Jun. 28th, 2013

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Can I just say that the latest crop of k-dramas have been fantastic? I went through months and months and months of nothing but sageuks and melodramas and there just wasn't anything catching my fancy, but damn, I'm loving the shows right now. I think I was loving You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin so much purely because there was nothing else to latch onto. Now that I've got some quality romances, I can't seem to enjoy YTBLSS anymore.

Anyway, I Can Hear Your Voice. Fantastic drama all around, but I just wasn't feeling the main love story with this one. At all. I just could not ship Soo Ha/Hye Sung even if my life depended on it. She saw him as a useful tool and then later as a little brother, but I just never got any romantic vibes from her in regards to Soo Ha. Lawyer Cha, on the other hand, was super adorable and he made her heart flutter and they were the cutest thing ever and he just made it even harder for me to root for Soo Ha. I just... I can't find a high school boy sexy. It just doesn't happen. But then... but then episode 8 happened. I wanted to strangle Lawyer Cha and found myself shouting, "Just kiss her already!" at Soo Ha, and then the ending happened, and... I think I'm maybe on that train now? A little bit? Like, I still enjoy her scenes with Lawyer Cha way more, but Cha lost all kinds of points when he believed Min Gook instead of Hye Sung. But then, that's who he is and no one ever really expected differently, did they? His belief in his clients, his unfailing perseverance for the well-being of his clients, that's what we (and Hye Sung) originally fell in love with him for. But goddammit, why is he so damn naive? AUUUUUUUGH, LAWYER CHA! I WAS ON YOUR SIDE! WHYYYYYYYYYY? I get his struggle, I get that he thinks he's doing what's best for Hye Sung, but he just doesn't get it. He wants to see the best in people so hard that he's so freaking blind to reality. But then he said that line, "Why do I feel like a knight that's protecting a very bad king?" So, he must feel like Min Gook is guilty in the back of his mind, but at the same time he has to do his job to the best of his ability. And just... AUUUUUGH. I am so torn, because like I said, what's tearing him away from Hye Sung is what made me (and her) adore him in the first place. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. But I see now that it was all a ploy from the writer to get the very few naysayers like me on Soo Ha's side. Hmph.

I am also enjoying Cyrano Dating Agency a great deal. In fact, I think this one is my favorite of the currently airing batch, but it's quite fluffy so there's not much to say about it. Just that it's super adorable and everything I have been wanting in a rom-com. I love how they even make me care deeply about the cases of the week. All the cameos are a plus, too. But yeah, the main romance hits all of my shipping buttons (age gap, mentor/mentee, jadedness vs romanticism, bickering, jealousy, repression, etc). I LOVE IT.

Monstar is also fantastic. It's a unique take on the high school/musical drama. I love how each of the side characters get an episode that really zones in on them and makes them three-dimensional right alongside the three main characters. Not only that, but it's like each episode is revealing just a tiny piece of this puzzle that is the overall plot and that's basically what keeps it interesting. I was very much into the love story until Seol Chan got all aggressive in last week's ep. I mean, he didn't actually kiss her, but roughly pushing a girl against a wall of rocks and pinning her while you almost give her a kiss... that's not okay. It just rubbed me the wrong way, especially since everything about his crush on her prior to that was so innocent and hilarious and so very endearing. So, I was not fond of that. But everything else about the drama I have loved to pieces. To be honest, I think I'd love the drama even more if the story actually was about Seol Chan and Sun Woo and their mistakenly one-sided love for each other (oh, Se Yi, you brilliant, naive fool, you!). Speaking of Se Yi, I enjoy her, but HOW does she not realize that the boys are fighting over her and not each other? *huff* But anyway, Se Yi is one of those characters whose naivete could come off as pure stupidity (like the girl in What's Up, for example. Jesus did that girl annoy me), but IDK if the writing for this character is just spot-on or if the actress just understands the quirks of this type of character more than others. I think it helps that her character has this very deep pain in her heart that kind of keeps her grounded.

I don't even want to talk about Lee Soon Shin, because it's just aggravating me at this point. I miss when the show was about Soon Shin and Joon Ho being stupidly adorable together and not about Soon Shin's crappy mothers. Neither of the mothers are a prize at this point. I haven't even watched the last 4 eps yet. Don't know if I ever will, which saddens me because I did genuinely love this show like crazy not too long ago.


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