not even about her, it's "How much longer do I have to polish these grapes with you? OMG, I hate it." He's just... UGH. I HATE HIM. And I know that he is basically this way with everybody, but it sticks out when he's with Emma because she is so easily crushed and she rarely sticks up for herself or puts him in his place. When he's that way with Rachel, she'll instantly tell him that he's in the wrong, or she'll walk out in a huff and he'll have to make it up to her, or she'll be hurt and walk out crying and he'll feel like a tool and try to make it up to her, and I just don't get why he doesn't have the same kind of empathy for the woman that he's supposedly in love with. It's all about him and how she can please him. BLECH. And lately Finn has been inspiring those same "OMG I want to punch him in the face" feelings that Will inspires. He's not quite as bad, but damn, he's getting there.

7. The Office made me cry last week. I can only expect that I will use up an entire tissue box tonight. MICHAEL SCOTT, DON'T LEAVE ME. I'M NOT READY, DAMN IT. Not even Will Ferrell can soften the blow. *sniff* Speaking of Will, you all know that I love him like crazy, but I find his character on The Office to be kind of lame. He's just not doing it for me, which is sad, because I was SO excited about Will finally being on my favorite show, but then... well, his character was pretty underwhelming. He has little moments of brilliance, like getting shaved in his office and totally blowing Jim and Pam off when they were talking about CC, but then he went back to being Michael's admirer, and just... they need to choose. Either he's a badass, no nonsense boss, or he's incompetent and looking to Michael for guidance. Personally, I prefer the badass no nonsense characterization to the incompetent one, because I feel like that plays to Will's strengths a little better. And I know that people generally weren't happy with the whole storyline where he made Andy act like a fool, but I enjoyed it. It brought out the old desperate-to-please Andy and I felt Deangelo Vickers was finally becoming an actual character, but in the end he went back to being Micheal's apprentice, which is cute, but contradictory to what we thought were his true colors (and which I suspect are still his true colors and he's just trying to placate Michael until he leaves). I don't know, I don't know. I enjoy having Will Ferrell back on my TV every week, though.

8. It's kind of sad that 30 Rock had a clip show on the same night that Community had a clip show, where Community created clips that we had never seen before and made it an epic experience, whereas 30 Rock was just a classic clip show that revisited already seen moments. It kind of ruined the effect. But at least it was chalk full of Jack/Liz goodness.

9. Vampire Diaries. Kiiiiiiinda shipping Elena/Elijah now (and I was already secretly shipping Elena/Alaric a bit, so the ep where Alaric became Klaus and he was being quite predatory with her was wicked hot, and then he was even hotter with Katherine, good god. I am sad that Alaric doesn't get to stay evil). Also, this season is kind of succeeding in making me not ship Elena/Damon. I will love the OT3ness of Damon/Elena/Stefan forever and always, but Damon is just losing it lately. He used to care about what she wanted, and what made her happy, but now he's just disregarding her wishes left and right, which, I get it's because he doesn't want to lose her, but at the same time, damn, Damon, let the girl do her thing. Trust that she has the ability to take care of herself, PLEASE. Although I did like that line where Damon pointed out that he's not afraid of making her hate him as long as it keeps her alive, whereas Stefan can't do that. So I get where Damon's coming from, but I hate that he doesn't believe that Elena is perfectly capable of making the right decisions.

10. 49 Days. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that the romances are going to be Ji Hyun/Kang and Scheduler/Yi Kyung, but it still kind of makes me sad. At least Kang is finally growing on me now that he's not so insistent on denying his feelings and is actually trying to make things better for Ji Hyun. But now the show has made the Yi Soo/Yi Kyung romance so epic that it's kind of hard to feel any emotion for Ji Hyun/Kang. I just can't muster the empathy for them when Yi Kyung has been mourning Yi Soo for FIVE YEARS and even has moments of feeling his presence around her when his spirit is there, and now Scheduler is feelings things when he's around her and he's bound to remember and just... they should be the main romance, because they are the ones who are tugging at my heartstrings. Although, you know, I still think that Scheduler and Ji Hyun were made for each other, and I can't help but still hope that in the end Ji Hyun dies and takes over Scheduler's position and he becomes her boss, or else they are both reincarnated and meet each other as kids and have the same dynamic, and Yi Kyung and Kang help each other move on from losing their loved ones. But, this is a romcom, so I expect that Ji Hyun will live happily ever after with Kang. But then... what will happen with Yi Kyung? Oh, this show.
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Just finished watching the NBC Thursday comedies. Parks and Rec was super hilarious and amazing and OMG LESLIE/RON LESLIE/RON LESLIE/RON!!!! THEY ARE STILL PERFECTION TOGETHER. Seriously, guys, seriously, they always know how to help each other. And I freaking loved the contrast between Ben trying to help her and Ron succeeding in helping her. Ben told her the exact opposite of what she needed, while Ron knew exactly what she needed to get things done. He knows her, and he cares about her, and it's so beautifully subtle and wonderful and adorable and it creates these genuinely touching moments, and just... THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE THEM. Platonic or otherwise, they are the best. THE BEST. And nothing will ever convince me that they weren't made for each other. They just... they are one of those relationships that elevate each other's finer points, and they are opposites but sort of the same, and just, I love them. I LOVE THEM KIND OF A LOT. Oh, season 3, Leslie/Ron is what you've been missing, and that's probably why I haven't enjoyed you a whole lot this year. But the camping ep was perfect in every way. Also, ROB LOWE. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DREAMY FACE ON MY TELEVISION FOREVER, OKAY? OMG, I love him. I know that his character isn't all that popular, but I find him quite delightful. Especially his hilariously enthusiastic overuse of the word "literally." But poor Ann. Poor, poor Ann. I was enjoying her being kind of a doof for awhile, but now I miss her being confident and put together. I don't know, I just hate the mind game that Chris is [unintentionally] playing with her. She needs to move on. Fast. But I understand why she can't, because OMG, ROB LOWE, SO DREAMY. [side note: I totally approve of the fact that Rob Lowe was Mitchell Pritchett's first crush ♥]

The Office was also delightful, mostly because I've been missing these people and was super happy to visit with them again. DWIGHT. OMG, Dwight. He was such a badass trader (especially with Kelly. I think I will always find the Dwight/Kelly dynamic intriguingly hot and wish the show would go there), but of course, OF COURSE he had to be taken down by Jim's lame trick. Why why WHY does Dwight always fall for Jim's antics? Is Jim really that great of a salesman? Man, it bugs me, but at the same time, I kind of love how Dwight just can't resist, even though he knows better. He knows that it's just a sham, but Jim has this weird hold over Dwight and it's kind of adorable but messed up and GOD, DWIGHT, WHY DID YOU FALL FOR THAT? I love how you could tell in his talking head that he was a little bit ashamed of himself. ANDY/DARRYL/KEVIN! I loved the twist at the end of that Dallas board game plot. It was quite worthy of Dallas, I must say. Also, the ending. Their faces! Oh, my heart broke right there, because that was basically my initial reaction when I had heard that Steve Carell was leaving. But anyway, I loved how everyone looked sad/shocked/scared there. Just, for 7 years these people have been complaining about him and dreaming of an office without him and how much better their lives would be, but here they are, faced with actual news of him leaving forever, and they DON'T WANT IT. They thought he'd be there forever and they know that no other boss will love them and care about them as much as he does, and he really is like the father of their crazy family sometimes, and they don't know what they're going to do without him. Even Darryl looked sad. Darryl. And Stanley! Oh, my heart. *sniff*

Community was weird, but I enjoyed it, I think. Particularly the ending sequence with the pretty music and everyone enjoying the party.

30 Rock was hilarious, as usual. Loved the moment where Jack told her he broke the vending machine because he knew it would get her to his office quicker and she started pounding on his chest and saying, "I trusted you, Jack!" Heeeeee! I can't wait to see that put to good use in fanvids. I also loved that Devon Banks figured out that his gaybies were more important to him than his job, and this made Jack realize how much he's missing with his own baby.
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FUNNIEST EP OF COMMUNITY EVER, Y/Y? OMG, I loved it. Call me lame all you want, Community, but I love the mockumentary style more than any other when it comes to sitcoms. I think that is mostly because The Office has defined my taste in comedy throughout my entire adulthood. Before The Office came along, I was pretty much just into dramedies. I think the last sitcom I had watched religiously before The Office was Newsradio (or maybe The Nanny?), so, yeah, there were quite a few years in between there that were sitcom-less for me. Anyway, I freaking loved getting to see these characters through that mockumentary style. We got to be inside their heads more than ever before, and the style allowed every single character to have their moments. Just... I loved it. It was awesome. I wouldn't want the show to do that every week, but, you know, it was nice for a change. Anyway, I loved everything about this ep, but most especially Troy. Every time the camera was on him I could not stop laughing at the top of my lungs. The dude worked it tonight and he barely said a word. I LOVE HIM. HE IS SO ADORABLE. Pierce was super awesome, and I so very much loved the Britta/Pierce scene, and the Pierce/Annie-ness of this ep was so adorably sweet (and kind of heartbreaking in that Annie is so oblivious). Loved Jeff and Britta being each other's fathers. Loved Jeff and Annie sitting close together (shut up, allow me my brief moment of shippery delusion). Loved Shirley's talking head. Loved loved LOVED the Jeff/Pierce confrontation that was very reminiscent of something we would see on The Office. And, just, brilliant episode all around. LOVED IT.

Do you know what else I loved? THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT, OMG. That was more epic than I had imagined it would be. Oh, Michael Scarn, you crazy mofo. GOLDFACE. RANDOM MURDER SCENE. GO PUCK YOURSELF. CLEANUP ON AISLE FIVE TIME. RANDOM DANCE SCENE. ANDYYYYYY! OMG, I loved it. I loved it all.

30 Rock was also hilarious, but not all that memorable. Same with Parks and Rec. I think I was just too blown away by The Office tonight to really remember anything else (I missed Community since I was at work, so, I actually just watched that one a few minutes ago, hence my better memory of that one).
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1. Loved Community! TROY AND ABED! ♥ CHAAAAAAAAANG! OMG, Chang, I love that dude. And I am still getting all giddy over any and all Chang/Duncan interaction. I have no idea why I ship them, but I just can't help myself from seeing the subtext. I JUST CAN'T. They're both so lonely and pathetic and they have this crazy tension between them where they hate each other but also understand each other more than anyone else does. Jeff's text at the end! So sweet. I did not dig the Pierce scenes in this ep. I found the bits with Andy Dick to be kind of tacky, in all honesty. Other than that, this ep was pretty much perfection.

2. I... think I'm starting to enjoy Perfect Couples. WHAT IS THIS, I CAN'T EVEN...

3. The Office. Blech to Michael/Holly, and BLEURRRRRRRRRRGH to the reemergence of Andy/Erin. DAMN IT, SHOW, LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE. Ugh. I can't believe the show is making Gabe a self-involved jerk in his relationship with Erin just to bring back the Andy/Erin vibes. UGH. UGH UGH UGH. STOP IT, SHOW. Is it too much to ask for the show to just leave Andy's love life alone? HE WAS DOING BEAUTIFULLY THIS SEASON. Until now. Ugh. The only things I really liked about this ep were Dwight rocking Michael, and Jim and Pam being all giggly and naughty. And Kevin teasing Oscar. Kevin teasing Oscar will never not be adorable.

4. Parks and Rec. HILARIOUS. Loved this ep, though not as much as I loved the Tammy ep from last season. Also, I think this ep finally made me warm up to Ben/Leslie a little? Just a touch. I was mostly still shipping Ron/Leslie like crazy. But Ben's total dorkiness in this ep seems to have won me over, especially the bit where he was asking about Leslie's relationship with Dave.

5. 30 Rock. LOVED. 30 Rock is totally being the MVP of the Thursday night lineup this year. Absolutely hilarious ep, and never have I loved Carol more. Why wasn't he like this sooner? Why can't he stay? Why am I so in love with Matt Damon lately? I just don't know (well, actually, I do. It's because he won my heart in True Grit). And am I crazy, or was that John Cho being a Canadian meth dealer? Anyway, awesome ep, and once again the show unintentionally ships the crap out of Jack/Liz.


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