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So... I've started using my Tumblr. A little bit. Still don't like the format, but it's all I've got since LJ refuses to have a fandom revival. *siiiiiigh* I hate that it's nearly impossible to converse with people. You just scroll and heart things and then talk to yourself on your own blog. I guess it's just pure blogging that I don't like. I miss having back and forths with people. But, Tumblr is good for pretty pics/graphics/vids and spoilers. But I feel so exposed every time I post something. Can't control who sees it and who doesn't. But anyway, if you're interested, my fandom blatherings will probably be posted there from now on (except for the more detailed stuff, which will probably still be posted here):

My page is ugly because I have no idea how to change the settings, but at least you can read it (most Tumblr blogs have text that is so incredibly tiny that even my text zoom can't make it readable).

Anyway, I am still obsessing over Dexter, and I am so freaking happy that the latest crop of episodes have inspired fandom to make so many incredible vids:

Auuuuuuuuugh, augh augh augh, so much perfection! The voice overs during the instrumental bit in the last couple minutes are especially soul-wrenching, because OMG the parallels. So many parallels between them that I was vaguely aware of but now are so clear to me. I mean, sometimes Dexter says stuff and I'm like, "Didn't Deb say that to him a couple seasons back?" but I'm not quite sure and I kind of just forget about it, but then this vid confirms it all and it makes me go, "Wow, Dexter really was listening to her. Dexter really does love her." Not that I think he will ever romantically love her (he just can't move her out of the "sister" box that he has her in in his brain), but what he feels for her is stronger than anything he's ever felt about anybody, including Lumen and Hannah (and Rita. I hate that Rita never even registers in Dexter's brain when he talks about love, because the show spent years on him developing genuine feelings for her, but she's basically out of sight out of mind, meaning that all she ever was to him was a cover, which I don't believe). ANYWAY, Deb and Dex are dysfunctional and they are both complete messes but they will always be drawn together no matter what comes between them. Deb freaking tried to kill him and he was only mad for like half a day and then he melted when she said, "I can't imagine my life without you in it." GOD, I LOVE THEM.

Another vid of perfection that basically illustrates everything I've just said:

And a slightly fluffy one, kind of, maybe, not really, but it's pretty:

Also, I saw an interview clip on YouTube where Jennifer Carpenter said that she has always played Deb as having a crush on Dexter but not knowing what it was and that it made sense for the character because she has a level of intimacy with Dexter that she's never been able to achieve with any other man. And, to be honest, I've always felt like Deb was a little too into Dexter, but I never really shipped them until maybe season 5. She had just lost Lundy, who she thought was the love of her life, and he had just lost Rita and Deb was clinging onto Dexter just a little too hard and being really territorial over him and I kind of felt the shipping feelings, but I just assumed that she was projecting her own pain onto Dexter and getting offended over his non-feelings about Rita's death, but then season 6 happened. And I became obsessed, because OMG it just makes so much sense for the character and it's so heartbreaking because Dexter just can't give her what she's looking for and she's freaking out about being in love with her brother, and then in season 7 she has to learn to love him for everything that he is and not everything that she wants him to be, and then in season 8 she's dealing with self-loathing and hating him for doing this to her and hating that she still loves him to death despite everything. Guh. GUH! I love them.
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