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I can't remember if I ever talked about my love for Go On, but... I really love Go On. A lot. And my love just gets bigger with every episode. Mostly because of Mr. K. My love for him is so problematic that I pretty much ship him with everyone, and he is someone that I should never wish upon anyone, real or fictional. BUT OMG, HE'S SO ADORABLE. I used to OTP him with Sonia, and I kind of still do (it's preventing me from embracing Sonia/Danny), but lately K/Yolanda has been growing on me, mostly because I will always yearn for hate relationships to grow into love relationships. Especially since K is mostly just hating on Yolanda while Yolanda is so damn confused and kind of hurt by his inexplicable hate for her. I just want him to be the one who ends up seeing how awesome she truly is, and his admiration for her would give her confidence a boost. THEY WOULD BE SO AWESOME TOGETHER. Especially since they are probably the most intelligent and professionally successful members of the group. They would so be the power couple. But... they are also the most chronically screwed up in the head members, so...

My legit OTP, if this show had a fandom, would be Ryan/Carrie. When the show first started I promised myself that I wouldn't ship them, because they are that kind of ship that would constantly be teased and kind of be on the precipice of canon but never actually be canon, and OMG was I ever right. But it's weird because Carrie isn't exactly a main player and so she's only featured in a few episodes, but in those few eps she has managed to have a certain chemistry with Ryan that is this mix between unappreciated assistant, reluctant friend, and repressed romantic inclinations. I just can't. I can't resist that. Especially after the episode where he gave up sex with a hot lady to go and apologize to her for being a dick. Ever since that ep, her reactions towards him have been a little different, and OMG, DAMN YOU, SHOW. I was having fun just being a casual viewer, but now I am actually invested in an ongoing side plot that's mostly in my head and that is the most irresistible thing to me.

But really, I just love everyone on this show, and I love how everyone gets a moment to shine. The show never loses its central focus even though it has such a large cast, and at the same time, it never really shafts anyone, and I feel like this is what Community originally set out to do with its characters but never quite managed.

Basically, I adore Go On and if it had a fandom it would probably take over my entire life. So maybe it's a good thing that it doesn't have one (but also awful because I want all the Mr. K fic in the world. And Ryan/Carrie).
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