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There is nothing I want more right now than a Game of Thrones fanvid set to this song:

The lyrics:

Don’t cry over me.

I know it’s a dark cave and even though it’s far from heaven
Maybe this could be my haven.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it hurts you when I fucking shiver
Well, trust me I was such a strong believer
But what’s the point of searching for that halo
My eyes are blinded and my heart is shallow.

It’s getting worse and worse as I think deeper
It’s just like staring at a burning river
Well, now it’s time stop. Just pull the trigger
I want to end it all. I want it over.

GUUUUUUUUUH. I never wrote about my reaction to The Rains of Castamere, mostly because my reaction was just, "NOOOOOOOOO, GOD, NO, WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?" followed by a lot of loud sobbing (would that this hoodie were a time hoodie!), but I really enjoyed GoT this season, that ep in particular. So much awesomeness happened overall, like Jaime/Brienne and Jaime's freaking hand getting chopped off, and Tyrion and Sansa thinking up pranks to play on mean people together, and Jon Snow getting shot by his scorned lady love, and Arya telling Gendry that she could be his family (and him rejecting her because the class divide between them is too strong in his eyes. OH, MY HEART!), and, best of all, ARYA AND THE HOUND, OMG. They are basically the Laurel and Hardy of Westeros. I want more of them. I never want them to part. Ever. They were just this really surprising delight and I adore what they bring out in each other. She wants to kill him but she can't because she needs him, and he's taking care of her simply because it's the decent thing to do (at first it was for the money, but after the red wedding he really had no use for her. At least not that I know of yet). I can't help but see them developing a sort of Leon: The Professional type of relationship where he teaches her how to properly kill people and stay alive (only, you know, she'll end up killing his ass instead of falling in love with him). It's been foreshadowed so much that I'm pretty sure The Hound's end will come from Arya, especially after the line where he said, "That kindness will get you killed." He should probably practice what he preaches, but I don't think he much cares for his own life. But OMG, their banter. They are by and far the most entertaining dynamic to watch for me.

Anyway, GoT blew me away this season and I really, really want a vid set to the above song. It works for pretty much all of the characters, but Arya is the first one to come to mind. Sansa was the second. Jaime/Brienne the third. *sigh* If only I knew how to make fancy vids. I haven't made a vid in years, and the one I picture in my head is all pretty and way beyond my know-how.
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But first, work angst. Or complaining, really. )

In happier news, I watched the 2011 release of Jane Eyre, and I loved it like crazy. The tension between the leads was AMAZING, and everything about it just worked for me. I have to admit, I'm not much of a fan of the BBC miniseries from a few years ago that everyone adores so much. Not sure why, but something about it just doesn't click with me, and I've never been able to get past the second episode (I even tried again not too long ago). The 1983 miniseries version has always been my favorite adaption, which is weird because it's kind of cheap looking, but I love the performances in that one so very much, and I particularly loved the chemistry between the leads. But the 2011 movie? Good lord, the chemistry between the leads was smoking hot. I could feel their connection and their passion so vividly, even though they had considerably less interaction than the characters do in the miniseries adaptions. And I loved how the movie presented Jane's early years, interspersing them with the present and keeping them fairly brief, but still powerful. And the mood of the movie was perfection. I loved it.

Also, I finally got around to watching the last two eps of Game of Thrones, and I actually think I enjoyed those the most out of the entire season. Episode 9 actually made me cry. I didn't even know that I was emotionally involved enough with these characters to cry over one of their deaths, but I did. The scene was just executed so brilliantly that it broke my heart. And I highly enjoyed the Sansa that was reborn from that whole experience. I loved it when her eyes were finally opened to Joffrey's awfulness, and how her cattiness came out (and how she almost pushed him off the bridge. Damn it, Sandor, why did you stop her?) Speaking of, I really, really love what they've done with Sandor/Sansa. I know that they've barely interacted, but what they have had has been so subtle and so oddly sweet that I can't help but fall even harder for the ship. I know that they have a whole storyline together in the books, but from the little snippets that I've read, Sandor kind of seems like a whiny emo jerk. So I like that he is more composed in the show. Older, less emotionally unhinged, but still a killer. The show hasn't explored him as much as I would have liked, but I love that every time he does get something to do, it usually affects Sansa in some way. The handkerchief bit especially got me. How he's kind of swooping in and fulfilling her romantic hero dreams in his bumbling way without meaning to, and how the fact that it's him is throwing Sansa off. She's in this terrible situation and surrounded by so many terrible people, and here's this big, gruff, scary guy showing her some kindness. So far his care for her seems almost fatherly, so I'm interested to see where the show goes with that, because in the books it's entirely not fatherly. Also, the show seems to be skirting around his joy in killing people. In fact, had I not read snippets from the books, I would have never known that he was a psychotic killer, since they've only shown him defending people and not killing anyone (though I suppose it was implied that he killed the butcher boy, but we didn't see it, and I didn't even realize he did it till I read my f-list after that episode). Anyway, I find it interesting that the show is cutting out the seedier aspects of his personality (though maybe they'll get to that in the second season. I don't even know how much of him there is in the first book), and I honestly don't feel like Sansa is scared of him. She seems more intrigued by him than anything, and I can easily them connecting in the future. Also, as much as I detest Joffrey, I can't help but enjoy the crap out of his scenes. He's so awful, but he's so damn fun to watch. Particularly when people insult him.


30 Day Kdrama Challenge
Day 14: Your Favorite Kiss

I think we all know the answer to this one.

Yeah, it was calculated on Miri's part, but damn was it hot. These two had smoking hot chemistry from the first episode, and it just felt SO GOOD to see it come to fruition. I honestly didn't expect it, at least not so soon in the series, but it was brilliant on the part of the writers, because Miri and Myung Hoon needed the more mature relationship and she needed to take things that far for us to be totally scandalized when she starts going after Yoo Hyun, and it's just a great contrast to the innocence of her relationship with Yoo Hyun (although, I'm pretty certain that had Myung Hoon not shown up in Jeju, she would have slept with Yoo Hyun too. But Yoo Hyun thinks she's as pure and virginal as he is). Anyway, Miri and Myung Hoon were smoldering up the screen for four episodes, and it was just such a wonderful release to see it actually amount to something.

Day 15: Your Favorite Ending

You know, if there's one thing that is always disappointing about k-dramas, it's the endings. I have trouble thinking of any drama that ended in a completely satisfying or entertaining way. They spend all of their energy on the penultimate episode and then have nothing left for the very last one. I... seriously don't know. Bad Family? Maybe? Yeah, I'll go with Bad Family.

Day 16: A Kdrama you started but can’t finish
Tamra the Island, My Princess, Athena, Lie to Me, 49 Days, 19 vs 30, My Country Calls. I'm sure there are more.

Day 17: A Kdrama you’ve watched more than once

I AM SAM. I've watched that one at least 7 times. I love it. It is like crack to me. Also, Beethoven Virus, which I have watched 4 times so far.

Day 18: The Worst Kdrama that you’ve watched until the end

Playful Kiss, probably (and I loved every minute of it!)

The Days )

The haps

Apr. 28th, 2011 01:08 pm
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1. I spent most of last week rewatching all of the Chae Kyung/Lee Shin scenes from Goong. OMG, LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I forgot how epic that drama was. The chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon was so freaking amazing, and they are still probably in the top three of my favorite k-drama couples ever. Dudes, I am such a sucker for the arranged/contract marriage trope. I just am. But this one is my favorite since it shows all the repercussions that come with suddenly becoming the unwanted Cinderella to your not-so-Prince-Charming. This is one k-drama where I LOVE the angst. Aaaaaaaaangst! Because it doesn't come from tragedy after tragedy after tragedy, it comes from the characters not being sure of whether they fit into the roles that the world has thrust upon them, and not being sure how they feel about each other, and it's glorious. Oh, I love this drama.

2. I can't wait for Yoon Eun Hye's new drama to start. Which is kind of obvious since I went back and rewatched one of her old dramas, and now I'm tempted to do a rewatch of Take Care of the Young Lady (I know this drama gets no love, but damn, I loved it like crazy). I just love YEH, I think. The girl can do no wrong.

3. The Borgias. I've been watching this show every week, but I haven't really had much to say about it. Basically, it's wicked pretty, but I think I'm only in it for the Cesare/Lucrezia love affair. Which was proven in the last episode where I was seething at Cesare being in love with some annoying blond girl that he didn't even know, so much so that he freaking killed her husband for her, while Lucrezia is off being beaten and raped by her new husband and Cesare doesn't even pay her any mind (not that he knew it was happening, but if he hadn't been so distracted with this new girl, he would have been checking up on Lucrezia and making sure all was okay with her). I did love that he was super frustrated over having to marry Lucrezia off to Sforza, though. That scene where he's ripping off his robes was perfection. And I am convinced that he sees a bit of Lucrezia in this new girl, and because he can't help Lucrezia, he put all of his focus into helping this girl. That is how I will fanwank it, anyway. But I can't help but hope that Cesare finds out what's going on and tortures Sforza, or kills him, or something. Just disregard history, show! Kill the bastard! But anyway, I find most of the political stuff kind of boring, and I am not fond of the younger brother who is a soldier, and Jeremy Irons is doing a fine job but damn do I hate his character. Overall though, I think it's a good show, and I am loving the little references to The Godfather that they keep throwing in, like the iconic closing of the doors after Borgia became the pope, or that friar dude getting stabbed in the eye (it is ridiculous how excited I got over that scene).

4. Game of Thrones. At first I didn't know what to think of this show, because the first ep was pretty hard to follow, but after the second ep I'm pretty much in love. And I think it's because I instantly fell for that scene between Sansa and The Hound. It figures that I would fall for such a ship, but I am surprised that all it took was that one little scene. I checked LJ to see if there was a comm for them, and there was, and I spent a whole night there reading passages from the books and looking at fanart, and, gosh, I am in love. So so in love. But the book version of The Hound so far is much more harsh than the show version (of course, all we got was that one scene, but still, that was supposed to be our first impression of him, and he seemed more playful than harsh/bitter). Also, I didn't pick up on the fact that he killed the butcher's boy (I knew that someone did, but for some reason it didn't click in my head that he did). And now that I know that the book version of him truly enjoyed killing the boy, I am not quite sure what the show intends for the character since they left that bit out. But anyway, despite his psychopathic tendencies, I still ship them. And I fear that my shipping of them will only get more intense as the show goes on. *sigh* But wow, the bits with Joffrey that I read disgusted me. I mean, I knew he was going to be awful, but good god. You all weren't joking when you said he just gets worse. And maybe that's why it seems okay to ship Sansa with The Hound? Because even though he's harsh and dangerous, he shows Sansa a modicum of warmth and care that no one else does, and it's... kind of sweet? In its own way. I mean, it's not a whole lot healthier for Sansa, but compared to how Joffrey treated her, The Hound is freaking Prince Charming. I don't know, I don't know. But now I want the books so that I can get a full picture of their relationship.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Arya and Tyrion are my favorite characters. Right now they are, anyway. I kind of wish they had some scenes together, because I feel like that much awesome in one scene would blow my mind.

5. I've kind of given up on Camelot. My time for watching TV is getting smaller and smaller, and this show is just not delivering. So, bye bye lame Arthur and pervy Merlin and crazyass Morgan. Our time together was fun, until, you know, you got boring.

6. Glee. I still want to punch Will's stupid face. I can't even explain why. Just, every time they show him, I want to punch him. This feeling has been increased since they've brought back the Will/Emma ship. Blech. Blech blech blech. If he wasn't so condescending, then maybe I wouldn't hate the ship so much. But GOD, he is awful to Emma. So, so awful. Even when he tries to be nice and understand her (polishing the grapes) he loses his patience and tells her she's not normal. And it's not even about her, it's "How much longer do I have to polish these grapes with you? OMG, I hate it." He's just... UGH. I HATE HIM. And I know that he is basically this way with everybody, but it sticks out when he's with Emma because she is so easily crushed and she rarely sticks up for herself or puts him in his place. When he's that way with Rachel, she'll instantly tell him that he's in the wrong, or she'll walk out in a huff and he'll have to make it up to her, or she'll be hurt and walk out crying and he'll feel like a tool and try to make it up to her, and I just don't get why he doesn't have the same kind of empathy for the woman that he's supposedly in love with. It's all about him and how she can please him. BLECH. And lately Finn has been inspiring those same "OMG I want to punch him in the face" feelings that Will inspires. He's not quite as bad, but damn, he's getting there.

7. The Office made me cry last week. I can only expect that I will use up an entire tissue box tonight. MICHAEL SCOTT, DON'T LEAVE ME. I'M NOT READY, DAMN IT. Not even Will Ferrell can soften the blow. *sniff* Speaking of Will, you all know that I love him like crazy, but I find his character on The Office to be kind of lame. He's just not doing it for me, which is sad, because I was SO excited about Will finally being on my favorite show, but then... well, his character was pretty underwhelming. He has little moments of brilliance, like getting shaved in his office and totally blowing Jim and Pam off when they were talking about CC, but then he went back to being Michael's admirer, and just... they need to choose. Either he's a badass, no nonsense boss, or he's incompetent and looking to Michael for guidance. Personally, I prefer the badass no nonsense characterization to the incompetent one, because I feel like that plays to Will's strengths a little better. And I know that people generally weren't happy with the whole storyline where he made Andy act like a fool, but I enjoyed it. It brought out the old desperate-to-please Andy and I felt Deangelo Vickers was finally becoming an actual character, but in the end he went back to being Micheal's apprentice, which is cute, but contradictory to what we thought were his true colors (and which I suspect are still his true colors and he's just trying to placate Michael until he leaves). I don't know, I don't know. I enjoy having Will Ferrell back on my TV every week, though.

8. It's kind of sad that 30 Rock had a clip show on the same night that Community had a clip show, where Community created clips that we had never seen before and made it an epic experience, whereas 30 Rock was just a classic clip show that revisited already seen moments. It kind of ruined the effect. But at least it was chalk full of Jack/Liz goodness.

9. Vampire Diaries. Kiiiiiiinda shipping Elena/Elijah now (and I was already secretly shipping Elena/Alaric a bit, so the ep where Alaric became Klaus and he was being quite predatory with her was wicked hot, and then he was even hotter with Katherine, good god. I am sad that Alaric doesn't get to stay evil). Also, this season is kind of succeeding in making me not ship Elena/Damon. I will love the OT3ness of Damon/Elena/Stefan forever and always, but Damon is just losing it lately. He used to care about what she wanted, and what made her happy, but now he's just disregarding her wishes left and right, which, I get it's because he doesn't want to lose her, but at the same time, damn, Damon, let the girl do her thing. Trust that she has the ability to take care of herself, PLEASE. Although I did like that line where Damon pointed out that he's not afraid of making her hate him as long as it keeps her alive, whereas Stefan can't do that. So I get where Damon's coming from, but I hate that he doesn't believe that Elena is perfectly capable of making the right decisions.

10. 49 Days. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that the romances are going to be Ji Hyun/Kang and Scheduler/Yi Kyung, but it still kind of makes me sad. At least Kang is finally growing on me now that he's not so insistent on denying his feelings and is actually trying to make things better for Ji Hyun. But now the show has made the Yi Soo/Yi Kyung romance so epic that it's kind of hard to feel any emotion for Ji Hyun/Kang. I just can't muster the empathy for them when Yi Kyung has been mourning Yi Soo for FIVE YEARS and even has moments of feeling his presence around her when his spirit is there, and now Scheduler is feelings things when he's around her and he's bound to remember and just... they should be the main romance, because they are the ones who are tugging at my heartstrings. Although, you know, I still think that Scheduler and Ji Hyun were made for each other, and I can't help but still hope that in the end Ji Hyun dies and takes over Scheduler's position and he becomes her boss, or else they are both reincarnated and meet each other as kids and have the same dynamic, and Yi Kyung and Kang help each other move on from losing their loved ones. But, this is a romcom, so I expect that Ji Hyun will live happily ever after with Kang. But then... what will happen with Yi Kyung? Oh, this show.


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