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I have done nothing (aside from work) but watch Dexter/Deb vids for the past two days. WHAT IS MY LIFE? Oooooh, it feels so good to finally have a fandom again! I still despise Tumblr, so my fandom experience is limited, but I'm trying. Oh, am I trying! I miss LJ fandom culture so damn much. *cries* But anyway, I am so very happy to finally be passionate about a fandom again. I think the last time I was this fascinated by a ship was... Uther/Morgana? So, that was awhile ago. IDEK when Dex/Deb captured my heart so thoroughly, but I suspect that I was even shipping them without realizing it back in season 5 (I hated Dexter/Lumen with a passion. I used the excuse that it was because I was bitter over Rita's death. Pret-ty sure it was because Deb and Dexter were being all parenty with Harrison and Deb was all "Blech" towards Lumen and I was totally shipping Deb/Dex and feeling wrong about it). But then, well, Deb's therapist suggested that she might be in love with Dexter and everything about her entire character trajectory just made sense. And their love is so painfully beautiful and confusing. And I love that through the entire show it has always been Deb struggling to hold onto Dexter, but now it's the other way around and we are finally seeing the depth of Dexter's love for her. He's never really understood what he felt for Deb, but his little tryst with that Hannah chick where he supposedly fell in love for the first time ever, OMG (what about Rita, you douche?!) made him at least recognize the feeling of love, and he chose Deb over her without even thinking about it, so maybe, juuuuuuust maybe he'll realize that he legit loves Deb more than anything in the world. He even put Harrison in danger because he was so off the handle about Deb in the first ep of season 8. Guh, I just want them to find each other again and accept each other and love each other for all that they are and I want them to do this soon because this is the last season and I can't have them being at odds with each other through all 12 eps. But... yeah, they probably won't make up until one (or both) of them is on the brink of death in the very last episode. *sigh* But here, have some pretty vids:


Such a great summary of their relationship to date.

This one is just really well put together and really captures the tone of the show, love it.

This one keeps making me emit little fangirl squeals, IDK why. THEIR FACES.

Augh, too much angst. Here's some beautiful, beautiful fluff:


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I'm not quite sure how I feel about Deb and Dexter. I don't know that I ship them. (Although I do wish they'd reunite in real life.) They grew up together as brother and sister and it's rare for me to ship incest in that situation.

At the same time, I love Deb and want her to get what her heart wants. And I've been enjoying the heck out of this season because the focus as been on them. No Hannah. No Quinn. Just them and what their shared secret/separation is doing to them.

They are taking Deb down a dark path. She may just end up his partner in crime.


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