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Jan. 26th, 2013 12:13 pm
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I did nothing yesterday except watch Korean dramas and read Christoph Waltz porn all night. OMG, I LOVE THE PORN BATTLE. Do you know how devastated I was when there wasn't a summer one? But OMG, it was so worth the wait. Though I do feel weird for so thoroughly enjoying the Django/Broomhilda/Schultz fics. I mean, I didn't ship Schultz with either of them while watching the film, and I still don't ship him with them in a sexy way (I kept giggling during the sex scenes in the fics), but ooooooooh how happy they could have been together! Schultz could have been the lovable, goofy uncle that always had an awesome story to tell while Django and Broomhilda were the kickass parents with the most epic love for each other and their family, and just... *sniff* And yeah, naturally Schultz would get lonely being around Django and Broomhilda, but that's when he can meet me, see, and we fall in mad love and have a bunch of babies together and our families live together in happiness forever. I am not usually a fan of self-insert fics, but apparently when it comes to King Schultz, I so am. My two favorites from the battle:

California by transmacabre (angsty and guuuuuuuh and I feel like they could have been this way for real, only, you know, without the Django/Schultz/Broomhilda kissy times, although this fic came very close to making me believe in that aspect of their relationship, too)

Dead or Alive by malkontent (Schultz/OFC, the Schultz dialog in this is flawless. I wish the author would write a full-length Schultz prequel to the film, OMG).

I am kind of shocked at the lack of Candie/Django fics. I was basically shouting, "Just make-out already!" in my head every time they had a scene together, but I guess people are too afraid to broach that in fic (way too offensive, but, you know, Django would be the dominate one, always). Or even Candie/Schultz fic, since Candie's final confrontation in the film was with Schultz. Or Django/Broomhilda, because their love truly was epic. IDK, but I love the fact that most Django fic is all about Schultz.

Also, there are two Hans Landa/Bridgette Von Hammersmark fics that are SO FREAKING GOOD, OMG. I died. They killed me with their dirtybadwrong sexiness.

Play Dead by lion_heart (Bridgette getting sweet, sweet revenge)

Lying Eyes by lion_heart (Hans is scary sexy. Literally).

On the Korean drama front, I checked out Level 7 Civil Servant and I am quite enjoying it. I mean, I wouldn't call it good considering there are many bits that I ended up fast forwarding through, but the bickering chemistry between the main couple is enough to keep me coming back for more. They are just so damn entertaining together, I can't get enough of them. But when they aren't together, the flaws of the show are too much to take. The parents of both of them are annoying and need to go, the female lead's over-the-top Candy characterization doesn't work for her in the least, the supporting characters aren't very interesting at this point (the parents, the teacher, the bad guys), and the damn show takes way too long to set up a premise that we knew from the beginning. It should have gotten to the bickering hijinks a lot sooner. On the upside, I am digging the spy school stuff, and I am loving Gil Ro's rival (I forget his name, but the dude that got shot by the little girl). And as I said, the two leads are highly entertaining together, so I quite love them (except, you know, when they're apart. Gil Ro is okay on his own, but not very interesting. The girl is annoying/kind of weak on her own, but awesome and strong and witty when she's with Gil Ro). There's a scene in the preview for next week where Gil Ro is yelling at her and says, "Why do you let yourself get treated that way?" and I really have to agree with him. She doesn't let him get away with treating her badly, and yet she's letting the other recruits walk all over her. Grow a spine, damn it! It's just frustrating that she sometimes has one and sometimes doesn't. A lot of people are complaining that Joo Won is too over the top, but I actually think he's done exceptionally well with the material he's been given. In fact, I am enjoying him much more here than I did with Gaksital.

I am still very much enjoying Flower Boy Next Door. I am so, so happy that we are finally getting some decent rom-coms again.


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