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So, yesterday evening I caught myself up with the Monk episodes that were on Hulu, and... I forgot how much I used to love those characters. It was like coming home after a long trip abroad. I just wanted to hug Adrian Monk and never let go. But something I noticed is that the show has been recycling jokes from the early seasons almost word for word, right down to Monk winking when he's trying to bribe a dude with a one dollar bill and a quarter. I even remember the EXACT episode in season 2 where he did this (Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater), and the whole time I'm thinking, "This was better the first time he did it." I could chalk it up to continuity, but this show left continuity by the wayside a long time ago. I guess they don't expect people to remember the early episodes? But those are the only episodes that I loved with a passion, therefore I watched them fifty billion times and pretty much have them memorized by accident. Season 3 is when I stopped watching obsessively. Do you know what else they recycle to death? Guest actors. As different characters with each appearance. Do you know how confusing that is? Jeez. Now, they do keep some of them the same characters, like Ambrose, and Howard, and Kevin Dorfman (who they killed off at the end of season 7, HOLY CRAP! It's been so long since the show made me tear up, but Monk watching Kevin's video will definitely made me cry a little). Also, Randy just gets stupider with every episode. I love him immensely, but they've made him unbelievably stupid. He used to be a little ditzy, a little whimsical, bumbling but always capable. At this point he isn't even capable. But... I still love him. With Monk, I was having this problem of him not being the Adrian Monk that I loved so fiercely back in the day. The show had crossed a line with him in the later seasons where he was just looking like an idiot, something that never happened in the early seasons, and I got fed up. With these episodes that I watched on Hulu, he seemed to be back to his old self a little, socially inept but very self aware and a complete genius in all other things (to the point of almost being obnoxious... until he is rendered immobile by someone sneezing. Oh, I love that Monk so very much). There was an ep where Monk befriended an old lady and she basically became his surrogate mother because they both were so lonely, but Monk messed it all up because he just didn't trust something so wonderful. Guh, that episode broke my heart. And this showed us the Monk of old, the one who is not a moron, but whose faults come from his insecurity and his inability to logically see why anyone would love him. He hates himself so fully that it just doesn't make sense to him. Trudy was an anomaly, but one that he never questioned because she felt so right to him.

Anyway, one thing that this show has always done right is the Monk/Trudy love story. It never fails to make my heart hurt, and it's always there, but once you start to forget about it, Monk hits you with his pain in the most matter of fact way and it just kills you. Like when Monk and Stottlemeyer were at the football game and Stotts was complaining that Monk used to be fun, what happened to that guy? Monk replies, "Trudy died." Ouch. Even Stottlemeyer stopped like he just got hit in the stomach. Tony Shalhoub plays Monk's pain so brilliantly, and that storyline will always get me. Always. It's treated with such reverence, and I'm pretty sure it's the only thing that's kept me hanging on to the end. I need to see Monk figure out why she died. I need to see him get the guy. I need to see him at least be contented on that aspect of her death. And a part of me needs to see him always stay devoted to Trudy even after he does all that. For 8 years people have been saying that Monk needs to move on, he can't stay single forever, yada yada yada, and... I just don't get that. I mean, yes, he can move on from this place that he's stuck in where he has to control all the little things in his life because he can't solve the thing that matters most to him, but he doesn't have to move on from loving her. Not everyone remarries, you know? Trudy is all he ever wanted, and he's content with her memory if it's all he can have of her. He has his makeshift family, and that's all he really needs. Trudy is his heart. Why does he have to give that up? So, you know, even though I was originally one of those people who felt he should move on by the end of the series (with Sharona since she was the opposite of Trudy therefore their love would be completely different from what he had with Trudy), I have changed my mind completely. Over the years, Monk/Trudy has become such a poignant love story that I don't want it to be tarnished.

So, anyway, last night's premiere was just meh. I thought that since it's the last season they'd focus entirely on solving Trudy's murder, or at least mention developments in each episode, but I should've known that wouldn't happen. The show may get Monk/Trudy so very right, but they get Trudy's murder so completely wrong. It's been choppy and nonsensical since season 3. You can tell they had no clue where to go with that story, so I'm pretty sure they'll totally screw it up and leave it for the very last episode and shove all kinds of info in there. I always thought we'd at least get to see Monk rejoin the force after solving Trudy's murder, but I don't think that's going to happen (unless they do a time jump at the end, which is very possible).

Also, way back in season 2 I had said that Mr. Monk and the Three Pies could never be topped. Sadly, I was right. We're nearing the end, and nothing has ever matched the caliber of that episode. I can only hope that the series finale will be as beautiful as that episode.

As for Psych, it is back in the category of "mindless entertainment" for me, rather than obsession. I find that when I don't care about it so fiercely, I enjoy it a whole lot more. No more shipping for me on that show. Or, well, I'm trying, anyway. It's pretty clear that Shawn/Juliet is an inevitability, and I can't change that, so I might as well accept it and just enjoy the show for what it is. I don't think I'll ever be able to love this show the way I did during season 2. :( That being said, Cary Elwes was pretty awesome on Psych last night. As were all the romantic Shawn/Gus moments (and Gus being a total girl when he threw Shawn out of the carriage ride). Also, Lassiter and Juliet were adorable, as always. And the Shawn/Juliet ending didn't even make me want to spit fire, so I think I am finally coming to terms with the ship.

And now I bring you a Jim Parsons picspam because I recently raided

Today Penny will be played by John Cho.

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May. 5th, 2009 08:57 pm
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Because it makes me happyyyyy! I still need to do the weekly In Plain Sight spam for [ profile] mary_marshall, but damn it, Anthony Stewart Head comes first. I LOVE HIM SO! And I am teaching myself a lesson for not going through a ginormous photobucket full of random and rare-ish ASH pics the second I was sent the link. HOW DARE I? HOW DARE I? I guess I was just saving it for a night when I couldn't get to sleep. AND OH, HOW REWARDING IT WAS TO NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP!

But before we get to the pics, let's start off with my new favoritest Buffy/Giles vid of all time (and hey, there's Spanish at the beginning! I am totally festive today!):

Gaaaaaah, I love it. So wicked awesome. I love that it got all of their super charged moments but also captured them being badass together. And the vid pretty much demonstrates my state of mind while watching Buffy:

Ooo, Giles! Ooo, Buffy! OMG, THEY'RE IN LOVE! SEASON 5 GILES HAIR AKA THE GREATEST HAIR IN EXISTENCE!!!! Dude, fighting! Oh, there's that Angel guy, he's a vampire or something? GILES! BUFFY!!! Willow and Xander. GILES!!!! GILES AND BUFFY! IN LOOOOOOVE! Tortured Giles is wicked hot. Ooo, kick some ass, Buffy. THEY'RE BEATING UP ANGEL, HELL YES! Aww, poor Angel. Wait, when did I start liking Angel? GILES!!!!!! HE'S TOUCHING BUFFY! IN AN APPROPRIATE YET SOMEHOW INAPPROPRIATE WAY! BUFFY! SHE'S HUGGING GILES! OMG, THEY'RE HUGGING! Giles totally wants to kiss her. Buffy and Giles. Giles and Buffy. In love. And kicking ass. GILES!!!!

So, yeah, that song fits them perfectly. Because it is all about them. Obviously. Plus, I enjoy singing the "aaaaAAAAAaaaaaa" part. Anyway, on to the pics!

CAUTION: Contents very, very hot. Handle with care. )

I've missed my pervy picspamming ways, I must say. The world feels right again.
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OOOOOOH, MICHAEL/DWIGHT! MUST YOU INSIST ON DOING THAT TO MY HEART? :'( Dude, I love Michael/Dwight betrayal episodes so very much, but... this one... it did a number on me. My stomach was just a big bowl of tumbling knots.

My ridiculously long analysis of Michael and Dwight's divorce )

Oh, this episode, I adored it. I haven't talked that much about an ep in ages. All that talking and I didn't even mention Andy. He was adorable as always, and I love him for not getting angry about Jim's prank and instead understanding what Jim was trying to tell him. And while I am still sensitive about all Jim pranks on Andy, this one ended up being okay, because in the end he actually tried to be a friend to him. So that was nice. Anyway, this one was all about Michael/Dwight for me. They are the reason I fell in love with this show in the first place. Oh, I loved this ep. A lot.

30 Rock was okay. Not as good as the last two weeks, but it still made me laugh quite a bit. Particularly the Raven Simone reference. I love them so hard for referencing an out of date teen idol. Of course, they threw in the Cyruses too, so... And, the Jack/Liz phone call was adorable. Also, there was one bit that instantly made me think of [ profile] tinted_glass. I'm not going to say which bit because I don't want to ruin the joke, but if she watches the ep tonight, she'll know what I'm talking about. Also, Kenneth and Dot Com made this episode for me. I loved them. Also, Pete's reaction to the news about Jenna cracked me up pretty hard.

Parks and Recreation! It's growing on me, I think. I just find Leslie so darn adorable that I can't not care about her. The show itself is a little mediocre, but Leslie is so wonderful. And her mother! I hope we get more there in the future, because I adore mother/daughter stories. And, I think I'm shipping Leslie/Mustache Dude even harder than I was last week. I... I don't know what's wrong with me. Why must I always fall for ships that will never, ever happen? And, I'm still loving Leslie/Ann. They are so the show's OTP, but I can't help myself from loving Leslie/Mustache Dude. It's the whole boss/employee thing. I don't know why I always go for that. Plus, age gap. I can't help it.

Also, I watched My Name is Earl for the first time in 3 or so years. I forgot how much I used to love that show. I ended up giving it up for Ugly Betty. It's really just frivolous viewing, but it makes me laugh like crazy. I am a sucker for slap stick, what can I say? I know the comedy snobs don't care for the show, but it still makes me giggle. Not as much as it did in season 1, but it kept me entertained. Still though, I miss Ugly Betty.

And... I think that was all of my Thursday night viewing. Whew.
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So, Robin Hood. Had no clue it was back till I saw my f-list and all the people who are AFRAID to watch the new episode. Well chickens, I DOVE RIGHT IN! Although, I only minorly shipped Guy/Marian, therefore when Marian got killed I wasn't too broken up about it, but the show still sucks for writing out all of its female characters. Seriously, WHAT was up with that? Psh. Not surprisingly, I didn't particularly miss Will Scarlett. Or Djaq, for that matter. I did miss Marian though. A little bit. Okay, quite a lot. I never even knew I liked her so much till she was gone. On the plus side? I didn't have to sit through nauseating Robin/Marian scenes! On the downside, I had to sit through uber emo Robin scenes, blech. Much, Little John, and Allan were awesome as always. The Sheriff was seriously lacking in awesomeness this ep. That has never, ever happened before. What the freaking hell, man? That is my #1 complaint with this ep. Brother Tuck was WONDERFUL. I can already tell that I will adore him. But none of this is really important. Let's focus on what I really watch the show for.

1) Guy and Robin's sexcapades in the woods.

2) Guy and Sheriff being devious together

Also, they both got brand spanking new outfits. In fact, everyone did. Even Robin has gone puffy leather. Polyester hoodies are so last year.

3) Guy!!! Who... has done something new with his hair.

Oh dear lord, please fix that nonsense ASAP as possible.

In conclusion, this episode was ridiculous. Not even a good kind of ridiculous. But the last ten minutes rocked. You can easily save yourself a lot of boredom and just watch that. But then you'll miss broodishly emo Guy! So, I don't know. Just fast forward through Robin's scenes, I seriously can't stand that douche. But see, if you do that, you'll miss Brother Tuck. I DON'T KNOW! But I assure you that the last ten minutes is the show we all know and love. It gave me smiles times. But the rest of the ep gave me quirking eyebrows times. But Guy was hot. And there was much manlove. And Allan was hilarious.
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Oh yes. Rascal Flatts and I will now take you on a journey through the many ups and downs of Giles and Buffy's relationship through the years. Obviously a super cheesy album cover of poor quality was needed for this journey.

This somehow also became a Giles picspam... )
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I have just finished watching Imagine Me & You, and it was DELIGHTFUL! I'm not a rom-com person. At all. But this film made me giggle quite a bit and the love story was unique compared to typical rom-coms. But, naturally, I was more moved by Anthony Head's storyline than the lead characters. I am ALWAYS more intrigued by the more dysfunctional relationships as opposed to that fairytale mushiness, so it's no surprise really. But OH MAN, ASH WAS SO WONDERFUL IN THIS! HE MADE ME CRY! AT A ROM-COM!!! Oh, I love him. So, so much. And this just made me love him even more than I already did:

OMG!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A MAN WHO DANCES LIKE THAT? Sadly, that is what I looked like through much of my prom. No lie.

There was also wiener-loving and finger-sucking and TOUCHING MOMENTS THAT MADE ME CRY because ASH is freaking BRILLIANT! )

Okay, moving on. MEMES!

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. Also, make sure you specify in your comment that you want subjects for the meme.

[ profile] tinted_glass gave me:

1. Comedy television
2. Educational picspams
3. Stanley the sex god
4. ASH
5. Oscar/Andy

Elaborate I shall... )

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

1. [ profile] tinted_glass
2. [ profile] 15lbpurebunny
3. [ profile] glenvorian
4. [ profile] woopiedoo
5. [ profile] teamkaren
6. [ profile] piecesofalice
7. [ profile] michellek
8. [ profile] shantirosa
9. [ profile] caffyolay
10. [ profile] llivla

&hearts &hearts &hearts
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THAT IS HOW IT'S DONE, PEOPLE! Everyone should watch that, even if you don't watch the show. It had a creative idea, a simplistic and completely hilarious follow-through, and flawless timing. That, my friends, is a damn good video. I have a feeling that it will entertain me for HOURS. (vid created by [ profile] genrocks, by the way). Gah, I love it.

Also, a mini Anthony Head picspam in which there are whips and boob grabbing and adorable man-banter and an awful fake pony tail. A hair extension? I don't know.

Why yes, I did indeed see his Jonathan Creek episode. And it was MARVELOUS! )
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Man. This weekend I was totally in Merlin mode and had the full intention of writing my Breakfast Club fic for [ profile] reel_merlin that I have been plotting out in my head for a month but just haven't been able to get it in writing, and... well... I wrote ONE paragraph on Saturday night and that was that. And, it was almost verbatim dialog from the movie, except twisted around into Merlin speak. *sigh* So, hopefully, NEXT weekend inspiration will hit me. I hope. I only get the writing bug once in a blue moon, which is why I am baffled as to why I sign up for these things. I always think I can force myself into being creative, but obviously not. I so wish that the stuff that happens in my head could just magically be recorded into my computer in a very beautiful narrative that is infinitely better than anything I could ever write.

Anyway, how did I get distracted from my determination to be in Merlin mode all weekend? I started going through all these Buffy promo pics and somehow found a way to see Buffy/Giles subtext up the wazoo in pics such as this one:

HELLO! Everyone's paired off with their boy/girlfriend, and NATURALLY Buffy is all hugging up on Giles and he's looking all proud of himself with his bedhead and his loose tie and he's just like, "Oooooooh yeaaaaah." The dog. So naturally I spent my Sunday reading a whole lot of awful B/G fic (although there were a few good ones) and watching select season 4 episodes because Giles was desperately in loooooove with her in that season and he was being all angsty and having an identity crisis every five minutes. I think season 4 may be my favorite, as long as I fast forward through everything but Giles. Which I basically do with all the seasons on rewatch. But I'm pretty in love with season 5 Buffy/Giles, only... I feel like at that point that he is so resigned to the fact that Buffy will only ever see him as Giles and never as a man, so he pretty much gives up the tiny hope that he had in season 4. But at the same time, in season 5, Buffy and Giles were closer than they had ever been, both revealing a little more of their feelings for each other in roundabout ways, and both being completely comfortable with their relationship as opposed to previous seasons where they were both nervous about going beyond the Slayer/Watcher boundaries. And, technically, once Riley left, Giles sort of became her makeshift boyfriend and he felt VERY cozy in that position, but... then... well, the stuff with Glory happened, and Giles was trying to force Buffy to kill her own sister. SO, they weren't quite the same after that. Also, she died, so... that kind of put a crimp in their relationship. And I won't go into another rant about how they fell apart in seasons 6 and 7 because they are both idiots who refuse to communicate their feelings to each other. Or anyone, for that matter. Anywho, MORE BEAUTIFUL SUGGESTIVE PICTURES!


Okay, I have properly embarrassed myself enough for one day with all that fangirling. Oh, and just in case you missed it since you all were probably out and about on Valentine's Day, check out my one and only attempt at fanart that you will ever see, not to be taken as serious art, obviously.
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So, there's this show called Demons that I've seen pop up on my f-list here and there and I kind of ignored it because 1) I had no idea what it was, and 2) everyone said it was just mediocre, but then I saw a few secrets on [ profile] fandomsecrets about people shipping Rupert/Ruby, which is a middle-aged guy and an 18-year-old girl, and... well... I had to check the show out. I HAD to. It is my duty to sample every Old Guy/Young Girl ship out there. It just is. And... OMG, I AM IN LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is terribly inappropriate, and the show is CLEARLY trying to say that Rupert and Mina are father/mother figures, but come on. COME ON! Rupert and Ruby are totally in love. They banter with each other and they shock each other and they constantly insult each other in a loving way and there are looks aplenty. Ooooh, inappropriate love, how I adore you.

I bring pictorial proof, natch )

So, now you can see why I simply could not resist all that goodness. OMG, I LOVE THEM! WHY ARE ALL THE FICS RUPERT/MINA? WHY? *sniff* To be fair, there's barely a fandom, so I guess beggars can't be choosers. And there's at least three R/R fics that I found, but I haven't read them yet, so no idea if they're good or not. Anyway, I dig this ship. A lot. And I am heartbroken that this show only gets 6 episodes. And I have no idea if they're planning a second series or not. Man, this is why I try to not get into British dramas. Six episodes isn't enough to get a full ongoing plot off the ground, nor is it enough time to properly develop characters and relationships. *sigh* I so desperately want the same depth that I get with an American drama, or even Merlin, because the potential is totally there. I think a 13 episode season would have been perfect. Oh well, I still have one last ep of inappropriate love vibes to look forward to.


Jan. 30th, 2009 01:33 am
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CONCERT WAS PRETTY AWESOME! I don't know if it's just that I wasn't feeling 100%, but I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as concerts from Kenny Chesney or Phil Vassar. I don't know. It was probably just me, right? Because these guys won entertainer of the year a couple years ago. And their special effects were amazing, the best I've ever seen for a country concert. But... I think it's the fact that Jessica Simpson HUGELY FAILED to rev up the audience, so it took awhile for us to warm up, and at one point we actually got yelled at by Gary (the lead guy with the spiky blond hair). He's totally a diva. And Joe Don (lead guitar) is the cute one, obviously, and Jay (the dark-haired one) is a stand up comedian, apparently, because I swear he did a 15 minute comedy routine. AFTER Gary shamed us all into standing up. So... we were standing through the comedy act. GOOD WORK, GUYS! *sigh* No, they're adorable. They gave us a great show, it was just lacking in excitement through the first few songs, mostly because of the audience. I have to say, most concerts get their energy from the crowd, and if the opening act does a sucky job, they really suck the life out of the audience. If they do a good job, they get us excited. For instance, the Sugarland concert. Jake Owen was a PERFECT opening act, because he knew how to play the crowd. Jessica Simpson? Way too into herself. And... her voice isn't good at all. I know she's trying to revive her career by jumping into country (because apparently that's the cool thing to do nowadays), but... UGH! She's a decent song writer though. She should have just retired from singing and transitioned into song writing. Anywho, she wasn't very good. She even screwed up a song and forced her band to start it again. So... yeah. Blah. Add to that, they made us wait 40 minutes in between Jessica Simpson and Rascal Flatts, plus, this was a Thursday night, so pretty much everyone had been at work/school all day and were tired. But, once the Rascal Flatts got out there things picked up. Their opening scared the crap out of me, by the way. They have this peaceful landscape shining on the curtain and we're all eagerly looking at it because the lights went down and the music started, and it goes on like this for ages, and then out of nowhere there's just this giant POP! and the curtain looks like it explodes and there's fireworks and lots of green lights AND THEN THE RASCAL FLATTS FLOATED DOWN ONTO THE STAGE IN A VERY HEAVENLY WAY!

Most of the close-up pics need a little retouching, so I'll save those for tomorrow (along with a more detailed summary of the concert. Quick preview: There was a marriage proposal, there was a cute little boy being cute on stage and singing cutely, there were balloons and confetti, and there was drunken hitchhiking in the parking lot. Also, my mom cussed someone out (not within their hearing, naturally, but... she's totally a potty mouth when no one but me can hear her). For now, VIDEO!


Okay. I am wicked tired, so I will leave you with this:

&hearts &hearts &hearts


Jan. 19th, 2009 10:18 pm
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So, I watched the first ep, and Anthony Head is only in it for about 2 minutes. Apparently he only makes little cameos from a TV screen, but he still manages to be wicked sexy and slightly evil and flirty with much younger women. And he does all this while wearing one of those dweeby Hawaiian shirts. I DON'T KNOW HOW HE DOES IT!

He's totally got a Jack Nicholson mixed with Hannibal Lector thing happening there. And he's playing the owner of a real estate company. WHAT THE WHAT? He was seriously sinister, I don't even know why. And while I enjoyed the whole show, I think I'm just going to download Anthony Head's clips from now on instead of the whole episode because I can't be arsed to watch the whole series. It's sort of like The Office, only not nearly as good. And honestly, I'm so antsy to see this:

that I just can't pay attention to the plot.

More sexy sinister dweebiness! )

Hot hot hotness.
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OMG! OMG!!!!! It is 4:00 in the morning but I am still up because I CANNOT STOP WATCHING REPO! Well, the ASH scenes anyway. HE WAS FREAKING AMAZING! GAAAAAAH I LOVE HIM! And the movie was surprisingly really enjoyable. It's not my normal type of film, but I actually got pretty caught up in the story.

Spoilers and sexy, sexy pictures of insanity )
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So uh... I downloaded The Invisibles, watched the first ep.

1. Anthony Head is the sexiest silver fox in existence.
2. The show was kind of slashy, which naturally I enjoyed.
3. Anthony Head screams a lot. A LOT! He is ridiculously sexy when he's angry. &hearts
4. I had trouble understanding the accents and the slang, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I always seem to have this problem when I first start watching a British show.
5. Syd and Morris are very beautiful BFFs and I love how much Morris takes care of Syd. &hearts I know this will shock you, but these aren't the two that I thought were slashy (well, they are like a married couple, but that's beside the point). The ones that I slashed IMMEDIATELY were Morris and Hedley, which is no surprise considering I have a propensity to ship Anthony Head with costars that are at least 20 years younger than him. But Hedley adores him and Morris won't give him the time of day until he proves himself and even then he wants to give him a hard time. Oh, I love it! Other than Tony's utter sexiness, this is probably the main thing that will keep me watching.
6. THE HOT TUB SCENE!!! My real reason for making this post:

Ooooh yeah. Hedley is totally checking out his butt, by the way. Can't blame him, really.

There was also suggestive cigar smoking and sexy drinking )

In conclusion, Tony HOT, manlove good, show just meh. But seriously, they dress Anthony Head really well in this show. He looks so beautiful.

ETA: Second episode MUCH better than the first. Show has moved from meh to absolutely delightful. &hearts Sadly the slashiness is kind of gone. :( But the show as a whole is pretty hilarious. Definitely improved.
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I just watched the Buffy ep entitled "A New Man," and I do believe that my brain is now officially broken. IT WAS SO, SO GLORIOUS!!! GILES!!!!!! GILES/BUFFY!!! GILES/SPIKE! GILES/ETHAN! DEMON GILES! DEMON GILES BEING STRADDLED BY BUFFY! DRUNK GILES! INSECURE GILES! JEALOUS GILES! NEGLECTED GILES! GILES GILES GILES! OMG I LOVED IT! Every episode should be like that one. Just cut out the Buffy/Riley scenes and it would be perfection. It made me laugh ridiculously hard, it had kickass action, AND it tugged at my heart strings. Loved it. Definitely my new absolute favorite, and not just because Giles was in more than 50% of the episode. It confirmed my belief that Giles is in fact NOT Buffy's father figure. This episode was all about Giles trying to figure out how he fit into Buffy's life, what his role is now, and he initially thought "friend and equal," but when that didn't work and he felt old, he automatically switched to "father figure", and when Professor Walsh made it abundantly clear that he was neither Buffy's father nor her teacher, he was so ridiculously lost and desperate to find some purpose to be around her, and in the end he figured out that his role is what it always was. He's her Giles, and that will never change. &hearts &hearts &hearts I love that he doesn't really fit into any predestined character role at this point. In the high school era, he was her Watcher, her teacher, and at times her surrogate father (but to be honest, I've never viewed him as a father figure, but I get that the show has repeatedly put forth this idea, but for every time they do, there's always an instance to contradict it). When everything changed, he had to change with it. But in essence, he's always been whatever Buffy needed him to be, and in this episode he was feeling like she didn't need him anymore, and that scared him. But Buffy let him know in her own way that she'll always need him because she loves him, and it just... it made me melt. I keep waiting for them to actually say the words to each other, but I guess they don't have to. Also, I find it odd that they hugged at Buffy's party in that rather non-personal way, and yet in their emotional moments, they barely even touch. Perhaps a hand on a shoulder, or an intense gaze into each other's eyes, but never a hug. And I've been waiting the entire series for a hug, and the first one we see is a "Hello" hug that's just a throwaway moment? *sigh* Them and their silly repressed emotion. It just makes me love them more.

Anyway, seeing as how there was so much Giles, naturally a picspam is in order:

All you need is love... )

Also, I just have to throw these in from Hush, especially since I was talking about their inability to hug during emotional moments:

Conflicted feelings... )
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1. And I thought I couldn't possibly love Anthony Head more than I already do. SERIES 2!!!!! IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! And... when he said it would be darker, and he kind of looked away nervously when he said, "Relationships have been developed..." my mind instantly went to, "OMG ARE UTHER AND MORGANA FINALLY GOING TO DO EACH OTHER? YES? YES!" Oh, brain. Stop it. You know that can't happen. If anything, Arthur and Morgana would be the ones to have a romance, which... I'm not too fond of, BUT THINK OF THE UTHER/MORGANA ANGST! IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS! UTHER WOULD BE SO CONFLICTED! AND JEALOUS! AND HE'D HATE ON ARTHUR FOR GETTING WHAT UTHER CAN'T HAVE! Oh god, series 1 isn't even finished yet and I'm fantasizing about screwed up family dynamics in series 2. *sigh* I really, really hope that the writers keep exploring Uther/Morgana. I know we got our episode of confirmation that they complete each other in their own screwed up way and the show made them as canon as they could without going beyond extreme subtext and I will love them forever for doing that, but... if their sexy battle of wills ends up getting neglected in series 2 I will be heartbroken. I guess I'll always have Merlin/Arthur to fall back on, though. &hearts

2. This picspam of gorgeousness by [ profile] shizuka_blooms is perfect explanation of why I am totally gay for Katie McGrath. SO BEAUTIFUL, OMG!!!!! I want to be her. Or at least look like her. And share scenes of inappropriateness with Anthony Head. Mmmmmmmmm.


ASDJKLJHGDGDLFFSDADDFKJKLS!!!!!!!!!! Little Britain, why did I not properly appreciate you before? I mean, I watched you, and I giggled at you, but I took you for granted. This will never happen again. Especially when you make the PM gay for dark-skinned men. And when you force Anthony Head to primly prance around in sequined spandex.

More sequined spandex primness )

4. I saw the ep of Buffy where she finds out that her mother and Giles had sex. Twice. On the hood of a police car. And she was horrified. And she made Giles run into a tree. Bwahahahaha. Oh, he's so adorable. And I love how rebellious he's gotten since Wesley showed up. He gets to be all badass now and not worry about protocol and distancing himself emotionally from Buffy and the other scoobies. I kind of melted when he embraced Willow after he thought she was dead and found out she wasn't.

5. Am I no longer capable of talking about anything that doesn't pertain to Anthony Head?

6. ...I tried. I got nothing. ANTHONY HEAD!
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Should I be worried that Uther/Morgana is taking over all of my icon space? Damian Lewis is very angry about this. First he was pushed out by Merlin/Arthur, and now Uther/Morgana are making him their bitch. Not cool, guys, not cool. By the way, if anyone finds or makes me an awesome header of the billowing cape scene with a width of 760 pixels, I will love you forever and ever and ever. I tried making my own, but I am just completely clueless when it comes to filters/textures/whatever that makes things prettier than they already were. So hopefully one will pop up soon. Or I'll figure out how to make a decent looking one...

Anyway, To Kill a King. I didn't think anything could top my love for Excalibur, but I was so very wrong. And I really didn't think anything could top the Uther/Morgana goodness in The Beginning of the End, but oooooooh lordy was I wrong there. So, so wrong. This episode was amazing. From start to finish my stomach was all tied up in knots. Now, this could have been because I wasn't feeling well yesterday, but I'm fairly certain it was because I was extremely excited and everything was so edge-of-your-seat awesome. Just as The Moment of Truth was the episode confirming on all accounts that Merlin and Arthur need each other to fulfill their destiny, this episode confirmed that Uther and Morgana desperately need each other and are forever linked together whether they like it or not. Now, understandably, it wasn't anything close to fluffy like it was for Arthur and Merlin, and that's exactly how it should be. Uther/Morgana is all about a battle of wills and manipulation and betrayal and love and hate and regret. They bring out both the worst and best in each other. They make each other see their own faults. They hurt each other deeply and yet they are forever drawn to each other. Ooooh, this episode. It gave me so much more than I had ever expected to get. Uther/Morgana is screwed up in so many ways, their affection for each other borders on inappropriate in that it comes across as a mix between surrogate father/daughter and heated lovers, and that gives their relationship this incredibly interesting dynamic that I'm not even sure was originally intended, but oh how I love it. And the fact that they often end up wanting to literally kill each other just adds to my love.

Also, before I get to the in depth review, I have to say, the cinematography for this episode was AMAZING. I don't usually notice cinematography, but the lighting was simply beautiful, and the cape scene was so gorgeous with the wind and the clouds and the kind of dream-like haze that suddenly surrounds them and the capes flowing around them in this perfect dance and it was ridiculously romantic with that music and the shots of Merlin watching from the grass and... GAH! SO BEAUTIFUL!

Without you I cannot hope to be the king that this land deserves. )

And because the cape scene is too gorgeous to just capture in pics, I had to YouTube it:

*blows nose*

*dreamy sigh*

God, I loved that episode. So, so much.
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Ooooh, the wonders of photoshop, how they delight me )

Also, expect a mini Giles spam later, because I watched Buffy ep 3x02 last night and HOLY HELL THAT MAN IS FREAKING SEXY! THE BIT WITH THE PRINCIPAL! OMG! OMG! I love it when Giles shows his temper. SO FREAKING BADASS! HELL YES!

ETA: Ahahahaha, I love that a person called the Uther/Morgana slant in the pics kind of creepy. HELL YES! EVEN NON-SHIPPERS SEE IT! I can't believe this is a family show.
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So, I didn't enjoy this ep as much as the last few, mostly because there was absolutely NOTHING that I could twist into being Uther/Morgana subtext, but the Merlin/Arthur was simply amazing. Last week was fluff and angst, this week was bickering and hotness and finding out just how much Arthur truly loves Merlin (as if we didn't know already). THE GOBLET SCENE WAS FREAKING AMAZING! SO MUCH LOVE! SO MUCH! Also, I was definitely shipping Uther/Gaius this week. I don't normally, but they were totally married in this episode. And Uther's pride over Arthur killing a unicorn made me melt. But then Uther turned into a dick again and he lost his good daddy points. *sigh* BUT HE'S AN INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS DICK, SO IT'S PERFECTLY OKAY!

Some pictorial evidence of Uther's impressive appendage )

Uther being a very very beautiful dick )

So, in addition to Uther being gorgeous, there was also this crazy disappearing guy that cracked me up like crazy. During his convo with Merlin in the woods, he kept disappearing and reappearing for absolutely NO REASON whatsoever, and there was super dramatic music to go along with it. I missed the dialog there because I was laughing so hard. I watched it again, and laughed even harder, so... there's no hope of me ever taking that scene seriously. Also, Arthur was giving the love eyes to Merlin like crazy tonight. Particularly here:

My voice says don't follow me, but my eyes say I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! )
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So, many things kept me from watching this episode until late tonight, and it was like torture. TORTURE! Although not really because my nephew is pure adorableness and most time was spent with him, but seriously, this episode, I was waiting a really long time to see it, and it did not disappoint. Expect lots of gushing about manlove. And angst. And Uther being sexy in his 30 seconds of screentime. And OH MY FREAKING GOD THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING! GAAAAAAH! THE THINGS THIS SHOW DOES TO ME! IT IS SERIOUSLY THE MOST AMAZING SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE! YOU ALL SHOULD BE WATCHING IT! BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING! REALLY! AMAZING! Oh, also, I must mention, Arthur/Gwen? I finally get it now. Of course, they've finally had an actual interaction, so... that makes the ship more plausible. And amazing. Also, I totally gleaned Uther/Morgana subtext out of this episode despite the lack of Uther. I cannot be stopped.

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