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Well, The Mindy Project has forced me to do what no other show was able to do. I've joined that mess that is called Tumblr. WHY IS IT SO POPULAR? UGH. But there is NOTHING about The Mindy Project on good old LiveJournal, and the fandom for pretty much every show ever has migrated over there, so I guess it was time. But... but... you can't converse! The tags are used for ridiculous commentary instead of organization! WTF is with that? So stupid. You can write something and maybe people will read it and maybe they won't and it's not at all like LiveJournal and AUUUUUUUUGH I HATE CHANGE. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I can't even really figure out how to navigate the damn thing. Is there a way to just have a tag on your dash instead of a person? Or can you only follow people? Pfft, I haven't even figured out how to follow people yet. Or how to get to my dash from the computer. The mobile version is much easier to use, but I'm not sure what all the symbols mean yet. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. But maybe now I can find more stuff about Korean dramas and kpop and what have you. But mostly I just wanted to find other people who were freaking over The Mindy Project finale. MINDY/DANNY, HOLY CRAP. I was holding my breath and flailing through that entire scene, and then it shattered my heart. AUUUUUUUUGH, DAMN YOU, SHOW. It broke me but at the same time I think it was handled brilliantly.

New Girl, on the other hand, has kind of disappointed me this season. I was enjoying the slow burn of Nick/Jess, but then they slept together and things got weird and it's just not as fun as it used to be. I mean, I admire the show for not hitting the reset button like most shows do, but it's like the fun was sucked out of their relationship because they're so focused on being perfect for each other instead of just being their goofy selves. IDK, maybe now that they've both affirmed that they want to be together they can relax and the group dynamics can go back to normal.

I've already gushed over The Office finale here.

Community. Oh, Community. IDEK with you anymore. Upon first watch, I wasn't all that fond of the finale, but once I figured out it was all in Jeff's head and not Abed's, it all made sense and it actually held quite a lot of meaning, especially on the Jeff/Annie front. He thinks about her. A lot. He wants her, but he still sees her as something that he could corrupt, which is why Good Jeff can't act on his feelings while Evil Jeff can. The second Annie gets angry at him he has to chase after her and hug it out and he looks so freaking blissful with her in his arms (as does Evil Jeff when he lifts Evil Annie up into a kiss). "Nobody sleeps with Jeff! Not even me." Hilarious yet interesting line from Annie. Good Britta sticking up for Evil Britta was the greatest, probably my favorite moment in the episode. Drunk Shirley was hilarious. Troy vs Troy was adorable (poor Evil Troy, failing so hard at being intimidating that even Good Troy rolled his eyes at him). And the ending speech was lovely, even if it was being cruel with the closeups on Annie during certain moments in the speech. DAMN IT, SHOW. STOP DOING THAT TO ME. He didn't mean it like that! He was talking to the whole group! But, yeah, this episode kind of proved that Annie is very prominent in his thoughts, but it's the group as a whole that truly owns his heart.

I can't even remember the Parks and Rec finale. I think my attachment to that show is long gone. I still enjoy it, but it just doesn't grab me the way it used to.

I miss Go On. A lot. That was the one new show that I thought was a shoe-in for renewal. I guess Matthew Perry + the large ensemble was too costly. But damn was that a good show, and definitely one that they could have eventually built their new comedy block around. Ugh, so much resentment, NBC. So much resentment. At this point I would gladly give up another season of Community for another season of Go On. MR. K, WHAT IS MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU? *cries for an eternity*

On the Asian drama front, I'm still following You're the Best Lee Soon Shin and it is still my favorite. I missed a few eps of When a Man Loves and just dropped it, and that's pretty much happening with Gu Family Book, too. IDK what my problem is lately. I think I just miss romcoms, and Lee Soon Shin is the only one fitting that bill at the moment. Unfortunately, the romcom part of it is only given to us in small doses since it's a family drama, but luckily the drama is so damn good that I'm enjoying almost everything about it. But... yeah, I wish there was more Soon Shin/Jun Ho.

Also, I recently inhaled the Chinese drama Sunny Happiness and adored the crap out of it. Oh did the leading man make me swoon, good god was he gorgeous.
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New Girl was so freaking good. Just... everything I love about it is still there. WINSTON AND HIS GIRLY DRINKS. FUTURE NICK. SCHMIDT BEING DANGEROUS. JESS GETTING IT ON WITH HOT DUDES. BEARCLAW. NICK AND JESS!!!!!!!!!

Ben & Kate was cute, but not great. Same with The Mindy Project, but I feel like I'll really enjoy The Mindy Project as it goes on, simply because it is basically just a romcom and I am lame. But Mindy is so damn charming that I can't resist her. The love interest is a total douchewad, but... well, I watch Korean dramas during like 80% of my free time and this guy is basically the American equivalent of every jerkass hero in Korean romcoms, so... I will probably fall for him hook, line, and sinker. Especially if he keeps looking at her all moony-eyed as she flawlessly delivers babies.

Speaking of Korean dramas, I finally got a chance to check out Third Ward (the TvN medical drama with my man Kim Seung Woo) and OMG am I hooked. It's purely the fault of my man, I think, but also because I'm kind of a sucker for the med drama setup, IDEK why. I stay away from American medical dramas, but for some reason White Tower got me hooked on Korean ones. Anyway, this one is not unique in any way, but thankfully it doesn't try to be like White Tower (unlike Brain, which is always in people's favorite med drama list, mine included, but damn did I hate the politics in that one). White Tower was the ultimate med drama when it came to the politics, because it was all about one man's ambition and how power corrupted his soul. It could have just as easily been about a politician or a gangster or a warrior or a prince. Every medical drama that tries to throw in the same politics just falls short, so it's nice that this one isn't really focused on that. Both brothers are where they want to be professionally, but they are both battling for daddy's love and they both have brother complexes and they both think their way of thinking is better than the other's. I love that in this one it's the older brother that is the neglected, illegitimate child. It just gives the brother relationship a different element, where the younger one loves his hyung unconditionally and his hyung resents the crap out of him but feels an obligation to protect him because he's the older brother. I just want the show to explore this more instead of focusing on the clashing of eastern and western medicine. As for the romances, it is clear that my man will once again get the shaft and have his heart terribly, terribly broken. Poor Kim Seung Woo never gets the girl, does he? I feel like he maybe still has a chance, that she just hasn't seen the softer side of him yet and the fact that she's the one that brings it out of him, but... well, she is too far gone on his brother at this point. And she and the brother were set up as the typical OTP with the instant bickering and whatnot. BUT MY MAN'S HEART IS GOING TO BE BROKEN. It's just not fair. He never gets to be happy! In anything! (I still haven't recovered from Miss Ripley) It's very hard to find subs for this show, though, so I've been watching most of it raw (Viki has the first two eps subbed, but that's it). My opinions might change once I actually know what they're saying.


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