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Ugly Betty (Daniel/Betty)
Just Betty (23 chapters)
Cruel, Cruel April Fools
The Screw Up
Abandoned (2 chapters)
The Greatest Gift of All
Scattered Memories
Silver Bells
Nothing Stays the Same
Just a Silly Thing
For the First Time

The Office
One Night Stand (Michael/Phyllis, 2 chapters)
The Unexpected Miracle (Kelly/Andy)
I Can Be Your Hero (Kelly/Andy)
The First Morning (Kelly/Andy)
Cuppa Noodles (Kelly/Andy)
There's a First Time for Everything (Kelly/Andy, WIP)
Andy Bernard: Not a Proust Scholar
The Eulogy (ensemble, never completed)
Unspoken Agreement (Andy/Pam)
A Trip to Target (Kelly/Andy)
The Morning After (Michael/Ryan)
Five Times Oscar Dreams of Andy (Oscar/Andy)
Casual Friday post ep (Michael/Ryan)
When Bros Move On (Oscar/Andy)
The Totally Gay Version of Jim and Pam (Oscar/Andy)
How to Woo a Guy in Ten Days (Oscar/Andy)

Community (Jeff/Annie)
A Map for Every Occasion
3:00am Cravings + Harry Potter, as Told by Annie Edison
The Attack of the Blond Adonis
The Felicity

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Uther/Merlin)
Stride for Stride (Uther/Morgana)
As He Sleeps (Uther/Morgana)
5 Reasons Why Morgana (Begrudgingly) Loves Uther (Uther/Morgana)
Drabbles: Embrace, forced marriage, Repo! AU, mask (Uther/Morgana)
Goldeneye(s) (Merlin/Arthur)
No Room for Regrets (Uther/Morgana)

In Plain Sight (Mary/Marshall)
The Unknown

Flashes of Life (Spencer/Sam)

Lassiter/Juliet drabble

Finding the Light (Charlie/Roman)

Marshall/Dani drabble (In Plain Sight/Life)
Crews, Reese, Mary, Marshall, Lassiter, Juliet drabble (Life/In Plain Sight/Psych)

Keep in mind these Monk fics were my very first dalliances with fandom, so... not my greatest work. I was proud of them at the time, but now not so much. I'm still quite enamored with Farewell Sharona though (probably purely for the smoochage).
Mr. Monk and the Phone Cord (9 chapters)
Mr. Monk Meets Mr. Soprano (never completed)
Mr. Monk and the Seventh Grade Dance (8 chapters)
Farewell, Sharona
Back Where She Belongs (5 Chapters)

If She Only Knew (Rory/Marty, Gilmore Girls, never completed)
Forever With Me (Griet/Vermeer, Girl With a Pearl Earring, never completed)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer drabbles


Personal Kandy canon #1
Personal Kandy canon #2
Personal Michael/Ryan canon
Personal Ricky/Cal canon
Personal Lassiter/Juliet canon
Personal Alan/Denny canon
If these characters had an LJ... (The Office, Life, In Plain Sight, Psych, 30 Rock)
Psych crack
Meta/slightly ficcish meme (The Office, Life, Ugly Betty, Psych, 30 Rock)
The moment I fell for... (The Office, Ugly Betty, Psych, Monk)
OTP meme (Psych, Monk, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock)
Fandom as a Lover and Shipper Meme #1 (Psych, 30 Rock, Monk, The Office, Ugly Betty)
The Shipper Meme #2 (Psych, Ugly Betty, House, 30 Rock, Monk, Private Practice, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Dexter, Psych, The Matrix)
Meta/Personal canon for Andy, Dwight, and Karen from The Office (this is in the comments section)
Fanfic Meme
Character meme (The Office, Ugly Betty, Pride and Prejudice, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Taxi Driver, Anchorman, Monk)
Crack Pairings meme (The Forsyte Saga, Life, The Office, 30 Rock, Psych, In Plain Sight)
Top 6 Shows (Merlin, The Office, Boston Legal, 30 Rock, Life, Ugly Betty)
10 Characters in a Reality Show (The Office, 30 Rock, Merlin, It's Always Sunny, Life, Boston Legal)
Fandom Mashup (contains Buffy, Merlin, Office, 30 Rock, True Blood, Boston Legal, Psych, In Plain Sight)


The Evolution of my Ships Part 1
The Evolution of my Ships Part 2
The Evolution of my Ships Bonus Features

Anthony Stewart Head
ASH Spam!
ASH in Jonathan Creek
ASH in Sold
ASH in Repo
ASH in The Invisibles

Uther/Morgana Ship Manifesto | ship_manifesto link
Uther/Morgana meta for The Poisoned Chalice
A Remedy to Cure All Ills meta/picspam
Thoughts on Gates of Avalon
The Beginning of the End Picspam
Excalibur Picspam
The Moment of Truth Picspam
The Labyrinth of Gedref Picspam (mostly just Uther)
To Kill a King Picspam
The Curse of Cornelius Sigon Picspam
The Once and Future Queen Picspam
The Nightmare Begins meta and picspam
Lancelot and Guinevere Picspam (entirely Uther/Morgana. Yes, all ONE scene of theirs)
Beauty and the Beast Part 1 picspam
Beauty and the Beast Part 2 picspam
The Witchfinder

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy/Giles)
The "Every Rascal Flatts Song Ever is About Giles/Buffy" fanmix and picspam
Buffy and Giles even want to do each other in the promo pics
Prolonged hand touching!!!
Thoughts on Passion
Flummoxed smiling and prolonged touching
Helpless, The Zeppo, and Bad Girls picspam
Thoughts on The Prom
A New Man Picspam
Overall thoughts on Season 4

Damian Lewis:
Random Damian Being Gorgeous Picspam
Damian Looking Gorgeous at the NBC Upfronts Picspam
Damian is Still Looking Gorgeous at the NBC Upfronts Picspam
Damian Nipspam - The Scientific Method Put to Good Use
Expressive Pants Picspam

Reese vs. Bobby Meta
The Shower Scene Meta
Life meta (the entirety of season 1)
Life meta and Charlie Crews Looks Damn Good Picspam
Charlie/Constance vs. Crews/Reese Meta
Badass Charlie vs. Nerdy Charlie Picspam
Charlie Lets His Hair Down Picspam
Charlie/Roman Picspam
Crews/Reese Ship Manifesto
Pants Gone Wild: The Charlie Crews Edition

Forsyte Saga Picspams:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Series 1 meta
Series 2 meta

Brides (Nyfes) Picspams:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Miscellaneous Damian:
The Saga of Winters/Sobel Picspam (Band of Brothers)
Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker Picspam
Keane Meta
Keane perv-fest picspam
Much Ado About Nothing/Friends and Crocodiles discussion
My Thoughts About The Situation
Dreamcatcher was Hilarious
Damian in Robinson Crusoe
Chromophobia... WTF?

In Plain Sight Recap Picspams:
1x01 - Pilot
1x02 - Hoosier Daddy
1x03 - Never the Bride
1x04 - Trojan Horst
1x05 - Who Shot Jay Arnstein?
1x06 - High Priced Spread
1x07 - Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore
1x09 - Good Cop, Dead Cop
1x10 - To Serge With Love
1x11 - Stan By Me
2x02 - In My Humboldt Opinion
2x10 - Miles to Go

Richard Armitage:
Guy/Robin kinky tree bondage picspam
The Sheriff gets a little Hands-On with Guy
Guy and Robin's torrid love affair lives on!

The Office:
Random Andy Observation
My favorite Office fanvids
The Deposition Meta
Dinner Party Meta
Night Out Meta
Michael/Ryan meta and picspam
Weight Loss picspam/reveiw
Why I Love The Office - Part 1
Michael/Dwight picspam/meta for a season 5 episode

30 Rock (Jack/Liz):
Jack/Liz = Henry/Eliza?
Jack/Liz and All the Reasons Why They Own my Soul
Jack/Liz Vidspam
Squee Fest Over the Season 2 Finale
More talk about the Phone Messages Scene

Shawn/Gus and Lassiter/Juliet Meta for There's Something About Mira
The Old and the Restless Lassiter/Juliet Meta
Lassiter/Juliet Meta for Lights, Camera... Homocido
Psych's Evolution Meta
Black and Tan Meta
Lassiter/Juliet = Shawn/Gus Meta
The Evolution of Carlton Lassiter's Hair Picspam
Lassiter/Juliet Meta for Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead
More Meta on the S2 finale

Boston Legal:
Boston Legal In Review (season 1)
Alan/Denny meta
Season 4 finale (Gone Fishin') meta
4x11 Meta
Gone Fishin' Picspam

Toby and CJ/Toby meta and mini picspam (The West Wing)
Charlie Kelley mini picspam (It's Always Sunny)
Cromartie/Ellison Picspam (Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles)
Rupert/Ruby Picspam (Demons)
Retaliation against Bunny's slanderous words


Uther Pendragon - Viva La Vida
Uther/Morgana - Ashielf Pi
Uther/Morgana - Until We Bleed

Jeff/Annie - Something There

Learning How to Bend (Crews/Reese)

The following have been deleted by YouTube. Lost forever. If anyone happened to download any of them before they were deleted, I'd appreciate it if you could send them to me (I am especially broken up about my Blades of Glory vids):

Ugly Betty
Ignacio's Little Girl (slight Daniel/Betty)
You Save Me (Daniel/Betty)
Stupid Boy (Betty/Walter, slight Betty/Henry)
It Breaks My Heart (Daniel/Amanda)
A Woman's Love (Daniel/Betty)

Blades of Glory
I Touch Myself (Chazz/Jimmy)
Any Other World (Chazz/Jimmy)
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Chazz)
I Got You Babe (Chazz/Jimmy)

The Office
Somebody to Love (Kelly/Andy)
Andy Bernard Knows How to Rockapella
Mambo Andy Mambo (Christmas theme)

A Medley (Lassiter/Juliet)

Burn Notice
When Perry Met Michael (Michael/Assassin Dude)
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