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This is for my buddy. It's her birthday and she loves those cheesy YA fantasy novels about vampires, so guess what? I wrote a story for her. It's very ridiculous. Happy birthday, Sammie!!!

This is Sam's story. Sam, your typical girl from nowheresville who proudly worked her way through college only to end up at a crap job in a superstore making crap money dealing with crap customers who complain that they're being charged too much.

"79 cents?! Uh-uh, that sign said 75 cents. I don't know why they have you over here when you can't even ring stuff up correctly. And why did you put my bread with my eggs? Bread goes in its own bag!" And this is where Sam lets out a long suffering sigh and imagines jumping over the counter and strangling a bitch. But then she catches a glimpse of that new guy walking by and time just stops for a minute. Everything disappears but him and it's the most glorious minute of her life. "Ma'am... MA'AM!!! Are you going to take all day to ring up my groceries?"

"Oh, right, sorry." And just like that the moment is broken and he has suddenly disappeared. Sam almost wonders if he's just a figment of her imagination.

She sees him again in the break room later that day. He's sitting in a corner by himself, a sullen expression forever ingrained on his beautiful, pale face. He's so quiet that it took her two weeks to actually learn his name. Wesley. He doesn't seem to have a last name. Well, Sam is sure that he does, but no one knows what it is. So he's just Wesley. Her Wesley. His hair is shoulder length, and while he normally keeps it in a ponytail, today it's falling around his face and giving him a victorian rogue look. Sam can't keep herself from sneaking a peek every five seconds, and eventually he catches her. Sam's heart races when he locks eyes with her for the briefest second. She looks down and acts like she totally wasn't just oggling him, and she feels her face get hot. She looks up again and he's watching her. He doesn't blink, he doesn't smile, he doesn't do anything. He just looks at her. Suddenly Sam is very self-conscious and she starts wiping her face with her napkin and looking down at her shirt to make sure she hadn't dropped any food on herself. When she looks back in his direction, he's gone. "What the hell?"

A week goes by before she sees him again. She accidentally hits him with a swinging door as she's exiting the back room and she's both horrified and excited to see that it's him. She apologizes and he just nods, the intensity in his blue eyes taking Sam's breath away. He goes on his way without saying a single word, and Sam thinks that she'll die before she ever hears him speak.

She starts hearing things. That he's bad news, that he's a player... This just makes her want to know him even more.

One night, after working the late shift, she finds him leaning against her truck. Sam is baffled but excited nonetheless. She stares at him, waiting for him to say something, but he is so frustratingly silent, so she says, "Hi."

"Hi," he says, his voice slightly raspy.

"I'm Sam."

"I know."

He just keeps staring at her intently, so much so that Sam starts to fidget. She had no idea that he even knew that she exists, let alone what her name is.

"You shouldn't be out here alone this late at night." He takes a step towards her and slowly reaches out to caress her face. He whispers, "You never know what's lurking in the dark."

Sam is breathless. Her heart is racing. Her eyes are searching his, knowing that she should be scared but finding nothing to fear. He gives her a slight smile, and then he leaps into the air and he's gone. Sam looks around, wondering if she's the only one who saw that. "The hell?"

Two weeks go by without her seeing him again. She starts asking around about him and hears that he's been sick. She worries about him all day, wanting to go to him, wanting to take care of him, but she has no idea where he is. She didn't even have his phone number. When she goes home that night, he's sitting on her front porch steps, slumped over. "Wesley? How did you... are you okay?"

"I was led here," he says, breath heavy. He looks up at her, his eyes glowing, and he rasps out, "Your scent... led me here."

She steps closer to him, and with the moonlight shining down on him, she can see that his skin is more pale than usual, his vains extra visible, and he appeared to be fighting with himself, holding himself back. "I... heard that you were sick."

He laughs bitterly and that's when she sees the fangs. "Sick. That's one way to put it." He looks up at her with such a fierce degree of wanting in his eyes that she steps backwards.

"I... what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. It's nothing. I'll be back to normal in a few days. Just... stay away from me until then."

"But... you're on my porch."

He pauses, looks around, and says, "Yes. I am." Suddenly he hugs his stomach and lets out a roar of pain and his eyes turn to fire. His voice is demonic as he says, "Run, get out of here."

Sam wants to comfort him and ease his pain, but he starts to transform. His teeth get sharper, his vains start bulging, and his face is getting angry. "A vampire?" Sam whispers to herself.

"Run!" he shouts, before he's completely taken over by the demon inside of him. Sam wants to run, but she's frozen in place. Fascinated, scared, she just stands there looking at him. He starts growling, snarling, but he's still holding himself back. And then he launches. In a flash he sinks his teeth into her neck and Sam can't even scream. His body is pressed against hers, his hand behind her neck as he slowly drains the life from her. Just before she blacks out she hears him say, "Oh my god. No. No!"

She hears music playing. It's very far away, but someone is strumming a sweet melody on a guitar. She's thirsty. Her head is pounding. Her neck is throbbing with pain. It hurts to open her eyes, but she really needs to get something to drink. When her eyes come into focus, she sees him sitting in a chair across from her bed. They're in her room, he's at her desk, shirtless, his hair falling over his shoulder as he looks down at the guitar that he's playing. How, after all of that, how can he still be so beautiful? And where did his shirt go?

Sam sits up slowly, wincing in pain. Her hand goes to her neck, and she finds that it's been bandaged up. "Sorry about that," he says. Sam looks at him incredulously and he says, "I did warn you, you know. About creatures lurking in the dark."

"Why are you in my bedroom?"

"I had to make sure that you healed properly."

"You tried to kill me!"

"Not on purpose. I was hungry."

"That... that's no excuse!"

He puts the guitar down and leans toward her. She scoots back, so he gets on the bed to lean even closer. "You kept looking at me with those eyes. Tempting me. Wanting me. It couldn't be helped."

"I... bwuh... but..."

He is inches from her lips as he whispers, "I'm sorry," with a sorrowful look in his eyes. And then he's gone. Just like that, he disappears from her room. Sam gets up to look in the mirror and peels back the bandage from her neck. There's no teeth marks. No sign of damage. "The hell?"

She does her best to avoid him for awhile, but that just depresses her. She knows that she should stay away. She knows that he's dangerous, but he's so damn pretty. No, she's staying away! She is! But then he starts sitting with her in the break room. At first they don't speak, they barely even look at each other, but just before he leaves he says, "I'm sorry." Every day that's how it goes until she finally relents and says, "Okay, okay. So how old are you, anyway?" She starts asking him all kinds of questions, and though he is resistant to reveal his past, she learns that he was born in 1862. He was a rookie bounty hunter in the old west when one of the criminals he was chasing turned him into a vampire. The criminal had been a woman. Sam didn't have the heart to ask him if they had been in love. Or what happened to her. He had such a sad expression on his face as he spoke of her.

As time goes on Wesley starts walking Sam to her truck every night. Even when he isn't scheduled to work, he shows up. Sometimes they eat dinner together (or, well, he watches her eat). Sometimes they watch a movie together. Sometimes he kisses her goodnight. It's like any other relationship out there, except for those long stretches where they can't see each other because of the fire in his eyes
"Let's breakup."

"What? Why?" Sam can already feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

"I can't do this anymore. It's getting too hard to resist the urges."

"I trust you. I trust that you won't hurt me."

"I did it once before, Sam. If it happens again..." he looks away. "Once I've had a taste... if I do it again, I won't be able to stop."

"If that's the case then why did we even start this relationship?"

He looks at her with tragic eyes and says, "Because I love you."

Sam bites her lip to stop the tears. This is stupid. He's stupid. "How does it make sense to break up, then?"

"I need to leave for awhile. Be away from you. I need to fix this." He was determined. Sam knew that there was no stopping him.


Life went on without him. Boring, every day life. Only now it is more bleak than it ever was before. Every now and then she expects to see Wesley leaning against her truck looking mysterious and tortured as ever, or sitting on her front porch steps, or waiting for her by the time clock. But he isn't there, he's never there, and she isn't sure that he is ever coming back.

It's Sam's birthday. Another year come and gone without any sign of Wesley and she's finally stopped thinking about him every single minute of every single day. And don't you know, that's the moment that he decides to show up in her life again. She finds him leaning against her truck and at first she thinks she's imagining things, but then he looks up at her with a smile, his eyes clear. No torture, no mystery, just him.

"You're back," Sam whispers.

"I'm back," he says with a wide smile.

Sam doesn't even try to hold back the tears as she runs into his arms and they kiss like it's been an eternity since they've seen each other.

"I guess you missed me," he says.

"Shut up."

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Date: 2016-01-24 10:45 am (UTC)
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Nice to see you around. Hope all's well with you? Miss those wonderful Merlin days. :-)
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Date: 2016-01-25 04:10 am (UTC)
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Hi! So nice to hear from you. I've been doing well, hope all is good on your end! I definitely miss the good old Merlin days. I think Merlin was the last proper fandom that I participated in. Oh how I miss obsessing over Uther.

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Glad to hear you're doing well, I am too thanks.

Yep, me too for the last proper fandom. And I've been feeling quite nostaglic for Merlin lately... not sure why. Possibly because the Merlin FB page is quite active and their pics are making me wish for a new series. Maybe update their story to the present day or something. My God, we had such fun with all those guys.


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